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Detailed Chronicle for the years AC 1009 - 1011

by Ville Lähde


General Events during this year:

- Eluna Kelar, leader of Guild Elsan in MINROTHAD, investigates legends of Taymora after the PCs bring news of the lost COLHADOR. She obtains some Taymoran artefacts and even travels to Colhador. Eluna is convinced that Oran Meditor can't hold the country together. She hardens her soul and decides to murder her friend. [In our campaign we never resolved whether Eluna's good intentions turned to evil outcomes, or the Taymoran lore corrupted her.]

- In KARAMEIKOS the Nithian Lich Hazar activates his plans. He has virtually taken control of Iron Ring and has forged alliances with many sinister forces in the country. Through Iron Ring he has also fed Baron Ludwig von Hendricks's ambitions. Details of Hazar's master plan are shown below (also see "Division of the Five").

- Agents of Aphastes are working in Denagoth, Glantri, Freiburg, Heldann, Vestland, Ethengar... and many other places.

- Armies of Aphastes battle barbarians of BOREAN VALLEY, north of the NORTHERN WILDLANDS



- Agents of Aphastes, led by Ivan Ivanovich's old girlfriend Kitiara (I know, I know...), attempt to take over the free city of Freiburg. Kitiara's new allegiance with an enemy of her former friends is a big surprise [except all the players who had read Dragonlance books].

- Their attempt is foiled by Yuri Turambar, who came to the city following an old prophesy he was given. He joins forces with some local independent thieves. He also gains some allies, as Kitiara is forced to smash her Mirror of Life Trapping (a present from Etienne Ambreville): the draconian Shiva and the Northern Wildlands barbarian Halfara. Yuri saves some local dignitaries and gains reputation in the city.

- However, a powerful pirate lord is assassinated. Pirates are part of the city's ruling council and have now no representative.

- The main Thief guild in the city is led by master thief Danakhriss from OCEANSEND, where he moved his HQ after the loss of his base in GHYR.


- A group of silvery dwarves who had fled the dungeons of Aphastes reach the shores of Vestland. They had captured a ship in HYBOREA, and with the help of their dwarf-cleric of the Silvery One, Dalin, they managed miraculously to navigate the arctic waters. Something seemed to draw them to Vestland. (It is a lump of Living Silver under Gyl Erid, spit there by the Silvery One in 100 AC.)

- Agents of Aphastes follow them and try to kill them. They also try to canonise Aphastes as a "good" god in Vestland. Duke Ivan Ivanovich of NORRLAND (Estine) and Flint Fireforge kill Aphastes's envoys that have allied with the jarl of SCANISCOST. They include the powerful demon Arashat whom Flint met in LARTA. The jarl is also killed. Ivan Ivanovich manages to get Aphastes canonised as an evil entity by the Church of Forsett, despite assassination attempts.

- Flint Fireforge tracks the silvery dwarves to Falun Caves near Seaforth Tower and rescues them from a Modrigswerg Necromancer. Flint meets his people for the first time in 10 years. Dalin brings him the Axe of Naoh, a powerful artifact.


- Relations between Thyatians and Traladara are strained. The two churches try to keep things calm as elements from the Order of Griffon clash with Traladaran militants. Boris Torenescu tries to kill Alexander Torenescu but fails and is killed in a street battle with Alexander Penhaligon and his allies. Emilio the Great dies also in this battle. Alfric Oderbry has been instigating trouble and has made deals with dangerous elements. Alexander Penhaligon exposes him, but Oderbry is killed mysteriously in his own room, when his holy symbol burns a hole in his chest.



- News of intensified frost giant and orc attacks against CASTELLAN KEEP reach SPECULARUM. Troops are sent to assist. They include patriarch Alexander Penhaligon and Aleena Sherlane.

- Agents of the Iron Ring, now ruled by Lich Hazar, sabotage barracks and munition depots in Kelven. Alexander Penhaligon stops their activities, but many escape. Alex also notices that his parents' graves have been desecrated.

- Hazar's minions manage to possess Baron Desmond Kelvin with a Spirit of Chemos. This starts the implementation of Hazar's Plan. In his lair in FIVE SHIRES he has summoned an Avatar of his god Chemos into this world and "broken" it into five separate spirits. With these spirits five key individuals in Karameikos are supposed to be possessed. Thus Karameikos would fall under Chemos's reign.

- In CASTELLAN KEEP Alexander Penhaligon finds out that the giants and the Pfark orcs are being led by a single force. He finds the culprit, an old white dragon (an ally of Hazar) and kills it. He also has to fight his patents, now undead puppets of Hazar. However, during this time Aleena Halaran is possessed by a spirit of Chemos. Castellan keep is destroyed, but the armies of the frost giants and the Pfark orcs are also decimated. Alexander finds the lost Mace of Petra, a powerful magic item [see: Traladaran magic items].

- Returning to SPECULARUM Alexander Penhaligon notices that many of his friends have been outlawed for seditious acts. Valdo Tisza and Magda Marilenev have launched their plans. On the other hand, Hazar's Iron Ring Agents are fuelling the conflict. Order of Griffon is out of control after Oderbry's death.

- Alexander is contacted by a militant sect "The Fivebane", led by a former cleric of Cult of Halav, Kiril Petrevich [a former PC]. They are threatened both by agents of Iron Ring and militants from the Order of the Griffon. Aided by Valdo Tisza and local thieves Alexander manages to destroy the Iron Ring cell. However, Admiral Hyraksos is possessed by a spirit of Chemos. Alexander, Tisza and the Fivebane flee the authorities to MARILENEV.


- In the Western Borderlands Yuri Turambar begins building his castle and forms ties with the local tribe of elves "the Seekers" who are nominally under his rule. The clan is led by Mildal. Yuri's recent marriage with Cymoril Stargazer from "the Children of the Swan" clan of Thanegioth helps him in this. He meets an old treant Urthor (Ikituuri) who protects the clan - one of the legendary Snow Pearls is embedded in its bark!


- Ivan Ivanovich begins to build a new castle around Vana Cullen's old SEAFORTH TOWER.

- Flint Fireforge learns of an old prophesy of the Silvery One that points to GYL ERID. A large "tear of the Moon", lump of the living silver (mithral) may be buried under the castle in which Flint battled minions of Gylgarid in 1008. He gathers his dwarven followers, former street brawlers from Selenica led by Everest, and his discovered clansmen. He begins training his troops, staying as Ivan's guest.



- Alexander Penhaligon destroys a strange cult of doppelgangers in SULESCU. These allies of Hazar worship a strange deity of transformations, Cheenz. Most of the notable persons in the town have been killed and replaced. Only a handful of the doppelgangers escape, but the town is crippled by the losses. For example the local church of Traladara loses its bishop. (Note: Alexander and his friends saved Sulescu in 1002 from an invasion by the forces of Iron Ring and Black Eagle. Alex befriended lord Zemirov Sulescu then, even though he knows of his true nature.) The doppelgangers manage to possess Lord Sulescu with a spirit of Chemos. Alexander finds hints of Hazar's plans in Sulescu's extensive library.

- Later in KORIZEGY KEEP Alexander destroys the vampire family which was cursed by Hazar long ago. There he finds the Armour of Halav [see: Traladaran Magic Items]. [Note: We had a nice dream episode which really freaked out the players.]

- In the RIVERFORK area Alexander defeats a werewolf tribe which is infesting the ruins of Zirchev's tower, and finds the Helmet of Zirchev [see: Traladaran Magic Items]. He befriends a Chevall and a Werebear (Pooh) [yes, indeed]who live in the area. Meanwhile, agents of Hazar manage to have King of Radlebb elves possessed by a spirit of Chemos.

- Conflict between Black Eagle and Stephan's government is fuelled by the possessed individuals. Stephan is gathering an army which will be led by Hyraksos, now a puppet of Chemos. Alexander hasn't learned of the possessions yet. He discusses the situation with his old friend Sascia of Luln, who doesn't believe that Alex is a traitor (during this time the ethnic conflict his hot, and Alex's support of Fivebane has made him a fugitive).

- Alexander Penhaligon travels to FIVE SHIRES in search of Hazar's lair with some allies from Fivebane, a halfling Striker leader Nipa Greatheart (whom he and his friends befriended in 1002 during the battles against Iron Ring) and the Antonic couple from Verge (whom he knows from the time of the Skarda incident). They manage to destroy Hazar, but to their horror find out about the five possessed people, whose souls are stored in magic crystals.

- A combined force of Iron Ring, Black Eagle elite mercenaries and Hazar's undead attacks LULN. Due to Alexander Panhaligon's previous successes it is met by some emergency forces from Selenica, Kelven, Castellan keep, Radlebb wood elves, Luln and Sulescu. (Or rather, Alex has succeeded in making these forces larger, but it is in accordance with Hazar's plan that the army will be led to its destruction by the possessed people.) Leaders of all these forces (except Sascia) have been possessed, promising a swift victory for Hazar.

- In the last minute Alexander Penhaligon arrives, returns the souls of the possessed to their bodies and helps the Karameikan forces win the battle. The Nithian undead god Chemos has still one trick left. The five banished spirits combine into a towering figure, a true Avatar of Chemos. Hundreds of bodies on the battlefield explode as their bones form the body of the Avatar and their weapons its claws and jaws. With his Traladaran artefacts Alexander Penhaligon manages to destroy it, but many important people have died, not to mention a couple of thousand soldiers, elven and human alike. Alexander manages to resurrect a few of them using magical items found during his quest.

- Alexander gains friends and allies due to his exploits: Admiral Hyraksos, Desmond Kelven, Aleena Halaran and Estaish of Elvenguard (whom he met during the battle with Veiled society years earlier) - Estaish becomes its new leader as the previous one died in the battle.


- Flint Fireforge's small dwarven army travels to GYL ERID. Ivan Ivanovich's on-off-girlfriend Ariannaid joins them. They occupy the castle, and Flint befriends a lone Ogre whom he and his friends rescued from imprisonment last year. (The ogre has been feeding on Gylgarid cultist corpses, cleverly preserved in the freezing lake.) They destroy a tribe of trolls that lives at the foot of the Red Fangs and worships, strangely enough, the fiery god Rathanos. They defeat a powerful, rather Balrogesque demon of Rathanos in the caves below the Red Fangs and discover a large vein of Living Silver. Ariannaid, whose true nature has been revealed (she is living in symbiosis with a Silvery Dragon), removes a strange foetal entity from the Living Silver.

- Flint Fireforge founds a dwarven colony in Gyl Erid.


- Ivan Ivanovich leaves for ETHENGAR. On his way he helps a farmer family in TROLLHEIM against a troll attack. ["Otkel's Stead"] The farmer Otkel's son joins Ivan, wishing to become a Viking Raider.


- Ivan Ivanovich kills the feared Mad Hakomon in the Land of Black Sand. He gains a new ally, Shaman of Lion who seems to be connected with his Lion God.


- Yuri Turambar mediates conflicts between humans and elves in his dominion and battles some bandits. He runs into Olaf, a former servant of mage Eztar, whom Yuri and his friends met years ago. Eztar has regained the Lion Castle and abandoned his friend. Yuri also learns that young Matvey of Sukiskyn is working with Eztar. (This reminds him of a prophesy he received years ago.)

- Borean refugees, fleeing the armies of Aphastes, flee through his dominion.


- In his ISLE OF HYDRA, Radagast Emry finishes his project: a magical communications network that will allow speedy communication with his friends. He leaves home to install the devices to his friends' homes.



- Duke Stephan and Ludwig von Hendricks sign a peace treaty. In a show of good will Baron von Hendricks hands out the remaining Iron Ring Masters and frees their slaves. Sascia is granted a new dominion in Rugalov (and the former lord Vlad Lutescu is deposed). Alexander Penhaligon is nominated "the Son of Halav" and Protector of the Realm, and granted a dominion in KRAKATAOS, the seat of Halav's Tomb [not in Kelven as in canon material]. Alexander begins constructing his castle and church around Halav's Tomb.

- Radagast installs the "Telephone" in his castle.


- Yuri comes to SEAFORTH TOWER (renamed IVANSLOTT) with Olaf.

- Radagast installs the "Telephone" in his castle and is intrigued by Olaf's news of Eztar.


- Ivanovich, Turambar and Radagast Emry defeat wizard Eztar in the Lion Castle in the LAND OF BLACK SAND. Eztar, a former resident of Sardsdell, was the true heir of Sargon. Lion Castle, an artefact of the Lion God, is at last freed from the vile influence of Sargon. The Caste walks majestically into the Spirit World. Yuri asks young thief Matvey, son of Pyotr of Sukiskyn and a former employee of Eztar, to join him. Matvey gladly agrees and becomes one of Yuri's trusted capos - spinning into a world of drugs, violence and debauchery.


- Flint Fireforge defeats a local tribe of barbarians that worships Gylgarid the minotaur god, "the Bull People".



- Baron Desmond Kelvin sends his daughter as a lady-in-waiting to Alexander Penhaligon's dominion. This affair never catches fire, as Alex isn't exactly the most amicable fellow you can meet.


- Radagast Emry installs "the Telephone" in Yuri Turambar's castle.

- Yuri Turambar discusses the Denagothian situation with Bensarian of Kevar. They decide that the land needs "a force of good" to fill the current void. Bensarian remembers Henadin's tale, and Yuri realises that he recovered Henadin's Shield from DRAX TALLEN years ago but hasn't realised its value. Bensarian advises him to locate Henadin's other artefacts and find his tribe in the NORTHERN WILDLANDS.

- Yuri travels to DRAX TALLEN with his allies. He battles a new incursion by the followers of Idris and retrieves Henadin's Sword and the Ruling Amulet of Drax Tallen. He loses his elven champion Finarfin.


- Radagast Emry visits GYL ERID but Flint isn't home. He installs "the Telephone". The communications network is now ready.

- Flint Fireforge battles the minions of Gylgarid in Heldann. The cultists attack people during a large cattle market. Flint meets the leader of the Council of Free Lords, Herman Budendorff, and his adviser Olsen the Leveller, cleric of Lawgiver.

- He investigates trouble at the northern mining colonies and bumps into a strange Rock-worshipping clan of dwarves, "The Sons of Rock", who hate all metal users or "die Metaller". Despite some steep cultural differences he allies with them and learns of a citadel of Gylgarid worshippers. Together the dwarves breach the citadel and find out that a huge host of Minotaurs have arrived here from far Northern Coasts via a magical tunnel called "Gylgarid's horns". Flint travels through the passage, battles a manifestation of Gylgarid and destroys the magical passage.

- It seems that Gylgarid has allied with Aphastes and was trying to provide his armies with a good invasion route. Flint also finds out that renegade lord of Western Heldann Herbert Fuller has forged an alliance with Gylgarid's Minotaurs and plans to start a rebellion. He returns quickly home and alerts the Free Lords.

- In GYL ERID Dalin crafts him a mithral shirt and a mithral war banner for the clan.

- Flint's wife Möllö gets pregnant.


- Ivan Ivanovich visits Batu Khan of the Bortaks with the intention to do some trading. Batu asks him for help against the Kiyats and their powerful Kadan Khan, in actuality the Evil Spirit Jaku the Render.

- Ivan meets leader of Hooplak hobgoblins Orkhan and his Ogre lieutenant Murgho. They join him in an attack against Kadan Khan. They destroy Jaku the Render. Ivan discovers evidence that Agents of Aphastes have been in contact with Jaku.

- Batu Khan's Horde and Hooplak hobgoblins attack the Kiyat lands. Male Kiyats are slaughtered, and Bortaks annex their lands. (NOTE: Batu in secret forms an alliance with the Hooplaks. For long he has been working with nearby hill gnolls in Vestland border. Batu seems to be much more ingenious than is usually thought. And indeed he is helped by Agents of Aphastes who wish to ensure that they have the ear of a possible future Great Khan.)

- Ivan gains a new follower, Hakomon Tedmusin.



- Alexander Penhaligon is searching for his roots, as his whole family is dead. He isn't related to Arteris Penhaligon. Finally he learns that he has one distant relative working as a Templar of Vanya in Thyatian legions, currently in Hinterlands.

- Alexander takes part in a military operation which wipes out the Pfark orcs.

- CASTELLAN KEEP area is made a dwarf dominion for dwarves of Highforge, who gladly leave the tinkering gnomes.


- Yuri Turambar discovers the remnants of Henadin's people who live in their sacred valley where they ages ago made the covenant with "He Who Watches", the lord of Golden Dragons. Their leader is young Murrogh. They are harassed by a dangerous Beholder Cult led by beholder Azaziel who lives in a ruined tower of an ancient Master Thief. Yuri meets a local leader Dalcas Leafgreen and Pendragon of Southern Borea, Brian Boru.

- Yuri destroys the beholder cult in several engagements and kills Azaziel in a near-disastrous battle: in the end all his allies (draconian Shiva, his wife Cymoril, his elven and human knights and his Wildlands allies) are incapacitated, and Yuri has to face Azaziel alone. Yuri learns that Agents of Aphastes had tried to approach Azaziel, but the proud beholder had them killed and their skins flayed as goblins.

- He finds a powerful artefact in the tower, Sword of the Master Thief. Unfortunately Danakhriss has sent his cronies to fetch the sword for him. Yuri fights them off, however.

- Yuri returns Henadin's artefacts to Murrogh and persuades him to travel to Drax Tallen and become its new lord.


- Ivan Ivanovich and his friends travel to RHOONA to destroy a cult of Cretia, of which they learned from Jaku's manuscripts. The cult tries to cause a pandemic in Rhoona and start a war with the neighbouring SODERFJORD jarls. Ivan saves Rhoona, and Duke Stephen becomes his close ally. In future years the tension in the border remains, however.


- Flint Fireforge travels to HAYAVIK and tries to prevent a disaster. He saves the son of Lord of Hayavik, Heinz Thorbringer from Gylgarid cultists operating from ETHENGAR. The cultists have forged an alliance with some Uighurs. The battle is a near disaster: the son almost dies. Lord Heinz Thorbringer arises from his slumber and rallies his troops in time before the attack of Fuller's forces and Minotaurs. Herman Budendorff arrives with an army from Eastern Heldann.



- Alexander Torenescu dies, and young (and thick) Dmitri takes over leadership of the clan. Treasonous activities of Valdo Tisza and Lady Magda Marilenev are revealed, and both are hanged. Knight Marius Thrakius becomes the new lord of Marilenev. He is fervently anti-Traladaran. Dmitri Torenescu is granted a new dominion south of the Radlebb woods, where substantial gold deposits have been discovered.


- Elven warrior Meadil the Silent [a former PC] from the Callarii clan arrives with a group of Alfheimian settlers. They approach Yuri Turambar, Meadil's old friend (of sorts), and ask him to lead them to the lands of the Geffronell and the Lothenar Elves.

- Danakhriss's minions attack Yuri Turambar again. Yuri gains new thief followers led by Miles O'Brien [indeed]. They wish to join the rising master thief who dares to oppose Danakhriss.

- Yuri travels to WENDAR CITY and hires many officials to help him govern his large dominion (tax collector, executioner, sheriff...)


- Flint Fireforge is contacted by Heldann League fighters. They offer to help him in a raid on the minotaur camp, if Flint will help them against the Bortaks. The League is worried about Batu's growing influence and wants to do something about it.

- In western Heldann a battle ensues between rebel and loyalist forces in HAYAVIK CROSSROADS. The rebels are supported by the remaining minotaurs. The battle is very bloody, and both forces are nearly annihilated. But the loyalists are victorious.

- Later Uighurs attack western Heldann and raze HAYAVIK to the ground, but the Sliktor orcs take advantage of this. They kill most of Uighur cattle and slaughter many women and children left behind. Hulagu Khan, already driven mad by the machinations of late Jaku, commits suicide and the horde retreats.

- Heinz Thorbringer begins constructing a new stronghold in GRAUENBERG.


- Ivan Ivanovich makes contact with a tribe of underwater elves and helps them against the Shark-Kin.

MINROTHAD (and onwards)

- Radagast Emry is contacted by his mentors in the Order of the Stream Mages. They ask him to investigate the fate of the ley lines. Radagast and his wife Mizra Amalisah being their journey.

- Radagast and Mizra travel to PRAMAYANA and locate a ruined tower of Stream Mages. Radagast battles strange snake visions. Glantrian Cryptomancer Jorge Berenger has left a group of mercenaries to protect the ruin after he failed to breach its magical defences. Radagast defeats them and learns of Jorge.

- In the ruins Radagast and Mizra defeat a powerful Nature Spirit guardian. Radagast finds an ancient manuscript written by long-dead mage Maimonides and a Divining Rossette that can sense the remnants of the ley lines. But this can be only done by studying certain altars in such towers. Radagast realises that he must embark on a gigantic triangulation survey. His first stop will be SLAGOVICH.



- Desmond Kelvin has begun excavations under the city of KELVEN. Diggers uncover the ruins of LAVV. They awake hordes of undead Traldar and Beastmen (gnolls). They start to re-enact the ancient battle. The city is saved in the nick of time by Alexander Penhaligon, who discovers the lost statue of Taranis and breaks the curse. Penhaligon disappears. (Taranis removes him so he won't be affected by "the Forgetting" - see later.)


- Yuri Turambar leads a group of Alfheimian colonisers and the people of Henadin to Denagoth. Winter is approaching, and the trek is long and arduous. [Note: Some scholars argue that at this time a work-laden GM forgot the concepts of "climate" and "season".] They find out that Idrians have returned once more. Yuri dies in a battle against them but is resurrected by a Servant of Asterius, "the Wingfooted One", who tells him that a Quest awaits him.


- Flint Fireforge visits NORRVIK in search of new dwarven followers. He seems intent on gathering all the drop-outs, misfits, drunks and moonshine-brewers of Known World. In the end he has to kick some of his new clansmen out.

- Flint hires the geologist mage Ragnar.


- Radagast visits SNAKE'S SIDE, a joint Minrothad-Slagovich-Ierendi trading station in the northeastern tip of the Serpent Peninsula.

- He travels through SIND DESERT and learns of the mysterious Hosadus.

- He nearly reaches SLAGOVICH by the end of the month.



- In the Forest of Geffronell Yuri meets the ancient treant Geist.

- The people of Henadin, led by Murrogh, retake Drax Tallen from the followers of Idris. Yuri presses on and slaughters them until Idris manifests to him. Idris abandons her plans to conquer Denagoth and open up an invasion route for Aphastes. [NOTE: Idris still keeps her word and lets Aphastes have her Black Dragons.]


- Radagast sees SLAGOVICH, the Jewel of Jungle. He hears about the exploration of Savage Coast and the Hulean Theocracy.

- Glantrian Cryptomancer Jorge Berenger is hunting the ley lines also. The two mages fight it out, and Jorge escapes. Radagast learns of the location of another tower.


General events during this year:

- In MINROTHAD during the spring Eluna Kelar recruits Linias Kasan as an ally and asks him to put aside old grudges. Eluna promises Linias that they will share power in the water elf guild after the coup. With the help of Linias's foreign contacts they get infiltrators into Oran's court. Eluna also slips in some of her trusted water elf initiates.

- In SIND and HULE the cult of Hosadus starts preaching holy war against the infidels once again. Armies begin to gather in Hule and Sind, joined by numerous humanoid tribes. Preparations are made for the construction of a military town (SAYR ULAN) in the eastern edge of Sind desert. Agents of Hosadus begin their long work of infiltration in Known World.

- Agents of Aphastes roam the lands. They continue helping Batu Khan, promising help in the future. Kitiara, now a general in Aphastes's army, strikes a deal with Prince Morphail. The Prince will offer the forces of Aphastes an invasion route through the Wendarian ranges in the future, if Aphastes helps him to become the ruler of GLANTRI. A rival of Kitiara plans an expedition to the ancient lands of the Shadowelves to find a better route. Agents of Aphastes learn of Hosadus's plans and stay away from his minions. Aphastes doesn't want to cross Thanatos.



- Yuri Turambar begins a strange quest given to him by the church of Asterius. He is to travel to FREIBURG and attack Danakhriss. (Note: One aspect of Asterius, the protector of thieves, has grown weary of the battle between Turambar and Danakhriss. He wants the issue resolved. Now.)

- Yuri travels towards FREIBURG and battles lycanthropes in Western Heldann.


- Radagast travels in the jungles of the SERPENT PENINSULA. He meets a strange isolated tribe and learns their language. He also battles lizardmen, aquatic beholders and natives in the THANEGIA ISLANDS.



- Yuri Turambar destroys the main Thieves' Guild in Freiburg, a branch of Danakhriss's Main Guild. He is allied with Ethrigan, a local criminal and merchant, and Lisa, a street shaman of Cockroach totem, and an assortment of other misfits. He also gets some help from a former slave of Skarda who recognises him! He also meets Rollo, a treacherous dwarven smith that he and his friends met in Denagoth. Rollo is killed. Yuri attacks Danakhriss's HQ in the tunnels under the city.

- Negotiations enforced by the Aspect of Asterius between the two master thieves reaches a peace treaty. Turambar's guild gets Freiburg, Heldann and Wendar. Danakhriss retains his businesses in Oceansend, the rest of the Norwold, the Isle of Dawn (and some branches in Darokin, which nobody knows about).


- Radagast battles Jorge Berenger in the ISLE OF THANEGIA at the ruins of a Strem Mage tower and forces the Cryptomancer to retreat. Jorge teleports to BEITUNG (OCHALEA), but his teleportation fails and his body is taken over by Spawn of Neh-Thalggu, the Brain Collectors.

- Radgast meets the Sea Dragons that helped him and his friends against the Firelord. He reaches the coast of HINTERLAND.



- Yuri frees Otto the Saber, a pirate lord, from the Alphatian prison island OSTWALD. He also frees a mage that has been driven insane by "The Forgetting" (see below). Yuri dies during this operation, but Asterius resurrects him and charges him with a divine power which he must deliver to "the World Cross". Yuri doesn't understand this, yet.

- Otto the Saber becomes the pirate representative in the ruling council.

- Yuri consolidates his position in FREIBURG.


- Radgast gets involved in the strife between Thyatians and Hinterlanders. He frees the imprisoned Hinterlander lord William McGregor from the city Emyn Muir, now Thyatian colony HIEROSYLYMA. He is helped in this by a group of rebelling slaves and gladiators led by Pyotr, a Karameikan gladiator. Many of the slaves have turned to a monotheistic religion that has come to Mystara from AVEROIGNE and KLANTYRE (LATERRE).

- He helps William to reach his allies the McLullans and McMurdochs. He also frees Erling the Dalcassian, a leader of great berserkers, from the influence of a powerful witch.

- The rebels attack Thyatians in HIEROSYLYMA. A Thyatian legion is utterly decimated and the city is sacked.

- Radagast finds another ruined tower under the city and accidentally frees Robin Goodfellow, who has been imprisoned there for a long time.


- Heldann League contacts Flint and asks for his help against the Bortaks. Together they attack a Bortak tribe and destroy it completely. Flint is pretty disillusioned about their "rightful cause" as he sees Leaguers smashing heads of babies. He returns to GYL ERID, vowing never to listen to the League again.



- Dalin has been investigating a magical ring found in FALUN CAVES and realises that an old elven spirit has been imprisoned in it. The spirit reveals knowledge of the lost lands of the Shadowelves. Flint organises an expedition to search for Shadowelf treasures.


- Ivan Ivanovich is preparing his ships for the raiding season. He is itching to see the Viking life. His flag ship Redraven is one of the finest in these waters.


- Yuri Turambar takes over the Merchants' Guild, and Ethrigan becomes its master. Ethrigan joins the Ruling Council of Freiburg. Yuri organises an annual Wendar-Freiburg caravan to transport drugs to Wendar.


-A plague breaks out in Beitung. The Spawn of Neh-Thalggu are trying to take over the bodies of the populace. Radagast Emry and Mizra Amalisah stop them and learn of Jorge Berenger's fate. Radagast gains more information on the ley lines. A powerful signal seems to come from the Sea of Dread.



- Flint meets Minister of Histories Thoric Redhand and learns of the legend of Jhyrrad.

- His group travels to JHYRRAD, battling sasquatches of the mountains. They search the ruins of Jhyrrad and discover an old tunnel to BROKEN LANDS.


- The raiding parties of Ivan Ivanovich raid the trader of a Minrothaddan Merchant Prince Altair and ransack Ostlandian colonies on the Isle of Dread. In LANDFALL Ivan runs afoul with Danakhriss, who makes him pay a hefty bar tab of several thousand gold pieces. Ivan pays the bill and vows to take it out of Yuri's hide. In HELSKIR he is contacted by Ostmann agents from Ostland, the island of KELSO.

- During this time the free city of Helskir awaits new invasions either by Thyatis or Alphatia (or both, which could spark a new war).


- A group of bandits destroys Yuri Turambar's caravan. They get rich and develop a nasty drug habit. in future they begin buying drugs from the annual caravan to ensure a steady supply.


- Radagast and Mizra begin a voyage towards Thanegioth Islands. They stop at the city of Pnom Pehn.



- Flint and his friends battle humanoids in tunnels under the ORCLANDS. Finally they reach LOWER KOL and battle with legions of kobolds. They find a sealed passage to the lost realms of the Shadowelves.


- Ivan Ivanovich transports Ostmann agents to KELSO and learns that the Ostmanns are planning a rebellion. In addition to that he finds out that Ala the Seawitch, his old enemy, is secretly helping them. In ZEABURG Ostmann agents try to assassinate King Olaf, helped by Ala's minions. Ivan Ivanovich prevents the assassination.

- King Olaf's army sets sail to KELSO to kill the Ostmann rebels. .


- Yuri Turambar forms trade relations with "barbarians" of the Northern Wildlands.


- Radagast and Mizra arrive in Thanegioth Archipelago by the end of the month. They land in the colonial city VICIUM.



- Ostlandian forces attack KELSO and to their surprise meet highly trained forces that use Darokinian pike techniques and longbows. The army of the king is near defeat, when Ivan Ivanovich assassinates the Ostmann lords. King Olof tells Ivan that he owes him a big one.

- Ivan gains a new retainer Remier, a Darokinian military trainer.


- Flint and his friends travel through the old Shadowelf lands. They learn much about their culture. In the Warrens they battle a Boneless and discover the tomb of an ancient Champion of Cymorrak. In the Woods of LOSETREL they fight with a huge tribe of shroud spiders and aranea. In the city of Losetrel they discover a group of Agents of Aphastes and kill them. The Agents have been searching for an underground invasion route to the southern lands.


- Radagast disrupts Thyatian operations in the Isle of the Fire. He destroys one garrison. He is aided by some Sollux, whom he and his friends met during the Firelord adventure. He also saves one of the few remaining red dragons, who helps him in the fight against the Thyatians.



- Flint and his friends find their way to the tunnels that lead to CITY OF STARS. They kill the last Shadowelf Guardian at the defensive gates. Flint finds a pool sanctified by the Silvery One in the city. As if possessed, he steps into the pool and disappears. [Silvery One removes Flint to protect him against "the Forgetting" and to deliver him to the right place at the right time. During this time Flint ages 20 years as he lives on the Silver Moon with true silver dwarves.]


- Ivan hunts Ala the Seawitch who is hiding in her moving Island NARVEDUL. Ivan contacts an creature revered by the sea elves, the Green Witch [yup, I'm a Susan Cooper fan] who leads him to the Old Man of the Sea. He learns that Ala stole the Old Man's throne which makes her tower move freely. Ivan finds NARVEDUL and kills Ala. The Throne of Transformation is returned to the undersea realms. In return the sea people transport Tower of Narvedul to IVANSLOTT (former Seaforth Tower). The local lords wonder this miraculous event and fear the growing power of Ivanovich, but his strong ties with Tenitar make his position secure.

- Remier begins training his troops in the use of pikes.

- Ivan's ships continue raiding the shores.


- Yuri Turambar's henchmen in WENDAR CITY have a problem: a local noble's son took an overdose and died in their dive. Yuri takes care of the problem. Shallow grave in the forest.


- Radagast travels once more to ISLE OF DREAD. He helps the rakasta against the Thyatian invaders. He also helps the phanatons and the local natives. Together they drive out the Thyatian occupational force. Radagast strikes a deal with the Huge Green Dragon Abode.



- Yuri Turambar has gathered an army to protect his dominion and begins training it.


- Flint's friends return to GYL ERID and bring news that Flint has vanished.


- Ivan Ivanovich holds a huge feast in his castle and invites all significant nobles there. A jousting competition (in Norse style) is held, in which jarl Rhorvald Ivarsson does very well. King Tenitar decides that the borders must be secured. Ivan pays for all the costs of the northern fortress! The Border Guard, led by the outrider Rolf, is placed under his command.

- Construction of fortresses in Vestland-Heldann border and Vestland-Ethengar borders begins.


- Radagast meets the elven clan "The Children of the Swan" in the elven isle KULAN-GATH and helps them drive out a large Thyatian force.



- In a great sea battle near ISLE OF DREAD a Thyatian fleet is attacked by Radagast, Mizra, dragon Abode and two sea dragons. Numerous ships are sunk and hundreds of young legionaries drown. ("Join the legion, they said. See the world, they said.") Thyatian intelligence is even more interested about the identity of the mysterious wizard, who clearly was responsible for the defeat in Hinterland too. Nothing of substance is revealed, but suspicions turn to Alphatia.

- Later in the TRIANGLE ISLANDS Radagast discovers the new global Magical Axis. He travels via the axis to the other end of Mystara and helps the local Stream Mages (all of them are humanoids!) and their hobgoblin allies against worshippers of Atzanteotl. His old human Stream Mage friends move their tower to the Known World end of the Axis. The Order of Stream Mages has again access to Ley Power.

- Radagast learns new shamanistic powers and gains a hobgoblin Stream Mage follower.



- Radagast and Mizra return home and find their child Kalim much older. But his parent's totem animals have ensured that he still recognises his parents.

- Radagast begins teaching his new students. He isn't yet part of the Tutorial Guild, but after all his services to shipping and trade in the area the guild makes an exception.


- Alphatian agents incite a slave revolt in the FIRE ISLAND and drive Thyatians out of the islands. After the loss of much of its colonial fleet in this area and the destruction of a colonial legion in Hinterlands, Thyatis will be unable to retake the islands at least for a few years. Relations of power seem to tip much on the side of Alphatia.

- But then news arrive of a winter rebellion in QUODHAR and some serious trouble in Norwold. Thyatian agents have been at work there.


General events during this year:


- During the spring Murl Vlaardoen begins eliminating his rivals in the Tutorial Guild. Corsers strengthen their position in the guild, infiltrating the Judicial Department.

- Eluna Kelar attacks Oran Meditor during the spring with the help of her Initiates and Kasan infiltrators. Eluna possesses Oran with a ritual, imprisons his soul in a Flesh Jar and commits "magical suicide" with Oran's body to prevent any Divination or Resurrection magic. (Also the fact that Oran isn't actually dead provides cover against Divination attempts.) Kasan infiltrators kill many Truth Greenton's agents, and Truth is forced to go underground with his remaining aides.

- During the summer Eluna asks Linias Kasan to use his contacts. Hamilvar Kasan smuggles in elite assassins who begin hounding Truth Greenton and Alf Shadower. Hamilvar agrees, as Oran's death has severely disrupted Alf's thief network.

- Eluna also negotiates with Guild Quickfinger and allies with them. They use their powers in Minrothad City (the mayor Hastin Slicktongue) to begin persecuting thieves. Alf's guild breaks up.

- Eluna's agents have Eliz Blanceer possessed by a Taymoran Death Spirit. "Blanceer" (Eluna) uses Oran's death as an excuse and withdraws Guild Council funds until a new leader is chosen. Only the army and the navy are paid. In secret Eluna begins appropriating the funds.


- Ethengarian travellers say that this year will probably see Chanai of Murkits attempting to become the next Great Khan. As the Kiyats are out of the picture and the Uighurs weakened, this may well work out. Nobody believes that Batu of Bortaks has the guts to oppose Chanai. (On the contrary: Batu has gained the support of Aphastes, who sends several spies, assassins and other experts to aid him. In secret Batu trains his two hordes, to fight alongside Hooplak hobgoblins and his new uneasy allies, Sliktor orcs. This weird alliance will be justified by resurrecting the legends about the first alliances of Ethengarians and humanoids in elder times.)

- During the first months of this year the Desert Nomads attack and seize the outposts of Ierendian and Minrothaddan trading consortiums near Pramayana and the Serpent peninsula (THE SNAKE'S SIDE). News of these attacks never reach the seagoing nations, as the last ships left the western ports with the autumn trade winds. The ships leaving west with the spring trade winds are captured and added to the Nomad navy. Spring caravans are massacred and the proceeds added to the Nomad "war fund".

- Agents of Hosadus travel in secret around the Known World:

- They finalise a deal with Baron Ludwig von Hendricks and make preparations in KARAMEIKOS for shipping two nomad divisions to Black Eagle Barony. They also contact nearby humanoid forces to replace the elements of the divisions that cannot be shipped to Karameikos.

- The Agents tip the present Kin faction Sultan of Ylaruam, Ali-Ben Faizal, of the impending invasion and feed his ambitions. The Preceptor faction is ousted completely.

- In Rockhome they contact a new coalition of frost giants which is constructing JOTUNHEIM and bribe them to join their side in the coming war.

- In ETHENGAR they feed Chanai's lust for power.

- They also create conflicts among the ATRUAGHIN CLANS and enlist some of them as allies.


- In the last few years Armies of Aphastes have been attacking the barbarians of Borean Valley and conquered many of them. Surviving barbarian nations under the leadership of Pendragon Brian Boru are surprised that the expected spring invasion of Aphastes isn't coming. They inform their ally Duke Yuri Turambar of this.

- In fact, Aphastes has delayed the invasion for a couple of reasons:

1) Due to the actions of the PCs his intelligence network is in shatters, except in Ethengar and Glantri. Many invasion plans have been crippled.

2) He has learned of the plans of Thanatos, who supports the Nomad invasion and Hosadus. He doesn't want to step on the toes of the Grim Reaper. On the other hand, if Thanatos is defeated, the southern realms will be ripe for invasion.

3) When Aphastes was released from imprisonment, he was able to enter Mystara. Not as an Avatar, but as a god, with most of his powers. This has enabled him to see the degradation of the fabric of the world [see: Twin Campaigns Timeline 100 AC, 450 AC and below], and he wishes to avoid the effects of "the Forgetting".

- Some time during this year the cult of the Nithian undead god Chemos, weakened by the destruction of Hazar's plan in Karameikos and the earlier destruction of Blackstick in Denagoth, joins Aphastes. The two gods forge an alliance. Cult of Chemos rallies under Aphastes's banner.


This is a strange phenomenon that has been noticed in the few previous years. But now it becomes much more evident. Numerous historians, sages, seers and other people of knowledge notice that bits and pieces of history seem to be missing. Key passages are mysteriously deleted from old documents. When scholars try to think about certain topics, their attention span shortens to nil, and they get terrible headaches. This touches many topics that are connected to the age of Withdrawal, Erystelle, legends of the World Cross, and many other things. (Note: This is an effect of the degradation of the chains of cause and effect, the fabric of the world, which was, is and will be caused by "the World Cross" breaking off. It sends ripples of disturbance back in time, eroding parts of history that deal with the breakdown of the world.) In the end many scholars fall comatose or become mad, including Bensarian of Kevar - he had been given too much of the eroding information by Turambar, Penhaligon, Ivanovich, Flint and Radagast.



- In the elven forests of western Wendar a true half-elven child is born. The parents are Yuri Turambar and Cymoril Stargazer (from Thanegioth, the Children of the Swan clan). The old treant Urthor sees a great but grim future for the child with star-like eyes. Turambar ponders about an old prophesy given to him, with an obscure line on "the Star Boy".

- Turambar runs into a small group of Agents of Aphastes while examining the borderlands. He kills them and retrieves a letter signed by Kitiara.


- Baron von Hendricks learns that his ally Bargle the Infamous plans to usurp his power during the coming civil war. Bargle has formed an alliance with Agents of Hosadus. The Baron buys magical thought-protection with great cost and begins to think of a plan.


- Radagast begins construction work in ISLE OF DREAD. He hires new guards and a halfling cook and builds an observatory.



- Construction of the Border Fortresses begins. Bortak agents start to infiltrate both projects. Ivanovich finds an agent in the northern border and Charms him to give false information to Batu Khan.

- Batu Khan and Ivanovich sign a non-aggression and mutual assistance treaty.

- Ivan Ivanovich disappears mysteriously and is seen running with lions (!) in the Ethengarian plains. The Lion God has called him. He disappears into Spirit World to escape the worst effects of "The Forgetting" and travels to PLATEAU OF GODS.



- Yuri Turambar finds the old lair of the renegade Glantrian wizard "the Crystal Mage" who participated in the Crystal wars. He is aided by a local kobold leader who finds the legendary armour of the Shining One in the wizard's lair. The kobold P'Sagh will become a legend among the kobolds. Following a strange impulse Yuri Turambar begins a long climb to the Plateau of Gods.


- Mizra Amalisah gets pregnant. Her and Radagas's first child Kalim is now 2 1/2 years old.

- Order of Stream Mages notices a disturbance in the magical force. Radagast is sent to ADRI VARMA to investigate. By the shores of LAKE HAST he is aides by fairy beings to travel to the PLATEAU OF GODS.

(Flaurmont- "Neverwhere")


- Yuri Turambar, Ivan Ivanovich, Alexander Penhaligon, Flint and Radagast find themselves on the PLATEAU OF GODS. All of them seemed to arrive there for different reasons, all tied to their gods or in Radagasts's case, the new-found global magical axis.

- The five heroes reach the point in time and space when the World Cross breaks away from the fabric of the world and is hurled back in time to 100 AC. Suddenly they find themselves in a Limbus, a Neverwhere - cut away from their magic and their gods. But the various artefacts they have brought with them allow them to stay in this single point in history long enough to repair the fabric of world. Using their long and rich experience (actually more like blind chance) they manage to tie together links of cause and effect, battling strange visions and summoned events from history (including a mechanical beast from Blackmoor). Strangely it seems that all the events they touch have been in some way meaningful in their career... Finally they notice that with all their knowledge they are unable to link the four remaining causes and effects.

- In the moment of desperation ancient elven hero Erystelle and his companions Priam Stuka (golden dragon in human guise) and Isenthain (cleric of Tyr) are flung forward in time by the World Cross which seeks to reunite itself with the world. In essence, Erystelle and his companions do their part of the Restoration in 450 AC, where the Forgetting is centring - most likely because did it then!

- The fabric of the world is repaired, and all these events never took place (in a sense).

- But a lot of damage has been done. Even though the heroes were able to reconnect the scattered pieces of history, the Plateau of Gods has been ravaged. The Foci of Power of many gods have been wiped out of existence. This affects mostly the gods that are closely tied to this world and its fate. The Silvery One, Taranis and The Lion God have been "wiped out" by the degradation of time and space.

- Now the seemingly unconnected events of 100 AC make sense: From the statue of Taranis brought by Alexander Penhaligon a new Focus of Power is grown for the goddess. The silver dragons arrive with the foetal entity of living silver found under the Red Fangs and form it into a new Focus. The Lion Fortress that was freed in 1009 returns and lies down on the Plateau of Gods as the new Focus. Several such Restorations of divine power are done elsewhere on the Plateau of Gods. [If you are wondering, the whole idea of the Plateau of Gods came from the sci-fi animation Fantastic Planet/La Planète sauvage.]

- Also, a surprising plan of Asterius the god of thieves (in one aspect) is revealed. The divine power he charged into Yuri Turambar is released straight into the World Cross, the fabric of the world. The powers of Asterius grow mightily, especially those of the thief aspect. (Note: Thousands of thieves all over Mystara suddenly notice that they have learned a lot of skills in a heartbeat. Woe the world and its purses.)

- The Lion God, Taranis and the Silvery One forge an alliance. They see a renewal of the Nithian triumvirate emerging in the future with the leadership of Aphastes, and wish to create a counter-force. This is supposed to take place in an era called "the Age of Hydra". To the astonished heroes they reveal what they themselves have just now learned: The repairing of the world was not a conscious act by the gods (or the heroes). Rather, all of them represented the World itself and its consciousness, trying to repair itself. But now they are free to follow the chains of meaning they have themselves created, the grimmest one being the release of Aphastes from imprisonment. But before that they have to stop another threat that may yet prove to be bigger that the forces of Aphastes. The heroes are sent to AKESOLI.



- The PCs destroy an infestation of Hivebrood that tried to take over Akesoli. But a single broodmother egg is transported away from the nest to plague the future.

- A City Spirit living in Akesoli has freed a dozen of humans from the parasitic influence of the hivebrood and created a rudimentary collective consciousness for their ravaged souls. The new collective, "the Abandoned Ones", migrate to the lost halls of the Shadowelves. (They learn about them from Flint Fireforge.)

- In the final days of Flaurmont a Desert Nomad division invades Akesoli. It is supported by crack troops from the Legion of Death, Hosadus's personal army, and some ritual magic of Thanatos. The Known World stands on the brink of destruction.

(Continued in the War Almanacs)