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Tanna Chamber

by Alex Benson

Stats: Heals inhabitants 4d4 hit points per day; cures disease to inhabitants; poisons slowed and removed from inhabitants; preserves corpses; dead flesh mends 1d4 hit points per day.

Injured individuals placed within the Tanna Chamber find their wounds healed at an accelerated rate. Disease, including Mummy Rot, is removed by the end of a 24 hour day. Poisoned individuals find that the poisons are slowed and eventually purged from the afflicted's systems after 1d4 days. Removal from the Chamber before the duration of healing negates all benefits; poisons become active and disease renews.

Corpses placed within a Tanna Chamber are preserved and do not decay. The wounds on the dead are mended at a rate of 1d4 points per day. Once the corpse has regained all of its living hit points, the corpse is considered to be in pristine condition. Though the departed is still dead, the body can be removed for magical revival (Raise Dead). The Tanna Chamber cannot revive the dead, nor will it regenerate lost limbs.

Description: The Tanna Chamber is a circular tent-like construction, measuring 10 yards in diameter and is 12 feet in height in its centre. The chamber walls and canopy are made from a spider silk like cloth that is suprisingly resilient to damage. The tent is supported by a skeletal frame of black wood, each span measuring a thickness of 1 inch. The tent has a flapped entrance. The interior is lit through magic, providing a dim glow without being too bright.

The magics of the Tanna Chamber come from the tent. Bedding and litters are not specialised. The number of patients depends upon the max numbers of litters placed within. Ideally, ten litters could be placed within the Chamber at one time. Feasibly, double and triple bunk beds could be used, multiplying that number. The DM may want to place limits on occupancy or extend healing times based on occupant numbers.

Historical Lore: The Tanna Chamber was created by Tanna, an Alphatian mage with strong ties to the Kingdom of Randel. The Randel military had a strong desire to preserve their military forces in times of war. It was hoped that the Tanna Chamber could assist them in recovering their highly trained troops that they had lost to wounds and get them back into battle quickly.

The Tanna Chamber filled these requirements, even being lightweight and mobile enough for practical deployment alongside the troops. The Randel military commissioned the creation of several Chambers for use. In all, Tanna crafted ten of these items before she perished in a duel with a rival, ironically enough, a Randel warmage.

The Randel military used these constructions for years. Over the years, the number of available Tanna Chambers decreased. One was taken over for private use by the Randel Royal Family. Three were lost in the Spike Assault in AC960 when these were left behind in the Alphatian retreat. One was destroyed in a Bettellyn border raid. One was given to the Royal Family of Eadrin. Two just disappeared, both believed to have been stolen. The remaining two were given to the Following of Razud. The Randel military has since replaced the Tanna Chambers with other means to heal their troops.

The two missing Chambers were stolen by a Bettellyn mage, Xantha, who mistook them for being the personal field tents of the Randel General Talimara. Xantha sold the tents to the Arogansa mage, Kameel. A failed duel ended Kameel's ownership of the Chambers. Along with rest of his personal estate, the two Tanna Chambers went to his daughter Vetzanna.

Vetzanna was a socialite mage, using her spellcasting abilities for parties and to ease her own day to day life. Kameel was a known necromancer and the dark and morbid trappings of that art were too much for the flighty Vetzanna. She sold her father's magical possessions to the mysterious mage, Kayan.

Kayan is a lich. She was well acquainted with Kameel and the two often collaborated on necromancy based projects. Therefore she knew of the possession of the two Chambers. Though a lich, Kayan is also very socially oriented. However, her lichdom has made it quite difficult to be socially active. Addressing this problem of personal appearance was the collaboration the two were working on before Kameel's death.

Kayan uses her own necromancer expertise to be able to change bodies as they decay. The bodies take on her natural living appearance soon after she inhabits them. She uses the Chambers to maintain the bodies and decrease her need to find replacements. Replacement bodies are easy to come by thanks to Alphatian slavery. They can be purchased cheaply and without legal repercussions.

The lich keeps one Chamber in her residence in Bluenose, Arogansa. The other is kept in her tower retreat in the Kingdom of Blackheart, where she focuses on her necromancer researches.

DM Notes: Though there are several Tanna Chambers in existence, the focal ones are those owned by Kayan. Kayan is an interesting character that will probably be described in greater detail in a separate NPC description. An adventure is also planned, involving Vetzanna.

The other Tanna Chambers are mostly held by the royal families of Randel, Stonewall, and Eadrin. PC use of these three Chambers will be limited to their service with these royal families. The most viable encounter will come with the two Chambers controlled by the Following of Razud.

There are also the matter of the Tanna Chambers lost during the Spike Assault. I left these Chambers open for possible use elsewhere.