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Taterhill, Free Province of

by micky

Area: 2352 sq miles

Population: 87,680

Ethnic Groups: Flaem 25%, Thyatian 15%, Kaelic 15%, Ethengarian 15%, Boldavian 10%, Averoignian 5%, Fen 5%, Other 10%

Taterhill (3672) The administrative and commercial centre of the Free Province of Taterhill (T.F.P)

Douaumont (873) A large farming village 24 miles northeast of Glantri City on the Vyonnes-Glantri City trail.

Veenwouden (678) A fishing village on the Vesubian River approximately 24 miles southeast of the tower of Berrym.

Lugu Lake (521) A resort village in the northeastern hills of the T.F.P approximately 16 miles to the west of Dunvegan.

Daventry (624) A farming village located 16 miles southeast of the town of Taterhill.

Beetstersweach (735) A commercial, agricultural centre located on the Taterhill-Braastar trail approximately 20 miles north of Taterhill

Government: Propraetor appointed by the Council of Princes, in charge for seven years. Seat in Taterhill.

Ruler: Propraetor Saundra McIlvernock (born 952, M16, Al-Chaotic) Appointed in 1013

House: not aligned to any house.

Territory: The T.F.P generally runs south from the border of Principality of Krondahar to the northern suburbs of Glantri City and from the western foothills of the Colossus Mounts westward to the border with the Free Province of Les Hiboux.

Food: Abundance

Trails: The T.F.P contains three vital transportation arteries of Glantri. Leaving Glantri City and heading to the northwest toward New Averoigne and Sablestone, the Vyonnes-Glantri City road is rated a fair trail by Glantrian AAA. There has been talk at the capital about upgrading this road to a fully paved road to speed commerce and speed military movements, however so far no proposals come to vote yet. If it ever does it will be interesting to see how the votes will shake out. Coming out of Glantri City and heading north toward Braastar and the northern Principalities is the Taterhill-Trintan Expressway. Between Taterhill and Glantri City the expressway is paved and rated excellent by Glantrian AAA. Leaving north out of Taterhill towards Braastar the expressway ends and is an unpaved trail rated fair by AAA. This road is called the Northern Principality Road. Finally leaving east out of Taterhill towards the Duchy of Fenswick and Skullhorn Pass is the Eastern Principality Road. This road is also rated fair by the AAA and the section through the mountains is often subject to harsh weather conditions.

Economics: Much like the Free Provinces of Nyra, and Les Hiboux; the T.F.P. is the breadbasket of Glantri. Blessed with fertile soil being located in the Vesubian River valley, it puts forth a bounty of fruits, vegetables, and livestock. The abundance of agriculture feeds the people of the province, the nearby agriculturally challenged dominions and with plenty to spare, the rest is exported throughout the rest of Glantri.

Notable People: Propraetor Saundra McIlvernock
Saundra has served in the Glantrian government for over 40 years and is one of its most capable and experienced bureaucrats. She graduated the Great School at 18 and immediately took a offer to join the embassy staff in Darokin City. She served in various positions in the Darokin embassy for 5 years before having a colleague recommend her for an opening as Legatus Regionis Bogoliubov in the Western Czaikow Hills Free Province. She was served as Legatus in various Free Provinces for another 10 years before getting assigned as Quaestor Provinciae Nordling in 985. When the Frederick Model , the Propraetor of Nordling, died in his sleep in 993, Saundra was selected to become Propraetor of Nordling. Assignments to Tchernovodsk, and Huledain followed in the coming years.
She was Propraetor in the Free Province of Huledain when, in 1007, approximately 30,000 humanoids under the Orc King Thar invaded from the Broken Lands. With the garrison of Huledain Camp overwhelmed by sheer numbers and forced to withdraw to Nathrat and the Silver Sierras for self preservation, the main axis of Humanoid advance came straight toward the village of Huledain with light opposition to oppose it. Saundra skilfully managed a rear-guard action to get as many of her people across the river into Blackhill. She was not able to save all, but was recognised for her calm leadership when the world had turning into a living hell around her. With the occupation of her Province she was ordered to serve Prince Volospin as an aide. She was placed in charge of withdrawing as much of Blackhillís population to safety.
As the humanoids poured in Blackhill and overwhelmed the local militias, she managed to withdraw a significant percentage of the population to the northeast towards Glantri City and relative safety once they met the Glantrian Divisions sent from the Capital to relieve Blackhill. She led to the refugees to the capital and others to Taterhill. After Thar defeated the Glantrian relief force moving south in the Battle of Hightower he moved north to attempt to take Glantri City. Saundra was prominent in the Siege of Glantri City manning the city walls with men and women of all walks of life. While not a typical military wizard she was a capable wizard whose spells were effective in helping fend off several assaults on the city walls. Finally the siege was broken when Glantrian Forces arrived from the rest of Glantri and Thar was driven back into the Broken Lands.
Saundra found her Province totally destroyed upon returning to the burned ruins of Huledain. She spend the next five years working to rebuild and resettle the area, all while Thar continued raids into the region. Not surprisingly many did not want to return to the area at first considering the area was nothing more than an armed camp of Glantrian Army units watching for Thar, and preparing for the expected Alphatian invasion. With the end of the war and the enfeoffment of Kol and the ending of humanoid raids into Glantri, more of the refugees began to return to the area. In 1013 the Propraetor of Taterhill Free Province retired from public service and Saundra was judged by the Council to be the most prepared and competent of the lesser Provincial Propraetors to manage one of the 3 great Free Provinces in Glantri so in 1013 Saundra was selected to be Propraetor of Taterhill, which along with the Free Provinces of Nyra and Les Hiboux are the pinnacles of power among the Glantrian bureaucracy.

Notable Sites:
Taterhill is administrative centre of the region and a major community in Glantri being one of the larger towns in Glantri. The source of pride in this town is the Blues of Taterhill who have won the Glantrian Scudetto five times since AC 1000. Taterhill is a diverse town with Flaemish, Kaelic, Ethengarian, and Thyatian quarters surrounding the central district was is dominated by the two social centres. The central marketplace and the football stadium which was designed by noted Thyatian architect, Franco Baresi in 878.

Lugu Lake is a popular vacation spot for many in the central region of Glantri. Nestled in the foothills of the Colossus Mounts this beautiful area is famous for itís many lakes, great fishing and hunting.

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