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The Plane of Svartalfheim / High Annwn (Mystara's Feydark)

by Håvard

So in this thread we talked about the Outer Planar Dark Elves or Svartalfar operating on Mystara, not to be confused by the Shadowelves.

Now, that thread deals with the elves themselves and there are several interpretations for how you want to deal with them. But what about their home plane. Svartalfheim is one of the Nine Realms of the Norse Immortals. In some fan versions it is also the home plane of the Immortal Loki/Lokar.

But what is the plane really like? I was wondering if this could fill the role that the "Feydark" plays in the last couple of editions of D&D. Basically a kind of underdark for the Feywood, but a separate plane. I also like the idea of connecting it to Annwn, but since Annwn is said to be a location on Mystara, I was thinking this "High Annwn" could be a similar case of there being two locations called Alfheim.

Geographical Features of Svartalfheim
My idea is that this is mainly a subterrean realm. Magic is strong here and has many features similar to that of the Feywood.

The Dominant Race of Svartalfheim is of course the Dark Elves or Svartalfar. IMC these are mainly a type of Sidhe (PC1).

The ruling class of the Svartalfar are even more powerful creatures of Exalted level.

In 4E and 5E, the Feydark is dominated by Fomorians. Some Mystara fans have also introduced Fomorians (either later or earlier edition versions) into their campaigns. I rather like Ripvanwormer's idea that the Athach is Mystara's equivalent of the Fomorians. I also like grouping the Fachan (Savage Coast MMC) and Ubue (B3/OC) into this group. Other Giants can also probably be found here.

Use this list of Denizens of the Feywood to find more creatures that are common on this plane.

Kingdoms and Nations
I'm thinking these would be equivalent to the courts of the Feywood.

This realm is ruled by the powerful Queen of Hags (Baba Yaga). Vampires, Hags, Harpies and other dark creatures serve here.

The ruler of this "realm" is Gwynn Ap Nudd (aka Herne the Hunter). See references to Wild Hunt (B2) and a similar figure in X2.

This is the realm of the Dark Elves.

Loki has constructed a fortress in one of the deepest caverns of this realm. Some say it was originally a prison created for him, but he has since made it his home.

Gates to Elsewhere
Gates from the Prime Plane are said to be carefully hidden by the Svartalfar (Gaz7). Some of these gates connect Svartalfheim to the Northern Reaches and others to the underground realm of Annwn. Gates from Svartalfheim lead to Svergheim, the Outer Plane of Alfheim and the Feywood. Access to the other Norse Planes can be gained through the Roots of the Yggdrasil or via the Bifrost Rainbow Bridge.