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SweetDeath a.k.a. Mellita Mors

by Marco Fossati

"Ahhh....SweetDeath, or Mellita Mors, as it's referred by some Caurenzans...A nice tool indeed. It would be very useful in a lot of situations but unfortunately meeting it always means certain death"

Archduke John Beumarys-Moorkroft during an interview with Paparazzi Glantri


It's a dagger a bit longer and larger than normal. The blade is of black steel while the hilt is also black and featureless. The blade never retains bloodstains after hitting the target, surely some kind of magic always keeps it clean.


Its first appearance was recorded in 990. A witness saw it in the hands of an unknown man while killing a wizard, teacher of the Glantri School of Magic. Nobody knows who made it, but some nobles and sages blame Antonio di Tarento, who in turn says nothing but smiles ironically.

At least 20 or 30 murders can be related to this infamous blade, most of them probably performed by the Unseen Hand.

Prince Jherek supposes the Unseen Hand owns it and it's been given to various group members in order to perform some "contracts" during the years.

Some gossips Noussoir du Marais used it, while defending Princess Dolores Hillsbury during an attempt to her life in Thaumont 1017, are still to be confirmed since the Princess didn't permit any examination of her lover's weapon by the constabulary


It's a dagger +1/+4 while used by assassins (both to hit rolls and damage rolls).

Due its dimensions (see above) its much more effective as damage than a normal dagger (use 1d4+2 instead of 1d4).

The owner always wins initiative against his opponent

While used backstabbing a target the user is considered as 4 levels higher.

Prince Jherek discovered that if the owner whispers the word "Disappear" he becomes invisible until he strikes his target or he says "Appear"

It's claimed SweetDeath can magically create any kind of venom on the point of its blade but since its deaths weren't poison-related most of Glantrians think it's only an hoax

Campaign Use

IMC it's a typical weapon used by assassins. The party of PC's made an investigations about some mysterious murders related to Mellita Mors. Needless to say they got entangled in the dangerous web of Glantrian politics.