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Twilight of Apocalypse

by Joaquin Menchaca

Here is some material that I use in my Mystara campaign called SHADOWS OF THE TRIAD starring Lloth, Set, and Tiamat.

Long ago during the time of Nithia, a great following worshipped Set, saviour of Order and Justice, bringer of enlightenment through Darkness. For years Mystics of Set predicted that their saviour and leader would walk amongst them one day and challenge the harsh brutality of the pharaoh, the impostor god. It was scribe that one day a child would be born. This child containing the essence of Set, would liberate the people of this maligned Pharaoh and his lineage.

One day, this a child was born. The baby was a mutation of any human that they have seen, for his skin was a cold dark blue colour, unlike that of any human. It's features were unknown to that of any human born before. They suspected that this may be the baby prophesied in the scriptures of the untold past. The Pharaoh placed a mandate to search all homes to look for such a child. The family in their haste and fearing their eminent destruction abandoned the baby to the vast desert wastes. This baby somehow managed to survive the harsh whether for several days until discovered by a wondering nomad whom is a leader of a desert clan. He sheltered and nourished the baby as his own son. He named his new son Sutek. This baby grew up amongst humans, but he was always despised and feared, for he appeared as a freak of nature. The baby quickly grew into a child where training in combat and warfare begun. This child grew quickly and he excelled in his training. Proving to be the most powerful warrior amongst his clan.

Later a spy reported findings of this mysterious blue man to the Pharaoh, and a troop was dispatched to seek out and destroy all traces of this clan and Sutek. The army caught up with the clan and destroyed many defenceless families. The warriors retaliated against army, but their efforts were in vain as the army proved too formidable. The clan was on the run, and eventually the army caught up with them. In the final battle many perished, including Sutek's adopted father. In the end few escaped the slaughter, but only person claimed victory, and that was Sutek. News quickly went to the Pharaoh whom prepared his army for the worst to come.

Many events followed rapidly after that. Sutek discovered the true secrets of the Pharaoh's magic which elevated the Pharaoh to that of a god. Sutek also uncovered some answers about himself. Sutek discovered many answers about both the past and the future. He then plotted a course of action that would eventually send him into confrontation with the Pharaoh.

During his epic, the daughter of the Pharaoh took fancy upon this freak of nature. Most persons frowned upon Sutek, whom they consider a freak or monster of nature, a demon. Though they do not know of the person behind the mask, the person behind the skin. The Pharaoh's daughter did not care, and looked into Pharaoh.

The events are somewhat blurry after this point, with various interpretations on the scriptures. Eventually the Pharaoh was defeated in open court. It was at this point Sutek took power of the kingdom. Somehow, the Pharaoh's daughter was cursed with Curse of Kanisis, or Kain. She became a creature of the night, a creature of darkness. The time point where she became cursed, or if she was cursed is unknown. Somehow, this curse was afflicted upon Sutek as well.

Sutek became forever afterwards a creature of the night. Other stories however account for Sutek, to walk amongst men in daylight. These beliefs are discarded though as blasphemous.