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Strange PCs

by Giovanni Paniccia

Inspired from the iconic monster thread and the numerous player creatures we have in Mystara, I'm curious about your strangest PCs, those impossible in other game worlds.
In my campaign, we had some strange characters, such as:
Texzanzilpac, the Unhittable: an Oenkmarian kobold, devoted priest (kobold/shaman) of Atzanteotl and Xogar (yes, in Oenkmar it is easy to be devoted followers of 2 Immortals). His great dexterity and magical protections given him the nickname of "unhittable" (well, we used an Italian world, of course, and I don't know if "unhittable" is the true translation). He was AC -10 by 9th level. He adventured in the Broken Lands, and (finding savages too... savage) in the Hollow World, in the Azcan Empire.
Malefix Cadaver: a Nagpa from Serraine, an evil guy interested in magic, in spells, in magical items and the like. He lose a leg in a naval accident and used a peg leg (losing much of his already poor dexterity). He also travelled in Mystaraspace on an Alphatian flying ship (an Hammership).
Skamkel Skamkelsen: a troll, stupid, great, powerful troll. He remained in a room because he didn't understand that he must turn the door knob to open it... His hin mate "freed" him from the "horrible lizard-man trap". He established a nice troll kingdom in northern Isle of Dawn.
Everybody McAllan: a pooka, looking like the rooster of the Walt Disney movie "Robin Hood". A singer, not a fighter. He fought against a black dragon with his guitar using it as a mace. The guitar ended the fighting broken, and the dragon was killed by Everybody's friends! He wasn't very useful in nothing to his adventuring party, but they enjoyed very much him in outdoor evenings, with a large bonfire, some good grilled meat and the pooka best hit: "Everybody needs somebody" from Blues Brothers movie.