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Tangor Gaz - Introduction

by Giulio Caroletti

This part of the Swanamutu Gazetteer deals with the Empire of Tangor and the surrounding nations that border the eastern part of the Tangor Bay.
Nearly all the Black Men of the region are of Tangor ethnicity. This is the most known region of the Swanamutu Lands. The fact that the Swanamutu descend mostly from the Tanagoros, and the existence of an Empire in the region, has led to the wrong belief that there is only a major empire that occupies all the Swanamutu Lands. This is obviously ridiculous.
The Tangor region goes from the city of Akuba east all over the Gulf of Tangor up to a longitude of 105 East. The area comprises the western stretch of the Tangor Chain, and thus the area that we will talk about in this description is about the same size of Mystara's Old World. There are no important islands in the region.

Climate & Terrain: Tangor's climate is sub-tropical. The region sits at the passage from temperate forest to the first hints of jungle.
Agriculture is not particularly popular among the population, and the productive activities concentrate on goat farming in stretches of forest that have been (disboscati). Goat milk and goat meat is the most common food, supplemented by bananas and other tropical fruits that grow near the villages of the area. Winter is short (about a couple of months) and rather rainy, the temperature ranging from 10 to 15C; autumn and spring are long, warm (20 to 30C) and vary much from year to year. Summers are hot and generally are made up of a rainy month with a couple of dry months immediately before autumn. During the summer, temperatures may reach 35C, and the humidity is incredible.

Flora and Fauna: The animals encountered here may be jaguars, baboons, apes, crocodiles and alligators, and many, many species of insects and snakes of different degree of poison strength. Flora includes the typical jungle trees, but nearing the mountains and westward toward Tangor pine trees may be easily encountered.