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Talon Priest: The Kit

by Kjell Stephansen

Introduction: In The RED STEEL boxed set, it stands that rakasta can only reach level 2 as a priest. I ignored this totally, and invented a order of fighting monks in Bellayne.

They are devoted to Belbion(Vanya), and are high-ranking in the government of Bellayne.

Classes: Priest

Races: Rakasta only. (Elves can be under special conditions, although, he MUST have 19 Dex).

Requirements: 12 Str, 13 Dex, 9 Wis.

Alignment: Any Good and Lawful Neutral.

Prime Requisite: Wisdom, Dexterity.

Special Benefits: The Talon Priest has Warrior THAC0, Constitution Bonus and Strength Bonus. The Talon Priest gain 4 weapon and 4 non-weapon proficiencies at start.

The Talon priest has a hierarchy of other priest to support himself.

Special Disadvantages: The Talon priest has no power over undead. The Priest lives in celibacy and may never become intoxicated on purpose.

Weapons: The Talon priest may never fight with any other weapons than his beloved Long Claws or martial arts. At start he must devote three slots to the specialisation in claws and 1 for his martial arts. Future weapon proficiencies may only be used to gain further knowledge in martial arts.

Armour: The Priest use a ceremonial form of studded leather. (AC 7) The priest will never wear any other armour than this. (They often enchant it, though!)

Spheres: Combat, Healing, War, All, Guardian, Protection.


Type: Hard.

Unarmed Damage: Kick 1d4 real, 1d8 subdual, Punch 1 real 1d4 subdual.

Primary Method: Weapon.

AC Bonus: -1

Block: 1,2

Kick: 1,2,3

Movement: 1,2,4,5.

Throw: 1,2,3.

Weapon: 1

Talon: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Talon Style

1. Backhand Bash

The Backhand Bash is a solid blow with the steel plates on the claws. The damage is only 1d4+1, but if you roll under the damage x10, any man-sized opponent is stunned for 1d6 rounds.

2. Double Dive

The Double dive is a straight piercing attack. The priest dives forward, rolling only once, but scoring double damage. The Dive requires a little space, and the priest gains the advantages and disadvantages of charging.

3. Talon Spin

The Talon spin comes as the priest enters the frenzy of battle. His attacks are double, but he suffer a -2 to his attack rolls and +1 to his AC. After a spin the priest requires rest.

4: Bloodrake

The Bloodrake is aimed at the blood vessels of the enemy. The attack is at -2, but if it hits, the enemy suffers 1d4 damage from blood loss each round thereafter until the bleeding is stopped.

5: Claw Hurl

In normal combat, if a Priest scores a 18,19 or 20, he may choose to use a Hurl. He impales his opponents belly and throw him away. The enemy is thrown 2d6 yards, and loses an equal number of damage too.

6: Death Wheel

Also called the "spinner", this attack is performed as the priest gathers inner energy to free himself from the power of gravity. He levitates in the air, starts to spin, and shoots towards his enemy, claws raking at an immense speed. The effect is: Use a Intuition/Wisdom check, Range of flight: 10yds/lvl, Speed 10 to gather energy, roll 2d6 attack rolls at +1 damage. The only way to stop a Death wheel is by whacking the priest away in the exact moment, (-4 to attack roll), with a Size L or larger bludgeoning weapon, and roll 10 or more on the Knockdown Die. Any other attacks on the priest while in the death wheel causes only 1/3 of the normal damage because of the telekinetic force generated around the priest. After performing a Death Wheel, the priest can't cast spells and suffers a -3 to attack and damage for 10+1d10 rounds.

7: Wrath of the Tiger:

The Priest gather the energy of his ancestors to turn into a frenzied fighting-machine. He gains +2 to attack and damage rolls and his attacks are tripled. When in this frenzied state, he act like he has +6d8 hit points, which nullifies the first strikes of the enemy. He can fight till he has -15 hp, but then he collapses. This frenzied state lasts until there are no enemies left in sight. This power can only be invoked once per day, and after using it, the priest must rest for 3d6 full turns or suffer -4 to attacks and +3 to AC.

The Talon Priest's Code of Honour:

* Fear is acceptable - Cowardice is not

* Respect your enemy

* Do not attack the defenceless, the Weak or the innocent.

* Do not threaten the defenceless, the weak or the innocent to exert control over an enemy. (Do not take hostages)

* Do not involve yourself in the dishonourable actions of others.

* Any other, weak human weapon is not acceptable. You should rather use yourself as a weapon than those primitive things.

* Mind Control is not acceptable and is not to be used.

* Obey those priests who have higher rank than you, respect those of lesser rank.

* Seek glory for our Mistress, not for ourselves.

* If you can't protect the defenceless, the innocent or the weak, let our mistress protect them after their deaths. (Bury those you find killed by your enemies, and give them a proper ceremony.

* Avenge those you failed to protect.

* Honour those you care for by remembering them, even after their deaths.

* Be tolerant of the beliefs of others.

* Spread the wisdom of Belbion by example, not by force.

* Do not become intoxicated by the vile poisons other ingest so foolishly (Do not drink alcohol ore use any type of drug).

* Keep all promises.

* Fulfil all duties.

* Repay all debts.

This code of honour looks much like the Honourbounds' code.