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Tangor Gaz - Races

by Giulio Caroletti


The Tangors, the race that is commonly referred to as "Black Men" by the Minaeans is made of the pure descendants of the old Tanagoro tribesmen.
The Tangors are black-skinned, tall, long-legged and slender, with deep brown to black hair and eyes. They wear tunics, generally white or light-coloured, and light moccasins, comfortable and suited to life in jungles and savannahs.
The linguistic groups take their name from each of the five original principalities which traced their direct ancestry to the Tanagoro (Tangormen, Mawurus, Uberians, Zambulans and Durhanians, although the latter call themselves the True Ones). The five groups share a common written language called T'kala ("the writing"), and may understand each other, but the dialects are quite different from each other.


Nailans are a 75% Tanagoro/25% Afridhi race that have no more a land of their own. Nailans are tall, but somewhat shorter and of stronger built than the Tangors. They have big flat noses, small ears, and curly hair, commonly brown; eyes are generally brown, but blue, although rare, may be found.
Nailans are divided in two groups, that have been separated for centuries. Rathasians still live peacefully in the Tangor Empire, while nearly all Cymrians have degenerated as a captive race of the hivebroods that conquered their kingdom. A small community of two thousand Cymrians, that now call themselves the Dark Seed, live in the jungle of Lleweryn.


Hivebroods are a dangerous race of insectoid humanoids. They resemble humanoids with antennae, compound eyes and a tough, chitinous exoskeleton. They form a strong hierarchy, with each hive's life cantered around the tending of the Mother. Hivebroods reproduce by transplanting a larva in the body of a humanoid victim: the two beings are fused in one day into a new member of the hivebrood race. Hivebroods are thus generally dangerous to the humanoid population around them, but at the moment they have secluded themselves in their kingdom, ignoring other races because they have plenty of human slaves which they breed and then use for their own reproduction.


An unique feature on Mystara, Demonettes are a female-only race of humanoids that have arrived to Skothar from Zyxl. Demonettes are all females, very beautiful, with a pale white skin and green or sea-blue hair, pointed ears, and green or violet eyes. Demonettes have also two small yellow-brown horns two centimetres long protruding from their frontal skull region. They are able to mate with all humanoid races (from goblins to orcs to humans to dwarves). If the offspring is male, it belongs to the father's race, otherwise it becomes a Demonette. They are in all other respects equal to humans (classes, saving throws etc.).

Dark Goblins

Dark Goblins (Goblinus Obscurus) represent one of the major threats to the tranquillity of Skothar. They are common in this part of Skothar, and live mostly on the northern mountains, in the Tangor Chain, or in the jungles of Lleweryn. Dark Goblins don't belong to the races commonly known on Brun: they have a dark grey skin and are completely hairless.
The ones that live in the jungle wear only loincloths and boots, and have become very good at climbing and walking from tree to tree. Those who live in the mountains wear fur-coats and trousers; they know very well the region and when the tribes are not warring against each other they are willing to guide adventurers or mountaineers through the mountains. Some tribes of Mountain Dark Goblins have been conquered by Demonettes.