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Tanagoro (Kingdom of the)

Location: South central plains and forests of Iciria, south of the World Spine Mountains, west of Nithia, east of the Twa Mountain Range, north of the Jennites. HW

Area: 243,873 sq. mi. (631,630 sq. km.).

Population: 512,000 scattered among a thousand or so villages.

Languages: Tanagoro.

Coinage: None (barter only).

Taxes: Levies in kind of goods and corvée labour as decided by village elders.

Government Type: Loose monarchy; most decisions made by village chiefs.

Industries: Agriculture, herding (cattle).

Important Figures: Korolo Togoro (King).

Flora and Fauna: Aurochs, giant beetles, boars, bugbears, lions, cheetahs, smilodons, cyclops, dinosaurs, elephants, griffons, giant lizards, manscorpions, manticores, medusas, minotaurs, mummies, pterosaurs, giant scorpions, snakes, sphinxes, giant spiders, giant apes.

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Last Year's Events: None to report.