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Seven Secret Crafts of Glantri

by Nathan Elling

I propose a new conception of the seven secret crafts of Glantri, the Radiance will be handled in another submission (see Radiance: The Secret Craft of Destiny)

The people of Glantri are all descended from varied magical races (Flaems, Alphatians), races with strong ties to magic (elves, goblins of the broken lands), and possible interactions with magical beings either from “wandering the worlds” when the Flaems escaped their doomed planet or pacts and intermarriage (dark powers, elemental beings, dragons, etc.). Therefore I conceive of the “crafts” as a template. In game: only Glantrians who have a predisposition to magical ancestry are ever asked to join the crafts which have learnt to exploit and develop those ancestral connections through Masques (new magical items that take up the “eye lenses/goggles + hat/head” slots). Although the Glantrian in question might have more than one disposition (for instance his grandmother might have slept with a dragon but his father had a pact with an Elemental) only one of the dispositions can be nurtured as it then overrides the basic nature of the being and becomes dominant. In practice any student at the Great School can choose the secret craft he/she wants because there is usually the magical racial connection they want if they look far enough back in their ancestry.

Only characters/NPCs attending the Great School can gain the benefits of the Secret Crafts. As per the original crafts, the character gains powers by giving up experience points and gaining a “circle” (5 circles like the original). Different from the original crafts, the circles are more evenly distributed, and there is a Masque’d ceremony to gain each circle (to add a little drama).

The character ties his/her life-force to this Masque to gain power, losing it would entail the expense, XP cost and shame of another ceremony but the Masque becomes part of the essence of the character, so it is impossible to use Disarm to grab it, but it could be removed by the character (see fading away below). The character can manifest this Masque as a move action which does not provoke an Attack of Opportunity (and remove it as a move action, no AoO), and only while it is manifest can they use any powers unless otherwise noted (part of the “secret” in the secret craft), it fades in and out of existence.

Masques generally are similar to whatever the craft emulates (skulls for Undead, fire/air/earth/water themes for Elemental, etc.) but the specifics are up to the player. Roll a Spellcraft check (DC 15) to determine which craft any one Masque belongs to. The Masque also provides disguise (treat as untrained Disguise check or +4 if trained) to hide the identity of the wearer but only to those who haven’t seen you manifest the Masque (if they see you manifest it, obviously they know).

There can only be one High Master/Mistress at a time, to gain that title the Masque of the previous High Master/Mistress has to be removed and put on by the new High Master/Mistress. Masques appear over the face of anyone who is killed (that has one) but will then fade away after 1d4 hours except for the High Masters’ which does not fade and is treated as a minor Artifact. Only one Masque can be worn at a time and can only be used by someone trained in the craft so no one can really benefit from another’s Masque except the High Masque (and then they have to be trained in that craft).

Circle gained at level cost of new Masque time to create XP cost uses/day
1 3 500 dc 2 weeks 2000 3/day
2 6 1,000 dc 1 month 5000 2/day
3 10 1,500 dc 2 months 9000 1/day
4 15 2,000 dc 3 months 14000 1/week
5 20 2,500 dc* 4 months* 19000* 1/month

*Putting on the High Masque immediately costs a character 19,000 xp (if he/she doesn’t have that much, they die instantly, no save). It costs money and research time to master the last benefit of the High Masque once the character puts it on but gives instant access to previous benefits.

Benefits: Each Secret Craft has an associated class skill that the character gains at 1st Circle and he/she gains a total of 4 special free ranks in this skill as a one-time bonus. This class skill cannot exceed the normal max ranks. If the character in question does not possess this skill already as a class skill, it is now considered a class skill for that character.

Bonus spells: the characters gains extra spell slots equal to the “uses/day” column that they can only use to cast their bonus spells with. The character must manifest the Masque to use the spells you still need any other material components/foci the spells would normally require. Casting times, ranges, effects, verbal and somatic components, etc. also remain unchanged.

Use in the Campaign

I have changed Glantri slightly so that many people wear masks (to instantly change social class as they did in Renaissance Venice, also allowing thieves, spies, assassins and courtesans to operate with impunity) or to special events and balls (as they do today at Mardi Gras) and to add flavour (think the Hawkmoon series by Michael Moorcock, where the ferocious appearance of the military is enhanced by metal masks of totem animals, in my Glantri the military helms all feature this aspect of some totem animal design (for each Banner). In one case I used it to advance my storyline about magical plague (they wore masks in the middle ages to avoid the black death too). Going around with a mask might get stares but it wouldn’t be unusual in a place like Glantri City or at fancy balls at some noble’s court, but in small towns it would be noticed and avoided (as the characters probably are involved in something that means trouble for the residents) and other countries would think it downright weird or creepy, “oh those Glantrians!”.

Necromancy:  The Secret Crafts of Death

Class Skill: Knowledge [Religion] (related to determining information about undead).

Bonus Spells: (1st Circle) Cause Fear, (2nd Circle) Animate Dead, (3rd Circle) Create Undead, (4th Circle) Control Undead, (5th Circle) Create Greater Undead

Circle Benefits
1 Undead Affinity - With the manifestation of the Masque undead now see you as one of their own. Gain +2 on Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Intimidate checks against all undead. Unintelligent undead no longer notice you or attack unless you attack them or unless they are specifically directed to attack you (not just your party). Without the Masque you are now immune to Sleep spells.
2 Silent as the Grave - 2/day, with the manifestation of the Masque, you can ‘take 20’ on any Move Silently check even if normal circumstances wouldn’t allow it (such as running). Also with the manifestation of the Masque you gain Darkvision 120 ft. The mage no longer suffers the effects of any (even magical) disease but is now a carrier of any disease he contracts, and gains at least one disease, displaying the diseases’ symptoms (puss, boils, hair loss, etc.), a -2 CHA penalty for any non-undead.
3 Incorporeal Form - 1/day, with the manifestation of the Masque, you can become incorporeal for up to 1 round/level, does not provoke attacks of opportunity. You gain the incorporeal subtype, opponents have 50% miss chance, and your spells/attacks do not affect corporeal creatures (but your Touch of Death, below, does). Undead Affinity is now +4. Even without the Masque you are now immune to poison, and paralysis.
4 The Touch of Death - 1/week with the manifestation of the Masque you can instantly stop an enemy’s heart. With a successful touch attack the victim is immediately dropped to -8 hp, -9 at the end of the round  and dies on the next round unless somehow stabilised. This attack only works on victims with beating hearts. Even without the Masque the Necromancer is now immune to Critical Hits.
5 Deathless - Without the Masque, your type changes to undead but you can be also be Turned. You no longer suffer the effects of aging but you do rot until you become incorporeal (-2 Con at the end of each 1,000 years as you literally lose touch with reality, when Con<1 you are incorporeal forever and your High Masque falls off). Animals gain a  +4 bonus to Scent you when tracking, but may be afraid of doing so, since they become aware of your dead nature. You also gain immunity to Energy Drain and Sneak Attacks and Resistance to Cold 10 as well as DR10/silver. Undead Affinity is now +6.

Elementalists: The Secret Crafts of Matter

Select one of the following heritages: Air/Sonic, Fire, Water/Cold or Earth/Acid.

Class Skill: Knowledge [The Planes] (related to determining information about elementals)

Bonus Spells[1]: (1st circle) Summon Monster I, (2nd circle) Summon Monster III, (3rd circle) Summon Monster V, (4th circle) Planar Ally, (5th circle) Elemental Swarm.

Circle Air Fire Water Earth
1 Resist Energy 10/chosen energy type, but +5 damage on opposed energy (Air/Sonic vs. Earth/Acid, Water/Cold vs. Fire). Add a free language; Air - Auran, Fire - Ignan, Water - Aquan, Earth - Terran (Speak Language 3 ranks, see Runes below), all without the manifestation of the Masque.
2 Elemental Ray - 2/day with the manifestation of the Masque, standard action, 30 ft. ranged touch attack, damage 1d6+1 per 2 levels. +2 on Bluff, Sense Motive and Diplomacy with your elemental type.
3 Elemental Wall - 1/day with the manifestation of the Masque, as a swift action with no other verbal, somatic or material components, the elementalist can create a Wall of Force, Fire, Ice or Stone (depending on their chosen element) with an area of up to 1 inch (Fire/Force) or 1 ft. (Ice/Stone) by 10 sq. ft./level, at a range of 100 ft. + 10 ft./level.  The elementalist can further alter the shape of the Elemental Wall into a cone, cylinder, cubes, sphere, hemisphere or line so long as he does not exceed the total volume (e.g. a line 1” inch (Fire/Force) or 1’ ft. (Ice/Stone) wide/high and 100 ft. long/level). He can even sculpt more complex forms (area/volume reduced to 1 in. or 1 ft. x 1 sq. ft./level) by succeeding on a Craft (sculpting) check. The wall/sculpture lasts 2 rounds/level with no concentration (Fire/Force), or indefinite (Ice/Stone).
4 Without the manifestation of the Masque the Elementalist can Fly 60 ft. perfect, but -2 CON as limbs hollow. Can no longer carry anything heavier than medium loads on the ground or light loads flying. No wings, it’s a supernatural effect. Without the manifestation of the Masque the Elementalist can gain +30 ft. speed, +2 dodge bonus to AC, but becomes impatient and quick tempered, -2 WIS. Constantly causes burns by touch, 1 hp non-lethal damage if not careful (or does not wear fireproof gloves), can start regular fires in dry/flammable conditions. Without the manifestation of the Masque the Elementalist can Swim 60 ft., but develops web feet and hands, -2 CHA, boots/shoes must be custom made. Rings no longer fit. Also develops gills and can now breathe water (as spell but constant). Must be immersed in water 1/wk for 1 hour or die (-2 CON/hour until death) Without the manifestation of the Masque the Elementalist can Burrow 30 ft., and develops stony hide, +2 bonus to AC, -2 CHA. Also gains mass, can no longer use Feather Fall/Fly/Levitate spells or effects. Heavy loads no longer slow him (as Dwarf).
5 Gain elemental template without the manifestation of the Masque. You no longer suffer penalties from aging (but you do age) and your type changes to Outsider (no longer affected by spells that target a person, such as Charm Person, but can be hedged out by magic circles, etc.). Immune to your energy type, and critical hits. Now +5 on Bluff, Sense Motive and Diplomacy (your elemental type). Gain DR10/opposing energy type and SR15.

Dream Master: The Secret Crafts of the Mind

Class Skill: Knowledge [The Planes] (related to determining information about the Astral plane).

Bonus Spells: (1st Circle) Hypnotism, (2nd Circle) Suggestion, (3rd Circle) either Dream or Nightmare (caster’s choice, but not both), (4th Circle) Insanity, (5th Circle) Weird

Circle Benefits
1 Psychic Blast - 3/day with the manifestation of the Masque you gain an attack similar to a Psionic Blast (1 move action - the manifestation of the Masque; Range: 30ft.; Area: 30 ft. Cone-shaped burst; Duration: Instantaneous; Will: Negates; SR/PR: Yes. All affected creatures are dazed for 1 round.
2 Thought Shield - 2/day with the manifestation of the Masque (move action) you can shield your thoughts from any psionics or any enchantments 3rd level or lower. You gain Psionic Resistance 6 + INT bonus. Note this power can be used even if it’s not your turn, but counts towards your normal limit of 1 free action per round. Your Psionic Blast now stuns for 1 round.
3 Nightmares1 - 1/day with the manifestation of the Masque you can bring forth an ectoplasmic projection of your nightmares Shadow Conjurations + Etherealness. They exist partly on the Astral Plane so they can hit Astral and Ethereal creatures, Prime beings have a 50% miss chance (see Etherealness in the PHB) unless they are also on the Astral Plane. Your Nightmares can emulate up to 1 CR4, 1d3 CR3 or 1d4+1 CR2 or lower creatures (as Shadow Conjuration). They attack for 20% of normal damage, and they have 20% of normal AC and hit points of the monsters or humanoids they are emulating as Shadow Conjurations. They can assume the form and voice of a specific monster or humanoid person (caster’s Disguise check vs. opponents’ Spot check +10, as Veil). All projections can last 1 hour/level and can perform tasks if you concentrate to control (a move action, provokes attacks of opportunity) or program them (a full-round action, but they simply go through set motions or repetitive motions), but they can only carry/move 20% of normal capacity. They are dismissed when you no longer manifest the Masque. Due to the strain on your psyche you gain one mild form of insanity such as a mild phobias, or neuroses, fetishes, twitches, sleepwalking, etc. This insanity has some mild effect on your functioning, per DM (say, -2 Sense Motive for a neurosis). Your Thought Shield is now PR 10 + INT bonus and works against enchantments 5thlevel or lower. Your Psychic Blast now stuns for 3 rounds.
4 Dream Travel1 - 1/week with the manifestation of the Masque you can cause real items, even people, to become dreams, as Etherealness, but taken to the Astral Plane (Range:Touch; SR:Yes; same restrictions apply but you can’t normally sense the Prime Material from the Astral). You can affect 10 cu. ft. of objects/level or 1 person/level (include you in the count) and the effect lasts up to 1 hour/level. Once the Dream Travel ends you are dumped out in the last plane you used this ability from. If you cross a planar boundary (such as using a portal) to another plane then the Dream Travel immediately ends. Time is slowed down on the Astral Plane (1 real minute = 1000 Astral minutes) so for the purpose of travel to or across another plane, 1 minute of movement equals 50 miles for an unencumbered human, treat as movement in a straight line, and put the party within a d20º arc, 10 being the centre of where you want to go. Things and people left behind on the Astral Plane stay there floating in the void. Due to the overall strain on your psyche your mild insanity changes to a medium form of insanity such as depression, obsessive/compulsive, drug/alcohol addiction, blackouts, etc. This insanity has a negative effect on your functioning per DM (say, must have a certain item on your person or cannot function, treat as dazed, and -4 on Diplomacy for obsessive/compulsive). Your Thought Shield is now PR 15 + INT bonus and works against enchantments 7th level or lower. PB also does 2d6 damage.
5 True Dream1 -1/month You can create a Mirage Arcana effect from ectoplasm with the manifestation of the Masque that lasts up to 1 hr/level on the Prime Material plane (or 1000 hrs/level on the Astral Plane, over 2 years at 20thlevel) and cannot be moved. Within the True Dream your Nightmares last as long as the Mirage lasts. All Nightmares now mimic monsters of up to 1 CR12, 1d3 CR11 or 1d4+1 CR10 or lower and become as real as Shades, interacting and casting spells at 80%. However, you start to lose it, your medium insanity becomes major such as paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, multiple personalities, etc. This insanity has major effects on your functioning (say, -4 on all attack rolls and -6 Diplomacy for hallucinations). Your Psychic Blast now also does 4d6 damage. PR works against enchantments of 9th lvl

1 You must be on a plane contiguous with the Astral Plane to use this power, the Prime Material Planes, the Realm of Nightmares/Ravenloft, the Ethereal Plane, or the 1st layer of any Outer Planes

My Cosmology

A quick note for people using the Dream Master. My cosmology is slightly different from the standard d20 cosmology.

1.      The Nucleus of the Multiverse is Sigil and the Plane of Concordant Opposition. Co-existent with them is the Great Ring, containing all the first layers of the “Outer Planes”. From the 1st layers of the Great Ring descend (or ascend) like the ‘roots’ (or ‘stalks’) of an onion each of the other layers of the “Outer Planes” as normal in the 3.5e lexicon. The other layers (after  the 1st) are not directly accessible to the Astral plane without a portal or conduit.

2.      Then there is the Great Void, commonly referred to as the Astral Plane, but this is not the full extent of the Astral Plane by a long-shot, nor is usually where Dream Masters usually walk. The is the ‘meat’ of the onion.

3.      After this Void comes the Ethereal Plane, which is essentially the 1st layer of all the “Inner Planes” (as seen from the Prime Material Planes). The Inner Planes are essentially the 2nd layer of the Ethereal Plane and not accessible directly from the Astral Plane without a conduit or portal. The Inner Planes do paradoxically border with the plane of Shadow. The 1st layer of the Ethereal is accessible from the Astral. The outer onion ‘skin’.

4.      Then come all the Prime Material Planes, each attached to both the Astral and Ethereal Planes (like speckles of dirt caught between the outer skin and the inner onion).

5.      Beyond them lies the Dreaming, essentially where the Astral Plane stops. This is the most likely direction/destination for Dream Masters. At the outermost edge of the dreaming is the Realm of Nightmares and Ravenloft (which are the last planes accessible from the Astral). Ravenloft contains the only direct path from the Astral Plane to the Plane of Shadow, otherwise they border but do not intersect or provide any way of crossing.

6.      The Plane of Shadow has penetrated into every Prime Material plane as well as the 2nd layer of the Ethereal Plane but not the 1st, the Astral or the “Outer Planes” - no shadow powers will work in the “Outer Planes” and no one on these planes casts a shadow. The Plane of Shadow is like rot on an onion, touching some planes but not the Astral (yet).

7.      Beyond the Plane of Shadow are the Far Realms. The ‘soil.’ In the Far Realms (because here planar mechanics and normal physics simply do not apply) lie the Great Old Ones, Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep and Hastur among others and it is from here that they plan revenge on the multiverse for when the gods forged the great ring (Sigil) to escape their terrible masters who had previously enslaved every thing in the multiverse to their will (plant, animal, even mineral, god and mortal alike) for torment without end. Also, the 666th layer of the Abyss was drilled down through “reality” to make a minor connection directly to the Far Realms (like the roots of an onion). There is one portal here that connects the two if anyone is crazy enough to fight through 666 layers of demons to find it!

If you don’t wish to use this planar layout, just assume that the Astral also goes “away from” the Outer Planes and it is in this direction that the Dream Masters usually head, especially since the Outer Planes already have many powerful denizens inhabiting them.

Voodun: The Secret Crafts of the Soul (used to be Wokani)

Class Skill: Knowledge [History] (related to determining information about a vestige)[2].

Bonus Spells: (1st Circle) Protection From Chaos/Good/Evil/Law, (2nd Circle) Bestow/Remove Curse, (3rd Circle) Break Enchantment, (4th Circle) Repulsion, (5th Circle) Banishment[3]

Circle Benefits
1 Minor Binding - You can bind a vestige (of up to 1stlevel) as per the Bind Vestige feat (p. 72, Tome of Magic) and gain one power (as per list on p. 74, ToM), your effective binder level (EBL) is 3. You may only have one vestige bound at a time. Your Masque displays the signs (it effectively becomes the sign).
2 Major Binding - You can now bind a vestige (of up to 3rdlevel) and gain 2 powers as if you possessed both the Improved Bind Vestige and the Practiced Binder feats (p. 73/74, ToM). Your EBL is now 6 for all binding. You may have 2 vestiges bound at a time (1 minor, 1 major). Mask displays signs.
3 True Binding - 1/day you can bind 1 vestige (of up to 5th level) for 24 hours and gain all granted powers (as per Soul Binding p.10, ToM) including 3 Pact Augmentation and Soul Guardian as a Binder with EBL 10 (for all bindings). Does not count towards limits on other bindings. If you make a good pact you can suppress the signs as Suppress Sign (p. 11 ToM) for any vestige directly bound to you (not others or your familiar) and not show your Masque. You may have 3 vestiges (minor, major, true) bound at once.
4 Bind Familiar - 1/week you can bind a vestige of up to 7thlevel, including 3  Pact Augmentations, your choice, and 15thlevel Soul Guardian, to your familiar by drawing the sign, and summoning the vestige while your familiar is standing on the sign. The familiar/vestige always displays the signs. If you make a good pact the familiar (and vestige) are under your control and it shares it’s powers with you including Pact Augmentations and Soul Guardian. If you make a poor pact then the familiar is now under the vestige’s control, and you loose all benefits from your familiar, such as alertness (except for empathic/verbal communication, which is retained) while the vestige is bound, nor does it share powers. An uncontrolled vestige is an NPC under the DM’s control, it will act according to it’s nature, but it will never attack you, and will obey you when your objectives are aligned, but will ignore you and do as it pleases when they are not, it may cause mischief or harm to anyone else (even in your party). The familiar/vestige can never be further than 1 mile from you or the vestige departs. The only way you can rid a familiar of a vestige is to break the 1 mile limit (which the vestige will try to prevent), use Banishment or wait 1 week4 until the vestige departs. A vestige bound to a familiar does not count towards your limits on other bindings. Your EBL is now 15 for all binding.
5 Bind Other - 1/month by stealing body parts (hair, nail clippings, etc.) or some possession of the intended victim and making it into a crude wax, cloth or wooden doll (1 minute, provokes attacks of opportunity, can be reused) you can lay the doll on the vestige’s sign, make a pact and cause any vestige to be bound to any victim. Treat the victim as possessed (p. 23-24, Book of Vile Darkness), so someone protected by a circle of protection or the like is immune. The victim must be within 1 mile and the same plane when the pact is made. The victim gains all vestige abilities as a Soul Binding including 5 Pact Augmentations (your choice) and 20thlevel Soul Guardian (p.11 ToM) but always displays the signs. If you make a good pact the vestige is under your control and shares it’s benefits (as above). To issue commands you must have some way of communicating with the victim/vestige and there can be struggles for control, the victims’ Will saves are DC10 + Vestige level + 1 per failed check. Control lasts 10 + Vestige level + 1 per failed check rounds. Checks for control can be made 1/round. If you make a poor pact treat as uncontrolled (Bind Familiar). Possessions can also be made with a dead body (treat as zombie) but vestiges will resist (-10 on the binding check, but no Will saves on possession).  The victim must stay within one mile of you or the vestige departs (which the vestige will resist, victim must know - DC 35 Knowledge [Arcana] check), destroy the Doll, or use Banishment, or wait 1 day/Vestige level4until it departs. Does not count towards your limits on other bindings. Your EBL is 20 for all binding.

Lvl Vestige DC Benefit
1 Amon 20 (Darkvision 60’; Ram attack, natural horned attack, dam 1d6 + 1.5x STR bonus)*; Fire Breath 1d6/level dam
1 Aym 15 (Double damage to objects, and attacks are adamantine when ebl=10; resistance to fire 10); Normal Speed in medium or heavy armour; wreath of flame 1d6 dam; Improved Sunder
1 Leraje 15 (+4 Hide bonus; proficient with all bows or +1 bonus if you already are); low-light vision; Precise Shot; Ricochet
1 Naberius 15 (Choose any extra skills equal to your CON bonus in which you have no ranks,  you can now use those skills untrained; always take 10 on Bluff and Diplomacy checks, even if distracted or threatened, and make rushed diplomacy checks as a standard action with no penalty); Disguise Self; Fast Healing (1 ability point/rnd); Command (or suggestion at 14th level)
1 Ronove 15 (Feather Fall; +10 to speed ); your attacks count as cold iron/magic; Far Hand, move objects 5’/ebl; Unarmed Strike (as a monk)
2 Dhalver-Nar 17 (Mad Soul- immune to Wis drain/damage, madness, insanity and confusion; Natural Armour - gain ½ CON as AC bonus); Maddening Moan, every creature in 30’r must succeed on will save or be dazed for 1 round, sonic ability; Shield Self, 1 creature in 10’r you designate takes ½ your damage from attacks.
2 Haagenti 17 (Immune to polymorph/petrification; proficient with all axes); Confuse by touch 1rnd/3 lvls; shield proficiency.
2 Malphas 15 (Use Poison feat; Summon bird to spy for you); Invisibility; sneak attack. 1d6/4 lvls extra damage.
2 Savnok 20 (Call Armour, armour appears about your body as a full round action, ebl 5=+1 full plate, ebl 10 = +2 light fortification plate, ebl 15 = +2 moderate fortification plate, ebl 20 = +4 heavy fortification plate; DR 1/piercing, stacks every 4 ebl, becomes DR magic/piercing at ebl 13); swap positions with allies; proficient with Heavy armour.
3 Andromalius 20 (Sense Motive +4; See Invisibility); Tasha’s Hideous Laughter; Locate Item; Sneak Attack 2d6+1d6/5 lvls
3 Focalor 20 (Aura of Sadness, -2 penalty on attack rolls, saves, skill checks to adjacent foes; Water Breathing); Breath weapon blinds in 30 ft.; Call Lightning 1/round, 3d6 +1d6/3 levels, reflex save ½ damage.
3 Karsus 25 (Detect Magic 30 ft/r; Save DC for spells is +2); Dispel Magic by touch.
3 Paimon 20 (+4 Tumble and Perform (dance) checks; uncanny dodge); Dance of Death, attack every creature as you move past; proficient with rapier and short sword; Weapon Finesse; +4 to DEX; Whirlwind Attack
4 Agares 22 +1 Attack/Damage, -1 atk/dam to airborne foes, Earthshaking (reflex save or fall prone), Summon Earth Elemental, Fear Immunity, Read/Write/Speak all languages
4 Andras 22 Proficient w/greatsword, longsword, lance, rapier, Can summon a heavy warhorse mount 1hr/lvl, +8 ride checks, Smite good/evil, Sow Discord, Improved Critical w/any weapon
4 Buer 20 +4 Heal, Knowledge (nature), Survival, Immune to poison/disease, Delay poison/disease in others, Fast Healing 1-5 depending on level, Cure 1hp as standard action or 1d8+1/lvl as full round action, Track
4 Eurynome 21 Animal Friends(animals are all initially friendly to you), Damage Reduction(2/lawful), summon warhammer as swift action, poison blood (your blood becomes poison to others), Water Dancing (can move on water as if solid ground)
4 Tenebrous 21 Deeper Darkness, See in Darkness, melee attacks deal extra 1d8/4 lvls (above 7) cold damage, Turn/Rebuke Undead as cleric, Flicker shadow magic mystery
5 Acererak 25 Detect Undead, Hide from undead, Immune to Cold/electricity damage, Paralysing touch, Speak with Dead, Undead Healing
5 Balam 25 reroll attack, save or skill check, gaze attack 2d6 cold dam (Will save negates), +1 bonus/4 levels on initiative, Reflex save and AC, Weapon Finesse
5 Dantalion 25 Aura of Dantalion (anyone who sees you cannot attack for 1 round), Dantalion Knows (+8 on all trained Knowledge checks), Read Thoughts (within 5’/lvl), Thought Travel (instantly move 5’/lvl)
5 Geryon 25 Acidic Gaze (2d6 acid damage), all-around vision (+4 on Search and Spot), See in all forms of darkness, Fly for 60’ for 1 round with perfect manoeuvrability
5 Otiax 25 Air Blast (2d6 dam), Combat Reflexes, Concealing Mist, Open Portal, Unlock
6 Chupoclops 25 Aura of Despair (every creature in 10’ is -2 penalty on attack rolls, checks, saves and damage) a mind-affecting ability, Ethereal Watcher (as a move action you become ethereal as if using Ethereal Jaunt caster level=ebl but return if you take up to a full-round action), Ghost Touch (can strike incorporeal creatures), Poison Bite (natural bite does 1d4 dam if medium-sized), Pounce (can make a full-round attack at the end of a charge), Soul sense (can blindsense strength and type of life-forces in 10’ r)
6 Haures 25 Mind Blank as spell, become Incorporeal, Major Image at will, Phantasmal Killer
6 Ipos 26 gain cold iron claws (1d6 dam per hand), True Seeing for 1 rnd, Binder level +1, protection from environment, Rend (double damage with both claws)
6 Shax 26 Freedom of Movement, Immune to electricity, add 1d6 electric dam and 1d6 sonic damage to melee attacks, gain Swim speed equal to land speed, +8 on Swim checks
6 Zagan 25 Aversion (opponents must stay 20’ away from you or be sickened), Improved Grapple, Scent, Constrict for 1d8+1.5 STR modifier, +2 attack bonus and 2d6 damage bonus against all snake creatures
7 Eligor 30 Chromatic Strike(charge an attack with acid, cold, electricity or fire for 1d6 extra damage), Gain ride-by attack and Spirited Charge feats, +4 to STR, +3 to +5 AC, Heavy Armour Proficiency
7 Marchosias 30 sneak attacks paralyse or kill, extra 3d6 fire damage on sneak attacks, Smoke Form (gaseous form), +16 on Hide and Move Silently checks
8 Halphax 32 +16 profession (siege engineer), +16 knowledge architecture/engineering, Imprisonmentas spell but 1 rnd/lvl, Iron Wall as spell but for 1 minute, Leomund’s Secure Shelter
8 Ashardalon (Dragon Magic) 35 Ashardalon’s Greed (bonus on Appraise and Search checks = lvl, Locate Object), Fear, temporary hit points (2x lvl), dam reduction 10/cold iron, resistance to fire 30
8 Orthos 35 Blindsight 30’r, Whirlwind Breath (dam 1d6/lvl in 60’ cone, reflex saves for ½ dam), Whispering Wind,
*Vestiges with parentheses in their description indicate benefits gained in Minor Bindings (the 1st entry) and  Major Bindings (both entries in the parentheses).

Alchemy: The Secret Crafts of Evolution and Change

Class Skill: Craft [Alchemy].

Bonus Spells: (1st Circle) Bless or Curse Water (in this case the water is just infused with positive or negative energy, not godly power), caster can choose either at will, (2nd Circle) Gaseous Form, (3rd Circle) Baleful Polymorph, (4th Circle) Polymorph Any Object, (5th Circle) Shapechange

Circle Benefits
1 3x/day with the manifestation of the Masque you gain an acidic spittle you can use against foes (ranged touch attack, 10 ft., 1d4 damage (1d6 to objects), Reflex: negates, SR: No). You are immune to your own acid. You also gain Brew Potion as a bonus feat. You can make any alchemical items as well using the Craft [Alchemy] skill. You are toughened by the noxious mixtures you must work around and your skin stains slightly, -1 CHA, but also gain DR 5/acid.
2 2x/day with the manifestation of the Masque you can cough an inky cloud of smoke (even underwater) with a 20 ft. radius which makes all vision (even Darkvision) impossible and lasts for 6 rounds. All within the cloud take -4 penalties to STR and DEX (DC 15 Fortitude save for ½ penalty) and the penalties last 1d4+1 rounds after the cloud dissipates or the victim leaves the area. You also have begun to learn the true secrets of the Alchemist and gain the Use Poison feat which also allows you to create poisons, drugs or antidotes using your Craft [Alchemy] skill.
3 1/day with the manifestation of the Masque you can lick someone’s wounds, your saliva neutralises any poisons and diseases but deals 1 damage from acid (as above). You are also able to Brew Potions with up to a 4th level spell (cost is 1400 dc + 56 XP - using min wizard level, follow the instructions from Brew Potion with respect to other classes/levels), plus any costs associated with the spell (material components, XP, etc.).
4 You begin to experiment with the forces of life itself. 1/week with the manifestation of the Masque you can reattach a person’s limbs as Regenerate by using your spittle to seal it back onto the body (but you still do 1d4 acid damage as well). You also no longer suffer penalties from aging and can no longer be magically aged, but your mind has become affected by the toxic fumes, -2 WIS. Bonuses still accrue and you still die when your time is up. You also gain Craft Construct as a bonus feat.
5 1/month with the manifestation of the Masque you can regurgitate all the noxious poisons you’ve been in contact with at once. This is a ranged touch attack, 10 ft. that immediately nauseates and sickens your foe for up to 8 rounds (DC 35 Reflex save avoids the rest of the process), and then slowly petrifies it (2d4 rounds). You are able to Brew Potions with up to a 5th level spell (cost is 2250 dc + 90 XP - using min wizard level, follow the instructions from Brew Potion with respect to other classes/levels), plus any costs associated with the spell (material components, XP, etc.). Your constant exposure and resistance to chemicals have given you Immunity to Acid and Fast Healing 5.

Dracologists: The Secret Crafts of Power

Class Skill: Knowledge [Arcana] (related to determining information about dragons).

Bonus Spells: (see below)

Circle Benefits
1 Gain +1 natural armour, low-light vision (240 ft.) and +4 to Diplomacy with creatures of the dragon type.
2 Gain claw and bite attacks (Size S - Bite 1d4, Claw 1d3; Size M - Bite 1d6, Claw 1d4; Size L - Bite 1d8, Claw 1d6). Natural armour is now +2. Gain darkvision 120 ft. Frightful Presence, creatures within 120 ft. must succeed on a Will save (DC 11 + CHA modifier) or they become panicked (4HD or less) or shaken (5HD or more). You are now immune to Frightful Presence from dragons.
3 Gain breath weapon of chosen dragon type (see below), useable 1/day. You are always immune to your own breath weapon, but not necessarily someone else’s. Blindsense up to 60 ft. Your natural armour is now +3. Frightful Presence is now DC 15 + CHA
4 Gain one size category(max Size L) extends reach and gives +2 STR and +1 CON but -2 DEX. Grow leathery wings, you can now Fly 30 ft., average manoeuvrability. Frightful Presence is now DC 15 + CHA. Diplomacy is now +6, Natural Armour is now +4
5 Immune to the energy of your breath weapon energy type (see below for stats), sleep and paralysis. Gain DR 10/magic. Gain an additional +4 STR and +2 CON. Your Frightful Presence DC is now 20 + your CHA modifier. Diplomacy is now +8. Your claw and bite attacks are considered magic for DR purposes.

Your hit points, natural armour, claw attacks, all immunities, size category, wings, DR and ability bonuses are constant. You must manifest the Masque for all diplomacy, bite attacks, breath weapon use, low-light/dark vision, Blindsense and Frightful Presence abilities to work.

Dragon Type Breath Weapon Bonus Spells
Black Line* of Acid (DC 17, 6d4 dam) 1) Blinding Spittle/Cloudburst1, 2) Diminish Plants/Call Lightning, 3) Antiplant Shell/Control Winds, 4) Vinemine/Control Weather, 5) Poison Vines/Stormtower
Blue Line of Lightning (DC 18, 6d8 dam)
Brass Line of Fire (DC 17, 3d6 dam) 1) Animate Fire/Snake’s Swiftness, 2) Firewings (but when you gain real wings they, not arms, are converted to deal damage)/Wings of Air, Greater,3) Fireward, 4) Fires of Purity/Cometfall 5) Brilliant Aura
Bronze Line of Lightning (DC 18, 6d8 dam)
Copper Line of Acid (DC 18, 6d4 dam) 1) Wall of Smoke/Nauseate, 2) Thunderous Roar, 3) Murderous Mist, 4)Storm of Elemental Fury/Slime Wave, 5) Mass Drown/Red Tide
Green Cone** of Poison Gas (DC 17, 6d6 dam)
Gold Cone of Fire (DC 20, 6d10 dam) 1) Aid/Doom, 2) Daylight/Deeper Darkness, 3) Fire Shield, 4) Delayed Blast Fireball/Greater Shadow Evocation (Delayed Blast Fireball), 5) Sunburst/Firestorm
Red Cone of Fire (DC 19, 6d10 dam)
Silver Cone of Cold (DC 18, 6d8 dam) 1) Obscuring Mist, 2) Ice Burst, 3) Freezing Fog, 4) Great Thunderclap, 5) Zajimarn’s Avalanche
White Cone of Cold (DC 16, 3d6 dam)

* A line is always 5ft. high, 5 ft. wide and 60 ft. long,

** A cone is always 30 ft. long

1 1st Spell is for 1st dragon type, 2nd spell is for 2nd dragon type.

Cryptomancy: The Secret Crafts of Runes[4]

Class Skill: Speak Language [Truespeak] (Int), cannot be used untrained. Any attempt to use Truespeech automatically incurs a Speak Language [Truespeak] check.

Bonus Spells: (1st Circle) Command, (2nd Circle) Mantra (works like Prayer), (3rd Circle) Command, Greater (4th Circle) Word of Evil/Good/Chaos/Law (i.e. Blasphemy et al.), (5th Circle) Power Word, Kill

Circle Benefits
1 Utterance of the Evolving Mind - Gain two 1st level Utterances of the Evolving Mind.
2 Major Utterance of the Evolving Mind - Gain one 2nd level Utterance of the Evolving Mind.
3 Utterance of the Crafted Tool - Gain one 1stlevel Utterance of the Crafted Tool. Also gain the feat Truename Research (+2 on Knowledge checks to uncover a personal truename), you may begin to research your own truename at ½ cost. You may spend your own feats to gain more Utterances of the Evolving Mind, each time you spend a feat you can gain an utterance 1 level higher (i.e. if you know a 2nd level utterance, you can gain a 3rd level one, if you wish). You receive a 10% penalty to all XP due to the extra time spent studying, this penalty stacks with other XP penalties from multi-classing.
4 Utterance of the Perfected Map - Gain one 1st level Utterance of the Perfected Map. Also gain one Recitation feat if you’ve researched you truename successfully. You may spend your own feats to gain more Utterances of the Crafted Tool, each time you spend a feat you can gain an utterance 1 level higher (i.e. if you know a 1st level utterance, you can gain a 2nd level one, if you wish). Your XP penalty becomes 20% as you immerse yourself in greater studies.
5 Learning to Utter - Gain 3 utterances (Evolving Mind, Crafted Tool or Perfected Map) of your choice. You may spend your own feats to gain more Utterances (any you choose), each time you spend a feat you can gain 1 level higher than the highest level of utterance that you currently know (as above). Gain a second Recitation feat, you may also spend your own feats to gain more Recitation feats.

There are some changes to the way Truenames (see Tome of Magic p. 191) work in my system:

1.  The Truenaming skill is now called a Speak Language [Truespeech] check instead. This has the added advantage of making Speak Language work like a skill should[5]. If you already speak either the Words of Creation or the Dark Speech (offshoots of Truespeak) you gain a +2 synergy bonus to speak Truespeech. If you know Truespeech you gain a +1 synergy bonus to all other languages you know.

2.  A Truename, Recitation or Utterance DC for a creature and his/her attended objects is 10 + (2x target's CR/level) + Utterance Level (+2 per use after the 1st).

3.   An object’s Truespeak DC is 10 + Utterance Level for unattended mundane objects, and 15 + Utterance Level for areas (Perfected Map), and 10 + (2x Caster Level) + Utterance Level for magical unattended objects (or attended objects if this is higher than the target’s DC), and 15 + (2x Caster Level) + Utterance Level for magically enhanced areas (such as Hallowed or Mirage Arcana, etc.). (+2 per use after the 1st for all checks listed)

Type Level Utterance Name Description
Evolving Mind 1 Defensive Edge Grant ally +1 AC or enemy -1 AC
  1 Inertia Surge Grant creature freedom from restricting effects or root an enemy to the ground and prevent it from moving.
  1 Knight’s Puissance Ally gains +2 on attack rolls, or enemy gains -2 on attack rolls
  1 Universal Aptitude Subject gains +5 on skill checks for 5 rounds or enemy gains -5 on skill checks for 5.
  1 Word of Nurturing, Minor Give ally fast healing 1, or deal 1d6 damage each round for 2 rounds.
  2 Archer’s Eye Give ally ability to ignore concealment with ranged attacks, or protect ally from projectiles.
  2 Hidden Truth Grant creature  +10 bonus on Knowledge check or +10 bonus on Bluff check.
  2 Perceive the Unseen Give creature the benefit of the Blind-Fight feat or grant a creature concealment.
  2 Silent Caster Ally gains benefit of the Silent Spell feat, or creature is silenced
  2 Speed of the Zephyr Subject’s speed increases by 20 ft. and he can run up walls, or reduce a foe’s speed by 10 ft.
  2 Strike of Might Target’s next weapon damage roll deals +10 damage, or target’s next weapon damage roll deals -5 damage (min 0).
  2 Temporal Twist Ally gains one free attack, or enemy is dazed for 1 round.
  2 Word of Nurturing, Lesser Give ally fast healing 3, or deal 2d6 damage each round for 2 rounds.
  3 Accelerated Attack Give an ally Spring Attack feat, or allow ally to move while casting a spell.
  3 Energy Negation Grant an ally resistance 10 to one energy type, or deal energy damage to a foe.
  3 Incarnation of Angels Creature gains the celestial template, or creature gains the fiendish template.
  3 Seek the Sky Give creature the ability to fly, or force a flying creature gradually to the ground.
  3 Speed of the Zephyr, Greater Give ally the benefit of haste spell, or enemy suffers from the effects of a slow spell.
  3 Temporal Spiral Target gains one extra move action, or enemy is dazed for 3 rounds.
  3 Vision Sharpened Subject gains benefit of See Invisibility, or subject becomes Invisible
  3 Word of Nurturing, Moderate Give ally fast healing 5, or deal 4d6 damage for 2 rounds
  4 Breath of Cleansing Allow ally second save against ongoing effect, or nauseate enemy
  4 Caster Lens Increase ally’s caster level by 2, or reduce enemy’s caster level by 2
  4 Confounding Resistance Grant ally ability to avoid partially harmful effects, or remove evasion from an enemy
  4 Magic Contraction Ally gains spell resistance, or grant a creature benefit of Empower Spell feat.
  4 Morale Boost Remove fear from a creature, or frighten an enemy.
  4 Spell Rebirth Restore a dispelled or dismissed spell, or dispel one spell.
  4 Word of Bolstering Cure 1d6 points of ability damage or drain to one ability score, or cause -1d6 penalty to one enemy’s STR, DEX, or CON
  4 Word of Nurturing, Potent Give ally fast healing 10, or deal 6d6 damage for 2 rounds
  5 Eldritch Attraction Move a creature 40 feet closer to you, or 40 feet further away from you
  5 Energy Negation, Greater Ally gains immunity to one energy type, or give ally an energy shield that damages attackers.
  5 Essence of Lifespark Remove one negative level from creature, or one enemy gains one negative level.
  5 Preternatural Clarity Give an ally a +5 floating bonus for attacks, saves, or checks, or make an enemy confused
  5 Seek the Sky, Greater Give creature  fly speed of 120 feet (perfect), or cause a flying creature to fall and take damage
  5 Sensory Focus Creature gains blindsight, or creature is blinded and deafened
  5 Ward of Peace Ally cannot be attacked, or temporarily banish target to an extra-dimensional pocket
  5 Word of Nurturing, Critical Give ally fast healing 15, or deal 8d6 damage each round for 2 rounds.
  6 Breath of Recovery Remove conditions from an ally or paralyse an enemy
  6 Ether Reforged Creature gains the benefit of defences against incorporeal foes and can affect them normally, or creature can become ethereal
  6 Knight’s Puissance, Greater Ally gains +5 on attack and damage rolls, or enemy gains -5 on attack and damage rolls.
  6 Mystic Rampart Ally gains DR 5/- and +5 on saves, or enemy incurs -5 AC and saves.
  6 Singular Mind Free subject from enchantments, curses and possession, or dominate one creature
  6 Word of Nurturing, Greater Give ally fast healing 20, or deal 10d6 damage each round for 2 rounds.
Crafted Tool 1 Fortify Armour Make a creature’s armour able to negate critical hits and sneak attacks
  1 Keen Weapon Improve the threat range of a weapon
  2 Agitate Metal Cause a creature’s metal equipment to radiate painful heat or cold
  2 Analyse Item Discern the properties of a magic item
  3 Rebuild Item Restore an item destroyed within the last round to perfect form and function (including any magic properties).
  3 Suppress Weapon Suppress the energy property of a weapon.
  4 Suppress Item Suppress the Magic Properties of a magic item.
  4 Transmute Weapon Change a weapons’ special material.
  5 Metamagic Catalyst Give a magic item, potion or scroll the benefit of a metamagic feat
  5 Seize Item Bring an object within range instantly to your hand.
Perfected Map 1 Fog From the Void Create a cloud of fog that obscures sight
  1 Shield the Landscape Alter the land to temporarily negate or provide cover
  1 Shockwave A violent pulse of energy knocks creatures off their feet.
  2 Energy Vortex Fill the area with energy that damages your foes.
  2 Speak Rock to Mud Turn solid rock to cloying mud
  2 Transform the Landscape Add or remove difficult terrain in the area.
  3 Lore of the World The world gives you information you request.
  3 Master of the 4 Winds Bend the winds to your will.
  3 Thwart the Traveller Prevent extra-dimensional travel in the area.
  4 Anger the Sleeping Earth Shake the earth as an Earthquake spell
  4 Conjuctive Gate Create a portal between two places (even planes)
  4 Deny Passage Prevent creatures from entering or leaving an area.

[1] Spells only summon monsters of your elemental type (i.e. with that elemental descriptor).

[2] This check has been changed from the regular Knowledge [Arcana] check to suit my campaign.

[3] I’ve decided that Banishment will work on Vestiges, mostly so there’s a way to perform ‘exorcisms’, but the full sign must be drawn or made physical (such as a metal charm) as a material component for the banishment to work.

4 Vestiges bound to another last longer than a usual binding and the Vestige has greater control (possession).

[4] You must manifest the Masque to use any utterance. Utterances do not follow the normal circle rules of use, 3/day, etc. They just get harder to use after each time you use one +5 to DC after each use for 24 hours after the last use.

[5]1 rank in Speak Language is sufficient to speak that particular language like a tourist (badly, not catching every word/meaning)

2 ranks and you can speak like a serf (poor grammar/diction but understandable and fully understanding) DC 12

3 ranks is speaking like a commoner/tradesman (normal) DC 13

4 ranks is speaking like a noble (well, witty dialogue and repartee) DC 14

6 ranks allows you to speak like a linguist (excellent, knows unusual or technical words, special meanings) DC 16

You can determine from dialogue the approximate origin of the speaker from the accent used (Speak Language, DC 15-20), or speak a very odd or very ancient dialect (Speak Language, DC 20-35 per DM, each language taken separately). Each language known is given it’s own slot (like the Craft or Profession skills), and you are assumed to always ‘take 10’ when speaking.

All beginning languages (from character creation) begin with 2 free ranks (understanding/understandable, but poor grammar and diction), except the character’s mother tongue, which gets 3 free ranks. Noble characters must spend 1 skill point!