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by Marco Dalmonte

Patroness of Egotism, Queen of Treachery and Vice, Protector of Murderers

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 25th (Eternal), NE, Entropy
Symbol: A crying child
Portfolio: Self-gratification (at the expense of others), egotism, envy, avidity, strife, immorality, treachery, theft and murder
Worshipped in: Alphatia, Norwold, Isle of Dawn, Ochalea, Bellissaria, Esterhold, Savage Coast (Dark Jungle)
Appearance: a beautiful brunette with Alphatian traits, with a curvaceous body and coppery skin often exposed under very skimpy clothes, which enhance her charm and sensuality despite the fearsome battle axe she carries hidden on her back.
History: In her mortal life, Talitha was a famous Alphatian thief before the migration to Mystara. Even though a second class citizen (not possessing any magical ability), she managed to always lead a wealthy and opulent life thanks to the proceeds of her illicit activities. In particular her delight was to spy on Alphatian wizards in their matters, and then to steal those objects that would turn out to be vital for their plots at the least opportune moment, causing these mages' ruin or death.
Thanatos recognised her potential, and slowly guided her on the path of Entropy. Talitha became immortal around XV century BC, after having traced other candidates for immortality in the other spheres, and ruined their efforts by stealing the artefacts that they had obtained.
Later on, she helped to trigger the diatribe that resulted in the madness of Alphas and the destruction of her world, but her cult survived among the exiled Alphatians and she ended with being involved in Mystara's history after the arrival of the surviving Alphatians. From the date of the Alphatian landfall, the cult of Talitha extended in all the lands of the Empire and beyond, becoming the patroness of greed, malice, treachery, and theft.
Personality: Talitha lives only for herself, and enjoys humiliating others and in causing distress and pain. For her it is not important to simply steal something from others, but the theft must always cause the ruin or the suffering of the victim to be meaningful. Talitha is an hedonist without hope, she loves to be worshipped for her enterprises and is extremely vindictive. In the course of the centuries she has woven intrigues and conspiracies against both immortals and mortals, and even now she is one of the most active Entropics in the Multiverse, a fact testified also by her fast rise in her sphere's hierarchies. She loves to play the ally of some Entropic only to turn the tables against him at the end, benefiting from his rival's fall. She is currently doing it with the boisterous Alphaks, hoping to steal away all his worshippers in the Alphatian Empire, whose patron deities she hates with passion.
Patron: Thanatos
Allies: Cooperates with Masauwu and Orcus
Enemies: Alphatia, Razud, Koryis
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' Alignment: Any non Lawful; clerics must be Chaotic
Favoured weapons: Dagger (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics' skills and powers: Either pickpockets or pick locks (like thief of equal level), free general skills Persuasion, Seduce and Lie.
Avengers' skills and powers: Immunity to spells like quest and geas, +1 bonus to Saves against all Mind affecting Spells.
Domains: Entropy, Evil, Deceit, Thieves
Preferred weapon: Battleaxe
Sources: DotE, WotI, OHP