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Savage Tide: Sea Wyvern's Wake on Mystara

by Duncan Young

As I've seen some other post here about running the Savage Tide Adenture Path on Mystara, I thought I'd share my plans for how I'm running this portion of the adventure, which sees the party leave Sasserine on Davania to end up shipwrecked on the Isle of Dread. What I've tried to do is fit the map of the voyage from the article in Dungeon onto the map of the Sea of Dread region from PWA 1011. Might only make sense to those who know the adventure, but hope its of some use.

The planned voyage (36 miles per hex):

This trip is planned under the assumption that Laviania needs help financing the expedition (given the state of her families finances as the party have been helping with in the previous adventures) and so is taking commissions to travel via Tamoachan, Raven Scarp and Ochalea. Also, the prevailing currents in the Sea of Dread make it safer to approach from the east to reach the colony of Farshore on the southern island. Or so they think.

The actual voyage (36 miles per hex):

This includes the events along the way. Most are by the book.
1. Hungry Flotsam happens just after Blood Bay to give a feel for the danegrs of fighting at sea.
2. As the party moor up to explore Tamoachan the following day, Lavinia invites them over for dinner - and the stowaway strikes against them. They visit the runins the next day.
3. Whilst taking on fresh water, due to an accident on board, a river hydra strikes
4. Raven Scarp replaces Fort Blackwell in the adventure as written
5. A few nights out from Raven's Scarp, Father Feres is taken down with a strange illness
6. I'm playing the Crimson Fleet as the Sea Reavers (PWA1011), Savage Coast sponsored pirates operating out of Ne'er-do-well who are seeding cinnabryl ore seed in clay deposits around the Sea of Dread under the sponsorship of the Master of Hule (party have had some run ins with this already). They plague the waters between Davania and Ochalea.
7. Party stops off at Renkrue, a small port in Ochalea for supplies/repairs
8. The party contend with the currents and storms of the Sea of Dread. The first storm blows them off course and north past the island of Ruja
9. The ship is beached on the sargasso at Journey's End. (note - I might revise map to move this into the whirlpool of currents north of Ochalea as shown on the PWA1011 map)
10. The second storm causes the ship to be wrecked on the eastern shore of the Isle of Dread.

HiDef version that expands out to Ochalea

Are you using any particular justification for the more roundabout route? Lavinia's reasons in my case are to avoid tipping off the Thyatians to Farshore, who would try to capture it if and when they become aware of it.

I'm using two reasons - but i might tbrow yours into the pot too
1. Lavinia couldnt finance this in her on and so is taking payment from passengers to stop off in Tamoachan, Raven Scarp for their own interests. Plus with the ships so full of people theres less room for supplies so this helps them restock en route
2. The map from PWA1011 shows all he currents in the Sea of Dread flow strongly from east to west. this route lets them skirt the coast to the east, then take advantage of the current to sail west to the Isle of Dread