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Stone Circles of Teleportation

by Chris Furneaux

A stone circle of teleportation is designed to allow safe teleportation between two locations. For two stone circles to function together they must be constructed so that they can be activated at exactly the same time.

To create the portals a stone circle must be constructed to provide accurate times. Each circle must be constructed so that it's counterpart will read the same time at exactly the same moment.

On particular days when the right planets/stars line up and at a particular solar time at both gates, and a large specially cut and enchanted gem is placed at the center of each circle, and the gate is fully opened. While it is fully open as many people as are desired may pass through it to the other gate with no chance of error (provided both circles are constructed correctly). However the gate does not stay open for long and can only be opened at a particular time.

The complexity of the stone circle dictates how often it can be used. A simple stone circle may be designed to only open fully once every millennia or even longer. The more complex the stone circle the more frequently it can be used, but exponentially greater cost, knowledge and research are needed to create it.

Almost always the creation of such a device will require the assistance of a high level druid, as there are only very few magic users that have the required knowledge to construct such a device and to start from scratch would take many, many, years of research.

Additionally, although not commonly known, it is possible to use the gate at most times provided you know the right place to stand and the right incantation. This allows error free teleport to any other known gate. This skill however is only generally known by high level druids and anyone else attempting this is likely to do so with disastrous consequences.

Most gates of this kind are tend to be constructed to be able to be fully opened to any one other gate no more then four times a year on key celestial days at particular times. Different times and dates tend to correlate to opening portals to different gates, although a crystal is required at each gate for the portal to open.

If more then two gates are open at the same time travel can have some unpredicted effects and simultaneous bi-directional travel is not recommended.