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Szekesh (Land of)

Location: Continent of Brun, western side of the Endworld Line, south of Hyborea. WB

Area: 10,430 sq. mi. (27,014 sq. km.).

Population: 8,100 (95% Djikarti gnomes).

Languages: Djikarti.

Coinage: Drake (pp), ink (gp), sue (sp), jul (cp).

Government Type: Anarchy.

Taxes: No system of taxation exists in Szekesh.

Industries: Agriculture (mostly potatoes), farming (reindeer, goats, sheep).

Important Figures: Wyrht (General of the Blessed of Szek).

Flora and Fauna: Many plants and animals naturally resident of a northern, mountainous realm may be found here. In the scattered secluded valleys and meadows of the region can be found isolated juniper shrubs, evergreens, and hardy grasses. Much of the country is too rugged to support much in the way of plant life, and one may easily find various species of moss and lichen clinging to the mountainsides. In terms of animal life, herds of mountain goats may be found in the southern valleys, and reindeer are known to pass through the region during their migrations. The more dangerous creatures include frost giants, ice wolves, and scattered yeti tribes. Rumour has it that a particularly large, and reclusive, white dragon has her lair in one of the tallest mountains of the region, though no one has found its location.

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Last Year's Events: None to report.