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Sylvan Realm c. 1900 BC

by Robert J. Nuttman, Jr.

After a few days' work, I've roughed out the map of the Sylvan Realm, circa 1900 BC.

BC1900 gives the wandering elves a few hundred years to settle in, build some rather larger clan holdings, which are listed by clan name rather than giving a name to a city.

The missus' PC is a third daughter of the king's brother's second wife. Great. I need an elven king. For simplicity, I'm having the Mealidil clan assuming rulership, their clan holdings at White Tower which is the nominal "capital."

Though the elves have settled in the forests of the Realm, they are far from its masters: A young adult green dragon lairs near the Geyser Pools, and demands tribute from the elves in exchange for leaving them in peace. Usually, it is satisfied with magical items crafted by the Long Runner or Mealidil. Other times, it wants portions of crops or precious metals and gems. Recently, a red has taken roost in the Hyborean Reaches of the Realms' eastern borders, and the two dragons' violent disagreements are growing in frequency and ferocity....

At least one hag lives in the bogs to the north, but she has grown more and more curious about intruders to "her" realm in more recent years. She fosters several tribes of goblins, sending them out to do her bidding.

Orcs and Men lurk in the mountains surrounding the Realm, though the elves have pretty much taught them to keep to their high passes and lands further south. Still, rumors and sightings of more than simple raiding parties persist in the various elven courts....

Ilsundal has retreated to the far north, shutting himself away from the politics and general bustle of daily elven life, devoting himself to meditation and studies. He has seen the sickness creeping into the elves, particularly the Long Runner and Mealidil clans, and is researching a means to halt it, or at the very least slow the pace of its destructive influence.

Not marked on (this) version of the map are the ruins from the pre-Great Rain of Fire research substation, including two weather stations, a lighthouse on Narwhal Isle, and several supply depots along the coast. The Hyborean Ranges are also home to several mysterious tombs, belonging to the culture that predated the Blackmoor colony, which crafted the great crystalline dome under which the elves hold their clan councils.

I've tried to place the elven clan settlements close to where they might make sense given the clans' "personalities," but I welcome feedback and suggestions of changes or additions.

After some more revision, and a session of play, the map is looking a bit like this:

"Grandpa" Ilsundal is nose-deep in research, trying to solve the riddle of a sickness that has been overtaking the elves. It would appear his theory of it being caused by the taint of the human empire's technology is wrong, as separating from the Technologist factions has not curbed the illness in the least. He needs more information, and his studies have turned up intriguing references to sources long buried by the previous inhabitants of these lands.

And thus, he sends forth his new apprentice and her traveling companions to seek out records thought to lie within the ruins beneath Spire Rock....