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Sven Svenson

by Jacob Skytte

Neutral 9th level Fighter (Str 18, Int 6, Wis 5, Dex 10, Con 14, Cha 12, AC 4, hp 59) Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 4/16, Modest Proud 5/15, Peaceful/Violent 4/16, Courageous/Fearful 15/5, Reverent/Godless 14/6 41 years old, Brown hair, Blue eyes

"It is not the nature of a Warrior of Thor to settle disputes with words."

Sven's parents were killed when he was very young, and he was adopted into the household of a berserker warrior. The young boy was expected to become a mighty warrior following Thor and, when his new family moved into the Royal Household to live among the berserkers, he saw rigorous training every day. The Ravenguard, the king's personal force of berserkers, took him under their wing, many of them seeing him as the son they didn't have.

Through years of hard training Sven became a strong, strapping lad and went on his first raids. Sven experienced his first berserker rages under the spells of the godar (priests) of Thor and found himself addicted to the rage. Over the years Sven discovered that he only felt truly alive, when under the influence of the berserker rage. When he couldn't always depend on a godi to be there to induce the madness, he turned to natural solutions, poisons made from plants that induced a rage like that of the magic, or worse. Through years of abuse Sven's health and mind has been slowly gnawed at, but he is still strong and hardy, just not as hardy as he used to be.

Sven's many accomplishments and lust for battle has gained him much honour among the Blessed Warriors of Thor and he is now a leader of men, though leadership is not one of his strong skills. Of course the berserker warriors don't care much about that, so long as he leads them into glorious battles in the name of Thor.

In battle Sven wields a battle axe+2 and wears chain mail+1.

Though unmarried, Sven has had several mistresses and is the father of a few children, none of whom mean anything to him.