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by Jeff Daly

"I have heard it said," spake the mage, "that the beloved city is described in Thyatis as a spider lying on its back. I have further heard that the hedge wizards of Glantri describe her as a grasping hand, lusting for the heavens. Yeah, like they're ones to speak. No, I prefer the Ierendi description I heard...that Sundsvall sits as if twas once a giant orange, or grapefruit, sliced down the middle by a great multibladed orange-slicer..."

The mage's eyes grow misty as he smiles and says, "Aye, no problem man, they say, Sundsvall, she like an orange, with the slices pointing straight up, coloured red though mind, not orange, and the peel obviously serving as a sort of outer defence..."

Just trying to think up a more interesting description, that could still fit in with the map as given. Personally, I am bored by tenement they can still be tenement buildings...but instead of looking like a real world ghetto, it will look like a sliced orange, with the points sticking up...