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Heldannic Warbirds: Sturmkondor

by Bruce Heard

Sturmkondor-Class (Heavy) Warbird
Tonnage: 200 tons
Hull Points: 120
Armour Class: 6
Lift Capacity: 300 tons
Cargo Capacity: 20 tons
Air Speed: 360' (120')
Mov. Factor: 1/2
Length: 240' (incl. tail)
Beam: 300' (incl. wings)
Depth: 55'
Hull: canvas/leather/wood over wood frame
Crew: 91 (1 Knight Banneret, three Sergeants at Arms, 1 Abbot, 30 brother knights, 44 brother squires, 12 brother chaplains)
Weaponry: Blight Belchers (one heavy, six light), three ballistae, catapults (one light, one heavy), War Talons (two).
Defences: Protection from normal missiles (once a day for 12 Turns) activated from the helm.

Description: The Sturmkondor maintains the same general build as the Waffenadler except it is larger and is made to look more like a condor than an eagle. The biggest difference is that it has two masts, more siege weaponry, and its metal talons.