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The Talking Whisker

by Lost Woodrake

My favourite tavern is from long long ago. Its name was "The Talking Whisker". It was located in Thyatis City, and managed by Qenju and Jaalaeia - two Rakasta ex-slaves. They were held captive by some Thyatian Senator, but eventually managed to buy their freedom.

Since they were the only Rakastas in Thyatis, they were somewhat of a celebrity. Their tavern was ultra-trendy, serving exotic Rakasta food (IMC at the time, Rakasta culture had a strong Persian flavour - and so was their food). You needed to book places there in advance etc. etc. The whole upper class of Thyatis went there.

I ran that campaign years ago, when I still did not have DotE - and my only source about Rakasta was the Creature Catalogue, so I guess some info here needs to be modified...