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Sukiskyn Battle Map

by katana_one

B10: Night's Dark Terror is one of my favorite modules in my collection. I don't know how many times it had been used before I got my copy, but I've run it at least twice since then. The years have not been kind to the folded map that came with it. So I decided that I needed to rebuild it. I have the technology. I can make it better, stronger, faster. Oh wait. That's the bionic man.

It's a hefty-sized download (91.5Mb) because it's suitable for large-format printing. The trimmed map measures 45"x30" at a resolution of 200dpi, and was specifically created to use with miniatures. I work in a graphics shop, so the intent was originally for me to print it out for my own use. I have taken a break from table-top gaming however, and have no plans to print it for myself in the immediate future.

In any case, I'm calling it done for now, and I'm sharing it with all you Mystara fans who might be interested.

Also included in the bundle is a small sheet of ladder tokens, for the final goblin charge in the siege scenario.

I took some liberties when I was building it. Notably, the key and inset map are not here. I did not consider them necessary for a battle map, and their removal allows the DM to move the final goblin charge across the east clearing while the PC defenders snipe at them.

There are also small differences, like the placement of the door to room 7 - it makes more sense for the door to be in the corner of the room than the middle of the south wall. In some cases, I have nudged the walls a little to line up better with the grid than in the original. Overall, these differences should not really have any effect on playing out the encounters that take place on this map.