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Tavern of the Three Rings

by Sheldon Morris

The Tavern of the Three Rings is found in Threshold and is operated by a Traladaran named Sopot. An ex-adventurer who meet and befriended some Darine. The name of the tavern is from the gold three-ringed ear-ring that was given to him by one of the Darine.

Sopot himself is an upbeat man with a love of story and song, and is happy to provide free services for someone willing to share either. He has long dark hair, starting to bald on top, and wears the bright, loose-fitting clothes of the Darine. The food is good (not great) and normally only the more traditional Traladaran dishes are served. Don't expect a lot of information from here; most are older men who tell tall tales in hope of conning Sopot into free food (the regulars try constantly to little success).