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Twilight of Apocalypse

by Joaquin Menchaca

Long ago during the reign of Sutek in the Nithian Empire, members of the Cult were blessed by Sutek. They were granted a limited immortality.

Through this, the Cult leaders were able to keep the vision of Sutek alive centuries after the disappearance of Sutek and Arsyrius, and the fall of Nithia.

The Cult leaders known as the High Order are the only ones able to grant the Blessing of Sutek. Those that receive the gift have the ability in inflict this upon others, but they are not allowed to do such an act, for it is against the law of the church. Those given this blessing are heavily screened beforehand. There have been no known reports of dissension. If any Blessed leaders defect, then they would be quickly dispatched.

Each generation that receives the gift, is less powerful than its donor. Those blessed by the High Order are called the Eyes of Sutek. These people run the day to day affairs of the church. The Eyes of Sutek can give the blessing to others only with absolute permission of the High Order.

Those blessed by the Eyes of Sutek, and called either the Fangs of Sutek or the Blade of Sutek. Sometimes they are referred to as the Swift Blade of Sutek. These people are special agents are operatives of the Cult of Sutek. They carry out missions and tasks that need special attention of the Cult of Sutek.

The Blade of Sutek is allowed to inflict others with the blessing, but only on special occasions and only with permission of the High Order. If a Blade blessed others without support or approval of the Cult of Sutek, then that Blade and all blessed by that Blade will be destroyed.

Those created by the Blade of Sutek, are called various names. Some call them the Feet of Sutek. These people are never allowed to bestow the blessing upon anyone regardless of the circumstances. Anyone whom receives the blessing in this manner will be destroyed, along with his donor, siblings, and the original Blade that created him.

[Note: If people have not guess by now, individuals blessed with the Blessing of Sutek, are essentially a Vampire.]