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Spillworld Planetary Database

by Sean Meaney

A Description: This is a cloud of Air with hundreds of Planet sized Rocks adrift in it. However this is also a group object conforming to fluid Dynamics so these are all orbiting a common centre. In some cases Planets will have merged to form Superclusters (A tightly Packed group of Planets forming a large world.

STELLAR: [None][Mono-Solar][Poly-Solar]

There is No Sun that is not already here when the Planetoids spilled into the cloud or has been created by powerful wizards or immortals or even Advanced OARD Tech. If there is a Sun it transfers Heat to every world through that Air. The closer you are to any Sun, the hotter the Air to the Point where the air burns and the planets close enough to a Sun could even be a Molten Mass with an atmosphere of burning Air like Crematoria from the chronicles of Riddick Movie.

None: If there is not a Sun then the Worlds are cold and Dark and simply Rocks with Air.

Monosolar: A Single Sun Warms these worlds though those closer to the Centre are Hottest and those furthest are coldest and darkest.

Polysolar: If the cloud is infact a Nebula or Super cloud then there could be multiple Solar Systems encompassed by the Air Envelope.

PLANET SIZES: [Asteroid][Small Moon][Earth-like][Supercluster-A][Supercluster-B]

Asteroids: A Small rock Hundreds if not a thousand Miles in circumference (C:1d1000) with no particular Atmosphere other than the Atmosphere of the Cloud because much of the Air envelopes the Larger Planets.

Small Moon: Thin Atmosphere but not as thin as "the Cloud" of air in which all exists. Gravity is likely low and the Moon will probably be orbiting a larger body (even if that body is the common gravitational centre of the cloud).

Earth-Like: Purely in size and Atmospheric Density. There is No Water that is Naturally Occurring, It is most likely a ball of rock with Air wrapped around it (C: 20,000 miles).

Supercluster-A: Four Earth-like Planets clustered together to form a single high gravity World. This is a 4G world with a Thick Atmosphere. More than likely it is home to Entities of the Plane of Earth that can withstand the Gravity of such a World. Probably has a lot of Moons.

Supercluster-B: This world core is made up of so many "Planets" its is impossible to comprehend it as anything but a Gas Giant with a Liquid Atmosphere. Air Elementals swim in that "fluid" Ocean. Such a world will have lots of Orbiting Planets like a mini solar system. It may be upward of 20G's Making it truly inhospitable to those who venture there.