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Tameronikas (Emirate of)

Location: Southeastern Brun, west of the Western Sea of Dawn, east of the southern Altan Tepes Mountains, north of Thyatis. OW

Area: 1,050 sq. miles (2,680 sq. km).

Population: 31,000, including Tameronikas (pop. 5,200).

Languages: Alasiyan (Nicostenian dialect). Thyatian also spoken among traders and townsfolk.

Coinage: Ylari Standard: dinar (gp), dirham (sp), fal (cp). Thyatian Standard also common: emperor (5 gp), lucin (gp), justiciar (ep), asterius (sp), denarius (cp).

Taxes: 10% sales tax. Also a monthly head tax according to social rank (peasants: 1 cp, townsfolk and nomads: 1 sp, merchants: 1 gp, nobles: 10 gp). Infidels (those who refuse to follow the edicts of the Eternal Truth) pay double the monthly head tax. Foreigners pay the same rate as infidels.

Government Type: Theocratic emirate, generally considered a client-state of Thyatis.

Industries: Animal husbandry, agriculture, horse breeding, trade, shipbuilding, theological study.

Important Figures: Omar al-Kalim (Emir).

Flora and Fauna: Grasses, cedar trees, coffee, tea, pepper plants and sugar cane. Horses, sheep, goats, camels, cattle, plus in the uplands kobolds, trolls, giants, ogres, orcs, and goblins.

Further Reading: GAZ2 The Emirates of Ylaruam, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: None to report.