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The Shrine of Stone

by Sean Meaney

The Shrine of Stone is located in the hills seventeen miles north of the Community of Luln. Untill recently it was obscured by plants but a bushfire has burned away plants in the area revealing the Entrance and its Statues.

The Shrine of Stone
1. The Entry consists of large stone doors guarded by weathered stone statues - The Whole thing carved into the side of a hill. The Statues will not move unless the PCs are openly wearing the holy symbols of the Faith of the builders of the shrine - unlikely since it is an extinct faith at this time. - at the sight of which they will open the doors. Otherwise entry requires a collective strength of 20. The Statues will however defend themselves from attack.

(2) Rock Golems: AC-2; 16HD; MV60'(20'); 2 Fists; DA 2-20/2-20; #2; SA F8; ML 12; TT; Nil; Int 4; AL N; 5150xp; Immunity: Electrical, fire, cold, sleep, charm, hold, all gasses, non magical weapons.

2. The inner shrine is a 3' wide x 40' long stone cut chamber with a large stone altar against the far wall. Anyone attempting to leave without having prayed (or kneeled) before the altar will be attacked by the guardian statues at the entrance (area 1). Anyone breaching the Altar - which conceals a reliquary- an act requiring a collective strength of 30 - will (if they are not wearing the holy symbols of the faith) be attacked by the statues if they attempt to leave with the Mace of Stone (a +1 Mace cxoncealed within the reliquary). One holy symbol is in the Reliquary.

Mace of Stone
+1 Weapon, Can only be weilded by one who wears the holy symbol of the crafte's faith.