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Sworn Enemy [General]

by Joaquin Menchaca

You have pledged to destroy a specific breed of monster, such as aberrations, shapechangers, or the undead. When you meet such creatures on the field of battle, your attacks are stoked by your hunter's fury.

Prerequisites: Skill Focus (Knowledge [monster lore]). This Knowledge skill must match your enemy creature type. You must have once been reduced to 0 hit points or below by a creature of your enemy type, or have been specifically been trained by the Order of the Shadow.

Benefit: Select a creature type as your enemy: aberrations, animals, beasts, constructs, dragons, elementals, fey, giants, humanoids, magical beasts, oozes, outsiders, plans, shapechangers, undead, or vermin. You must select a subtype if your enemy is the humanoid type, but need not if it is the outsider type. You receive a +1 moral bonus to your attack rolls against that creature type, but only when you know you are facing such a creature. For example, if your enemy is shapechangers, you do not receive the bonus when attacking a lycanthrope in humanoid form that you do not know to be a lycanthrope.

Special: You cannot choose your own creature type unless you are evil. This feat cannot be taken more than once.