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The Shaper

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Tolerance and Equality, Master of Charity, Defender of the Weak
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 7th (Temporal), NG, Energy
Symbol: a black quarterstaff with an open white hand at the upper extremity
Portfolio: peace, charity, equality, justice, tolerance, combat disorder and prejudice, protect the weak
Worshipped in: Alphatia, Davania (Brasol, Izonda, Pelatan, Ice Peaks, Vulcania), Yannivey
Appearance: a young human of twenty years, with a stately and muscular physique (1.80m by 80kg), long blond hair and noble and kind expression.
History: Durblaga was born in a tribe of orcs in the southern continent of Davania. Beaten since he was little by his fellows because of his submissive disposition and of his superior intelligence, he grew with a crooked back and numerous physical flaws, and neglected by the tribe he became grumpy and incredibly vindictive. When his tribe was subject by a powerful Varellyan mage who was expanding his domains, Durblaga chose the occasion and on offering his own services, he was welcomed as apprentice by the wizard until he became, in the course of the years, his right arm, thanks to his remarkable intelligence. However, with the passing of time Durblaga was always very disconcerted by the wickedness and by the atrocities committed by his lord in the name of the quest for power and wealth, began to doubt his undertaken path. After observing the ways of the wizard, Durblaga also gained the first information on the paths of Immortality proper when the mage began his climb in the Sphere of Entropy. Afterwards, a paladin devoted to the cause of good arrived in the land of the evil wizard and challenged his power, succeeded to defeat him and free his slaves. Durblaga was saved by the piety of the paladin, the valiant Paarkum (later becoming Immortal proper following this deed), and from that day he swore a solemn oath of forswearing the cause of evil and of fighting for protecting the defenceless. Durblaga took with himself the books of magic and the tomes of ancient knowledge of the old master and he moved into the mountainous and uninhabited Vulcania, started to travel the path of the Paragon in a remote site where he wouldn’t have to meet other power thirsty magicians. After having created an artefact known as the Hand of Kindness (a staff capable of helping the oppressed and the suffering), he trained his disciples in the way of good, and after having changed a large part of the land his abode making it fertile and habitable, an oasis in which humans, demihumans and humanoids lived together in peace, was welcomed by Ixion into the Sphere of Energy in 240 AC, leaving as a legacy the Hand of Kindness to his followers, that now he brought in turn to Davania preaching to humans and non-humans the way of justice, equality and charity in the name of the Shaper. His faith moreover has also extended into Alphatia from when he manifested and has gained followers in the kingdom of Limn, homeland of humanoids and intelligent monsters that live peacefully in Alphatia as full citizens in the law.
Personality: The Shaper is extremely touchy regarding his origins, due to the current prejudices that many have about the humanoids, due to this he often deliberately keeps his own past hidden. The Shaper is a kindly being and sensible to the requests of help of the suffering, and his ultimate aim is promoting the ideals of equality, respect of the diversity in peaceful cohabitation, of charity and peace, and of protecting the weak and the defenceless. From when he rose to Immortality and had found out that Paarkum had also become an Immortal he frequently acts together with him, and can claim among his allies also Alphatia and Koryis.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Ixion]
Allies: Koryis, Alphatia, Paarkum
Enemies: any Entropic
Alignment of followers: any; clerics must be Neutral or Lawful
Favourite weapon: quarterstaff (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +1 bonus to Wisdom, +2 bonus to persuasion skill (not free)
Paladins’ skills and powers: lay on hands
Domains: Energy, Good, Protection, Persuasion
Preferred weapon: quarterstaff
Source: IM3