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Locations of Swergheim

by Andrelvis

If you are accepting suggestions, I have some for locations:

1. Svarinshaug ("Svarin's hill"). The name of a rocky hill where the earliest dwarves lived in the Eddas. It is not explicitly said to be in the dwarven homeworld, but considering this deals with the earliest dwarves, I think it's a fair assumption.

2. Joruvellir ("sandy plain"). Presumably a desert, considering the meaning of the name. In the Eddas, a group of dwarves migrated from Svarinshaug, through Aurvang(ar), to Joruvellir. If Svarinshaug is placed in the dwarven homeworld, it makes sense to place Joruvellir there then as well. Desert dwarves could live there.

3. Aurvang/Aurvangar ("gravelly wetlands"). Given the name, presumably a swamp. As mentioned above, it was part of the dwarven migration path from Svarinshaug to Joruvellir.