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The Clan Domain of Sumarland

by Jacob Skytte

Sumarland is located on the northwestern side of Noslo Island in the Kingdom of Ostland. It includes five hexes of hills and one hex of wooded hills. There is barely enough wood for the domain's needs, so wood is imported from the neighbouring domain of Ringmark. The name of the domain (Summer Country) is a joke. This inhospitable area is practically impossible to farm and the winters are harsh and cold. Several small fishing communities supply the domain with food, and the raiders bring back whatever they can. Foreigners are not welcome here; the jarl's men take them as thralls given the opportunity. Other Ostlanders tend to avoid Sumarland and not deal with its deranged jarl. This clan makes a point out of raiding Ylaruam.

Head of Domain: Jarl Gest the Hook rules from his great hall in Lenvik.

Population: There are 3000 people living in Sumarland. Of these 700 are thralls, 1600 are non-warrior freemen, and 700 are warriors. During conflicts 1200 people are able to take up arms and fight for their land.


The village of Lenvik (boasting some 300 inhabitants) is a small community built around the great hall of Gest the Hook. All of the inhabitants are raiders and their families. When the raiders are at sea, the village is practically defenceless, containing only women, children, and elders. The jarl usually leaves 10 warriors to oversee the local thralls, and this duty tends to be reserved for those who have caused the jarl's dislike recently.


Legends tell of the terrible "Wailing Maiden" who supposedly lives on a very small rocky island off the coast of Sumarland. Men have been said to fall dead at the sound of her terrible wailing. Fishermen who fail to return from the sea are often said to be "claimed by the Wailing Maiden." A knowledgeable skald once said that it might be the spirit of an evil female elf, who was atoning for her misdeeds in life. Foolish adventurers are sometimes lured to seek out the island, thinking that such a creature must guard an important treasure, or out of some desire to "put things right." Such adventurers are never heard from again.

Gest the Hook

Chaotic 11th level Fighter (Str 17, Int 17, Wis 11, Dex 8, Con 11, Cha 7, AC 2, hp 51)

Personality Traits: Forgiving/Vengeful 7/13, Cautious/Rash 4/16, Modest/Proud 6/14, Peaceful/Violent 7/13, Courageous/Fearful 17/3, Energetic/Lazy 16/4

35 years old, Red hair, Green eyes

When Gest is not at sea, he usually hangs his right hand above his personal chair where it illuminates his seat at his great table. The actual hand was lost during a fight with an Ylari dervish 10 years ago. Now all Gest has left is an 8-inch sharpened hook that has been enchanted by a godi with a Continual Light spell. The loss of his hand has left Gest rather mad. Though brilliant, Gest's mind is twisted and does not work in the way that ordinary men expect. He seldom sits idle at home, preferring to be at sea, looking for trouble. Gest actively seeks out Ylari ships and cheerfully plunders and sinks them. He never spares a single person aboard these ships, but gladly takes thralls of other nationalities.

In combat Gest is a terrible sight to behold. He is not very proficient wielding a sword in his left hand (-3 to hit), but he strikes swiftly and with incredible strength with the hook on his right hand (+6 to hit, 2d4+2 damage; double damage on 19-20; Str bonus included). Usually he tries to get his opponents to lower their guard fighting badly with his sword, then exploding into action with his hook, striking swiftly over and over again. Gest is fairly loyal to his own clan, but he does have a very short fuse and most people are very cautious when dealing with this psychotic maniac. He has killed several men (and women or children) who didn't show him the respect he thinks he deserves (including some of his own children).

Gest considers himself a bit of a dandy and wears his hair long in front of his eyes and shaves the lower back of his head (this is considered fashionable among Ostland youth at present). His erratic manner makes people dislike him, though. When fighting Gest usually wears a chain mail+1 and carries a sword. He also wears a ring of protection+2 called "Blå-Is" (Blue Ice) on his remaining hand.

Gest has never married; women are as afraid of him as men. He has forced himself upon several thralls though, and has four recognised children, whom he hasn't killed yet: Erik Gestson (19), Ivar Gestson (18), Thyra Hildasdottir (5) and Olvir Gestson (5).

Erik (Lawful C4 of Odin; Cautious/Rash 18/2, Reverent/Godless 13/7) learned at an early age to avoid his father and grew up to become a guarded individual. The household godi took him in and has been training him as a priest of Odin. Erik is seriously considering leaving Lenvik during one of his father's frequent raids.

Ivar (Lawful F2; Reverent/Godless 16/4, Courageous/Fearful 14/6, Trusting/Suspicious 13/7) adores his older half-brother Erik and follows his lead whenever possible. He is far more outgoing and likeable, but always tries not to outdo Erik. He truly reveres the northmen Gods, but does not have the calling to become a cleric himself.

Bjarni Burison

Lawful 9th level Fighter (Str 14, Int 14, Wis 14, Dex 12, Con 10, Cha 14, AC 3, hp 43)

Personality Traits: Modest/Proud 14/6, Courageous/Fearful 13/7, Forgiving/Vengeful 15/5, Loyal/Unreliable 14/6

45 years old, Blonde hair and beard (with the occasional grey streak), Blue eyes

Bjarni is probably the closest thing to a friend Gest has. This aging warrior was a retainer to Gest's father, Olvir Grimson, and feels obligated to serve his new jarl as loyally as the old. Bjarni does not particularly like Gest, but he does tend to see him in a better light than most any other man. The house guard would rather see Bjarni as jarl, but Bjarni would never challenge the authority of his jarl unless Gest actually betrayed him. Since Bjarni is always polite and subservient when dealing with Gest that probably won't happen anytime soon. During battle Bjarni wears chain mail, a shield+1 and carries a sword and a spear.

It has been 7 years since Bjarni lost his wife to bubonic catarrh, which she caught from an Ethengarian thrall.

Bubonic Catarrh

A disease affecting solely humans, bubonic catarrh manifests itself as purulent coughing. If the afflicted isn't cured within a month, he or she will choke with lung buboes. The disease is known to break out in southern Ethengar, particularly during famine years.