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TANAGORO (Kingdom of the)

Location: South central plains and forests of Iciria, south of the World Spine Mountains, west of Nithia, east of the Twa Mountain Range, north of the Jennites. HW

Area: 243,873 sq. mi. (631,630 sq. km.).

Population: 500,000 scattered among a thousand or so villages.

Languages: Tanagoro.

Coinage: None (barter only).

Taxes: Levies in kind of goods and corvée labour as decided by village elders.

Government Type: Loose monarchy; most decisions made by village chiefs.

Industries: Agriculture, herding (cattle).

Important Figures: Korolo Togoro (King).

Flora and Fauna: Aurochs, giant beetles, boars, bugbears, lions, cheetahs, smilodons, cyclops, dinosaurs, elephants, griffons, giant lizards, manscorpions, manticores, medusas, minotaurs, mummies, pterosaurs, giant scorpions, snakes, sphinxes, giant spiders, giant apes.

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Description by Theukidikies the Historian of Corisa.

The Tanagoro are a plains- and jungle-dwelling folk, a warrior race of surprisingly astute and skilful storytellers.

The Land

The Tanagoro live in a vast stretch of plains (which they share and fight over with the Jennites) and jungle (which they hold on their own), running in a long band parallel to the World Spine Mountains between the Twa Mountain Range in the west to the deserts of Nithia in the east. The plains are hot, savannah-like, watered just enough to keep the grasses growing that support the herds of aurochs (and the dinosaurs that roam the region eating them, the grasses, and each other). It rains more in the north and west, thus resulting in the jungle lands of rainforests. Several rivers run through this region, interspersed with hills, with hills likewise running along the northern edge of the plains themselves.

The People

The Tanagoro are a dark-skinned people, darker than any other race, with tightly curled black hair and dark eyes. They are tall, lean men, who wear little more than loincloths of linen or even animal skin. They are, however, a skilled people, farming the plains and herding aurochs, and they are crafty warriors. But they are a tribal people, living in small villages, in huts made out of thatch.

Their culture is simple and unsophisticated, devoted to herding and farming and praying to their Immortals. The Tanagoro men rule and hunt, while the women farm and keep the home. But both fight and one cannot say that they do not excel in the arts of war, for many a time they have successfully thwarted attempts to subdue them. But they have no central leadership or sense of unity, and this shall be their downfall.