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[Gaz7] Swergheim - Homeplane of the Norse Dwarves of Mystara

by Håvard

Robin posted some ideas about this in the thread about the Plane of Svartalfheim, but I think this plane deserves a thread of its own.

According to Gaz7 The Northern Reaches, this plane is called Swergheim and is one of the Nine Worlds of the the Northmen. According to Gaz7 it is the ancestral home of the dwarves. Gates from the Prime Plane are known only to a handful of loremasters.

Planar Statistics

While the plane is said to be the ancestral home of the dwarves, many believe that dwarves in fact originated on Mystara. Some speculate that they evolved from an early branch of humanity long before the Age of Blackmoor. Most likely the first dwarves of Swergheim were invited to this plane by Odin aeons ago. These dwarves developed their own culture under the guidance of Odin. During the centuries following the Great Rain of Fire and the creation of the new dwarven race, more dwarves of the Denwarf variety and the Moulder Dwarves were also invited or found their way to the plane of Swergheim.


Known Gates on the Plane of Swergheim