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The Clan Domain of Suddmore

by Jacob Skytte

Suddmore lies at the southern-most tip of Noslo Island in the Kingdom of Ostland. It contains two hexes of heavy forest, one hex of light forest, and one clear hex. There is a steady export of wood to other domains, and plenty of hunting and fishing supplies the domain with food. Jarl Gunnhild Svalasdottir detests strangers at her great hall, but they are tolerated elsewhere in the domain. Clan Suddmore seemingly raids at random, though they never raid Alphatian targets.

Head of Domain: Jarl Gunnhild Svalasdottir rules Suddmore. Her great hall is Suddpont.

Population: 2500 people live in Suddmore. Of these 600 are thralls, 1300 are non-warrior freemen, and 600 are warriors. 1100 people carry arms and will fight in defence of their lands and lives. The jarl does not keep personal thralls, and encourages her subjects to stop this as well, but it is still practiced in most of the domain.


The town of Suddpont (1000 inhabitants) is a fortress of its own. The town is walled on all sides, except towards the sea, where hidden defences lie beneath the waters. Gunnhild Svalasdottir's great hall is a small keep, secured a short distance from the harbour. Guards (in groups of six) patrol the streets, and keep order by brutally and efficiently imprisoning any troublemakers.


A local legend tells of the Golden Bear, a mythical bear of immense sense with a golden pelt. The bear only appears under the full moon and is considered quite dangerous. The locals warn strangers who see a strange golden gleam at night to run for their lives. On the other hand several hunters and other ambitious men dream of taking down the Golden Bear; its pelt would be worth a fortune. In actuality the Golden Bear is the victim of an ancient curse caused by the Golden Pelt.

The Golden Pelt

This golden bearskin is fashioned into a cloak with the head of the bear placed over the wearer's head as a hood. Once a person has worn the pelt once, he or she becomes obsessed with hiding the pelt from others, seeking to protect the treasure from thieves. As time nears the full moon, the owner will feel increasingly drawn to the pelt, until on the night of the full moon the owner puts on the pelt, transforming into a golden werebear. Failing to put on the pelt leads to an agonising death. The werebear spends the night in the wild, hunting for prey. When morning comes, the victim wakes up somewhere in the wilds and must make his or her way back home undetected.

The current owner of the Golden Pelt is a hunter who managed to bring down the last Golden Bear. Impressed by the prowess of the bear he had just felled, he put on the pelt, expecting to gain the strength and prowess of the creature. He did, but also fell under its curse.

Gunnhild Svalasdottir

Chaotic 13th level Fighter (Str 13, Int 12, Wis 13, Dex 13, Con 16, Cha 15, AC -4, hp 72)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 14/6, Generous/Greedy 5/15, Forgiving/Vengeful 7/13, Honest/Deceitful 3/17, Trusting/Suspicious 4/16

33 years old, Blonde hair, Blue eyes

Gunnhild Svalasdottir inherited the position of jarl from her mother, Svala the Tall, 9 years ago. Gunnhild was at that time already a proficient warrior maiden, who wanted nothing more than what was (in her eyes) rightfully hers. Shortly after inheriting her position, she imprisoned her half sister, Yrsa Svalasdottir, on the charges of conspiring to depose her as clan head. While keeping Yrsa prisoner and deciding what to do with her, Gunnhild was approached by a mysterious mage by the name of Lazarol who made her a proposition. If she would provide his employers with help against the Heldannic Knights, she would in turn receive great sums of gold. After short consideration Gunnhild accepted.

In AC 993 Gunnhild led a large number of warriors against the Heldannic town of Althaven alongside wizards of Alphatia. Though her men detested fighting with wizards, when the Knights were routed, they happily sacked the town and returned home, boasting of their courage and great victory. Gunnhild started working closely with Lazarol, though they avoided using her warriors, since they didn't take very well to fighting alongside Alphatian mages.

Seeing an opportunity to gain more power for her clan, Gunnhild released Yrsa, when she learned of King Hord's admiration for the young woman. Hoping to gain a better standing at the court, she proclaimed her love and loyalty for Yrsa, and started to implement Yrsa's visions of change for Ostland in her own domain. This affection is only skin-deep, however, as Gunnhild plans to be at front whenever jarls grumble about the new policies, since she could be able to expand her domain considerably. Meanwhile she continues to plot with Lazarol, receiving extra revenues from Alphatia, while raiding the enemies of Lazarol and Alphatia.

In battle, Gunnhild wears a chain mail+4, and a shield+3. She fights with a sword+4; flaming. All of these items are gifts from Lazarol and so far unnamed.

Gunnhild has not married, though many court her. Her secret lover is Lazarol. Gunnhild has no children, considering them a nuisance, though she knows she eventually needs a child to carry on her line and name.


Chaotic 20th level Magic-User (Str 9, Int 17, Wis 15, Dex 8, Con 13, Cha 16, AC 6, hp 39)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 17/3, Modest/Proud 5/15, Generous/Greedy 6/14, Honest/Deceitful 5/15

78 years old (appears to be around 40), Black hair, Black eyes

Lazarol is a Pure Alphatian, an agent of the Alphatian Court, and a master schemer and spy. He became involved in the plots to end the threat of the Heldannic Knights. Lazarol volunteered to attempt to gain allies in Ostland, and after reviewing the situation chose to attempt to influence Gunnhild Svalasdottir. Using his natural charms and exploiting her greed, he managed to convince her to lend him support.

In AC 993 his plans came to fruition, as Clan Suddmore fought alongside Alphatia in their attack on Althaven. Returning from this successful mission, Lazarol convinced his employers that he should stay in Ostland, and spy on that nation, while looking for opportunities to further Alphatia's goals. Lazarol eventually seduced Gunnhild and became her lover. These days Lazarol convinces Gunnhild to raid enemies of Alphatia, and sends any information he can get back to Alphatia.

When in Suddpont Lazarol usually appears as an Ostland warrior (using Polymorph or illusions) to avoid trouble. He uses potions of longevity to keep his age around 40. In combat Lazarol prefers subtle attacks and illusions to brute force. He is not too proud to flee if in serious trouble. Lazarol wears a ring of protection+4, and keeps a ring of invisibility on his person. He usually carries one or two wands in case of trouble.

Lazarol is married to an Alphatian woman, and spends about a week a month at home in Sundsvall (also giving reports to his employers). He has no children.

Spells usually carried:

1st level: Analyse, Charm Person, Detect Magic, Hold Portal, Shield, Sleep

2nd level: Entangle, ESP, Knock, Phantasmal Force (x2)

3rd level: Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic, Infravision, Protection from Normal Missiles, Water Breathing

4th level: Confusion, Dimension Door, Polymorph Self (x2), Wizard Eye

5th level: Hold Monster, Passwall, Teleport (x2)

6th level: Geas, Invisible Stalker, Wall of Iron, Weather Control

7th level: Lore, Magic Door, Power Word Stun

8th level: Mass Charm, Travel