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Patera Project: Surabayang

by Andrew Theisen

SURABAYANG (islands of)
Location: Patera, south of Rajahstan and Myoshima.
Area: Approximately 400,000 sq. mi.
Population: 100,000 Rakasta, mostly scattered tribal peoples, of various breeds.
Language: Various.
Coinage: None, among the tribal peoples. Varied among the pirates of Surabayang (wherever they stole their booty from).
Government Type: Tribal, among the majority of the populace; Anarchic among the pirates.
Industries: Hunting and gathering; piracy.
Description: The islands of Surabayang are an enormous volcanic archipelago that encircles the south polar regions of Patera. They are very thinly populated, primarily by tribal Rakasta. The island of Surabayang itself is the second largest island in the chain, and is home to numerous bands of pirates, all intermittently plying the trade routes between the other nations and warring and raiding with both other nations and themselves. Many of the pirates engage in slavery of both the native populace and that of the other nations of Patera.
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