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Twilight of Apocalypse

by Joaquin Menchaca

During the reign of Sutek, the Supreme, the Cult of Sutek was thriving. Many other religions, including the Order of Set, were slow in regards to adopting the rich magical advancements. The Cult of Sutek embraced the advancements of Sutek's Kingdom, and used the Spelling Jamming magic to flock to the stars. They thought that this would be the way to increase the their flock amongst the denizens of the stars. And thus most of their resources were put into sending missionaries to the stars to increase Set's numbers.

During this campaign, took an interest in the Cults activities. He served as a Supreme Wizard under a forgotten name of Arsyrius. Arsyrius help fund some of the Cults expeditions with funds of the government. Over the years Arsyrius developed a close relationship with the Cult's leaders and even accepted a major role in determining the Cults direction.

It was said that Arsyrius was blessed with the blessing of Sutek himself, and that Arsyrius bestowed this blessing upon the most faithful. Later other leaders and heroes of the Cult whom proved themselves worthy were are given this ultimate blessing.

Years past and the Cult thrived within Nithia and in the stars until one horrible day of Devastation arrived. The entire kingdom of Nithia disappeared, the people, the Cult, and their saviour disappeared. The Cult only existed within the stars, and eventually completely forgot about Mystara all together. The Cult never remembered anything about Nithia, nor Sutek. The Cult lost its identity, and became disunited. Furthermore, Arsyrius disappeared.

(Note 1: There was a mind whip spell cast at the level of a deity. This is a side affect of the spell.)
(Note 2: Strangely anyone with knowledge of either Sutek or Nithia that travels around this point in time, through chronomancy or other means, will forget all knowledge of Sutek and Nithia.)

The Cult of Sutek eventually traced back routes leading to Mystara, but all they found were primitive barbarous cultures.

Arsyrius reappeared in visions of the leaders of the Cult. In these visions they learned of a tale where Sutek has been imprisoned beyond both space and time. The leaders were taught the holy scriptures of Sutek, and of Sutek's triumphs and history.

(Note 3: Sutek is actually existing in a para-universe of the same origin as the space- ship called Beagle that crashed landed on Mystara during the Blackmoor era. There is a vortex called the "Alternity Effect" existing out of phase a few seconds in time within the Mystara solar system.)

The Cult quickly scribed the teachings and scriptures of Sutek detailed by Arsyrius. From this point on, the main trust for the Cult has been to find their beloved saviour, Sutek.

The leaders and others that received the Blessing of Sutek, still remain in the cult to this very day. They keep the teachings and main purpose and direction of the cult alive and followed with a fanatical zest. For to find Sutek, is worth more than existence itself.