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Twilight of Apocalypse

by Joaquin Menchaca

It did not take long for others to fear and oppose the omnipotent and holy Sutek. Sutek reorganised the kingdom and the army. Many states were conquered by neighbouring states. Nithia faced several internal power struggles for different leaders claiming themselves to be Pharaoh.

Around this time, The cult of Set became active. Sutek allowed for legitimised the worship of this or any religion. The cult of Set started to become a powerful religion within the kingdom. Later what was considered to be a radical faction, formed the Cult of Sutek claiming that Sutek was the true embodiment of Set himself. The popular belief in the Order of Set was that Sutek was not the embodiment of Set, nor did he have any relation to Set. Nevertheless, the Cult of Sutek grew in size and became a serious religion within Nithia.

Sutek denounced the role of Pharaoh and claimed such blasphemous beliefs that Pharaohs are indeed not gods. Other religious groups supported Sutek in this doctrine. There was major social upheaval. The Cult of Sutek claimed that Sutek was above the Pharaoh and was the true god. They rallied support behind Sutek. Many Nithia provinces declared their independence which sent Nithia into a slight downward trend. Some distant provinces lost communication with Nithia.

Sutek did not tolerate rebellion. He immediately mobilised the army to recapture rebellious provinces. Many provinces were recaptures in a long and brutal campaign that would last for years to come.

During this time, Sutek encouraged both advancements into both science and magic. Some scientific theories mentioned in ancient texts and devices used by the prior Pharaoh, were utilised in grand magical experiments. Through these experiments, sometimes where victims of conquered provinces were the subjects of these hideous experiments, new creatures of warfare were created. Other experiments created devastating affects with disease, contamination of the land, undead creations, and also spell jamming capabilities. The spells were altering and controlling things on the cellular and sub-atomic level. Experiments were used to touch other dimensions and explore the physics of other dimensions. Other experiments mingled with psionics and time travel. There seemed to be no end to the exotic experiments and the advancement of magic.

For provinces that could not be easily recaptured, some of these hideous magics were turned upon the provinces with horrific effects. One rogue province was completely destroyed and every single person was annihilated. The land turned red and was corrupted with some unknown poison. All provinces later quickly and complacently surrendered. Further explorations were made inter the vast space beyond the Mystaran sphere and beyond the Prime Material Plane.