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Thoughts about Barimoor's Realm

by Robin

To this subject I always thought the following;
1---Barimoor took the alaysiyan desert because faint notes in alphatian history steer that way where a race live that coaxed the Alphatians to Mystara in the first Place
2---As the Artifact removing all awareness is located on the darokin Passage and active in a radoius of 24 miles as per canon....any discoveries Barimoor made underground (where even the immortals have not sought too deep as then they had to dig INTO the living planet itself. As such I assume Barimoor has discovered several Nithian secrets, amongst their identity, and the fact they had 10th level spells...these spells are on par with the Immortal spells, and most probably the reason the Immortals removed Nithia (and the Carnifex who did so the same much earlore)...all as per canon...although I can't steer to the sources directly, I know it by head as I used it in several adventures of my own. All this knowledge will not be wiped from Barimoor as long as he stays away from the artifact close to the Darkin pass
3---The Modrigswerg, Thanos/Thanatos, Orcus all have their fingers in the same region so they will have made contact. and Brimoor certainly willl have made use of them. as of the Shadow Elves and Dwarves. Elemental creatures on his side would most probabl;y be the Efreet as these are the elemental creatures Sindbad fought with in Gaz2 on his quest for Immortailty(and officially it is not certain if he indeed became an immortal by this)...eitherway I assume he is the strongest opposition of Barimoor and immortal or mortal, would lead adventurers into his plots to disturb Barimoor