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Sword of Karameikos

by Marco Fossati


It's a long sword (5' long) made by the finest steel. The hilt is made by steel and gold mined by the gnomes of Highforge and it bears the symbol of Karameikos Family. The scabbard is made of gold and has 3 huge red rubies. King Stefan usually bears it during official ceremonies and while attending at the King's Court


The sword has not an old tale behind itself. It was crafted only in 1010 AC by Master Terari as a gift for the 40 years of rule and 5th of kingdom of Stefan Karameikos.
Some say Stefan has expressly asked to Terari in order to obtain a marvellous weapon for Adriana, his heir.
Of course Terari jealously keeps secret its making.


Even its powers are yet to be discovered but members of the King's Court in Mirros have reportedly noticed the King seems to have developed a sixth sense in order to find liars or evil men so many claims the sword has the spell abilities of Detect Lie and Know Alignment at will.
King Stefan has also stated he used it against an extraplanar monster, mysteriously summoned in his bedchamber, easily slewed by a single swipe of the sword. So many speculate it has some magical bonus against evil/enchanted/extraplanar monster
Folk's tales state it can only be wielded by the right King/Queen of Karameikos

Campaign Use

Of course is not a weapon easily available for a PC but IMC the party has to find the burglar who had stolen it only to discover that who had ordered the theft was a member of the royal family itself...