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Events of the Twin Campaigns timeline: Year 1012

by Ville Lähde

Or the year after the Great Nomad War

The timeline focuses on the events that are linked to the lives of the PCs, but the most significant political events are noted.


Alexander Penhaligon: (KARAMEIKOS)

- Alexander tours his dominion with his Rod of Dominion (an ancient Nithian artifact from Hazar's lair)

- Founding of a Traladaran church mission in now independent Selenica that is governed by the Selenican Defence League. Alexander sends his trusted followers Misha, Jura and Kropotkin there.

- SPECULARUM:- Discussions with Patriarch Nikelnevich about the ailing Olliver Jowett

- Planning a meeting of Traladaran nobles

- The ambassador of Ylaruam seeks sanctuary and Alex's support

- Alexander meets the Traladaran knight Makarov

- SPECULARUM: Church of Traladara meeting of bishops and patriarchs

- Vlad Lutescu, deposed lord of Rugalov, is sent to Halag

- Alex's follower Kiril Petrevich will be made bishop

- Church order of knights is founded

- Alex promises to canvass the opinions in Church of Karameikos (who is the best successor to Jowett)

- KRAKATAOS: Alex spots the personal spy of the Duchess Olivia, Jevgeni. He poses himself as a man of peace and loyal to Duke Stephan.

- Makarov is sent to gauge the opinions of Lord Dmitrov. He seems wary and suspicious about any political machinations.

- SPECULARUM: Alex has another meeting with Nikelnevich

- Alex's follower Dragunov and lord Makarov begin organising a meeting of Traladaran nobles.

- KELVEN: - Alexander meets Baron Desmond Kelvin and notices that their old friendship has cooled a bit due to political reasons, but the baron is still grateful for all his services.

- Alexander meets his old friends, Pyotr's clan, in the inn "Sukiskyn". The clan moved to the city after the troubles with Iron Ring.

- A battle with goblins near Threshold

- TRESHOLD: - Meeting with Patriarch Sherlane Halaran. They discuss a new northern humanoid threat.

- Alex meets the local Church of Traladara (CoT) bishop Fedja Iljitsh and manages to offend him in financial matters.

- Meeting with the old and trusted friend Aleena Halaran

- KRAKATAOS: Alex recalls some of his followers from Selenica and leaves for SULESCU

Flint Fireforge: (HELDANN, GYL ERID)

- Members of the Heldann League contact Flint in his colony at GYL ERID. They offer their help against the new Great Khan, Batu of Bortaks. Fed up with their methods Flint declines their offer and tells them never to contact him again.

- Flint plans an expedition to Rockhome to lure some wives to the colony and gain new trading partners.

Radagast Emry: (MINROTHAD)


- Radagast meets Holori Mapseir, leader of the Tutorial Guild. He joins the Guild and founds "the School of Practical Magic"

- He also buys a good house in Minrothad City.

- Radagast meets the current (and quite powerless) acting Guild Master Astra Meditor and decides to join her in the current political turmoil (Oran Meditor was murdered in 1011). Astra asks him to locate Alf Shadower and Truth Greenton, who went underground after Oran's death.

- He commissions construction work in his home island and orders some customised amour.

- Meeting with Torkil Vendor, secretary of the leader of the Judicial Department of the Tutorial Guild, Aaron Melander.

- Radagast locates an important officer of Alf Shadower, Lerri Caglieri, who has been imprisoned in the inn "Lush Maiden" by agents of an unknown party. He rescues Lerri, imprisons the Three Mercenaries (Darokinian fighter Martok, clanless Rockhome dwarf and stimulant junkie Rotaren, and the mad elf Dax) who had imprisoned him, and meets Alf Shadower. Radagast learns that someone is harassing all the thieves, and the "Death to Thieves" edict is employed with full force again. Someone is using political pressure and mercenaries to destroy Alf. They try to use the captured mercenaries to lure their employer into an ambush. The Agent (a pirate) escapes. Radagast frees the mercenaries and hints that there might be work in Karameikos, Halag.

- Radagast and Alf rescue Truth Greenton from a group of Alphatian mercenaries.

- Radagast, Alf and Truth return secretly to "the Palace" in Minrothad City and learn that someone tried to assassinate Ginol Meditor. (In fact Ginol has been possessed by a Death Spirit controlled by Eluna Kelar, who will from now on learn all that "Ginol" hears.) Radagast finalises his alliance with the Meditors and decides that he will infiltrate either the Corsers or the Verdiers, both of whom tried to gain his allegiance after the Darokin Peace conference after the war.

Ivan Ivanovich: (VESTLAND)

- Yuri Turambar visits his castle IVANSLOTT (former Seaforth Tower) and drinks there for a week.

- NORRVIK: - A faux-pas with King Tenitar (Ivan doesn't have a skald/herald). He notices jarl Rhorvald Ivarsson at the court. Ivarsson gained a huge fortune during the war, raiding Ylaruam.

- Ivan employs skald Berkana.

- Ivan meets his sister who is studying in Uppsala (former student of Halia Antonic in Verge!). He hears about Count Arnulf Burisson who wants to build another Mages' School in Landesfjord.

- Another meeting with King Tenitar: Ivan asks for more land to support his soldiers and talks about possible good contacts with Batu Khan of Ethengar. Tenitar promises that the land issue will be handled in the coming King's Great Council. King asks Ivan about his "blood-brother" relation with Ragnar Stout of Soderfjord (gained during the war)

- Conflict with Rhorvald Ivarsson begins.

- Ivan travels to HELSKIR to meet Yuri Turambar, who has asked him for help "in a little job".

Yuri Turambar: (FREIBURG)

- Yuri returns to the city in secret and decides to investigate the status of his Thieves' Guild, as he has been away for some time. He meets the prostitutes Aleena and Lisa and hangs out at their flat.

- Spying on his thieves he uncovers a plot by the mysterious "Uncle Fedja" (Minrothaddan master thief who has been cut off from Alf Shadower) to take over the Guild. Thieves Franz the Badger and Jaan Kamulos are colluding with Fedja.

- Yuri breaks into the Merchants' Guild which is led by his closest henchman Ethrigan. He steals the account books, arranges a meeting with a clandestine accountant (with the help of Aleena and Lisa) and records evidence of Ethrigan's scams for future reference. He doesn't really care about such things, but just in case the man gets uppity... Incidentally, a group of agents from the Seaborne Alphatian Security (SAS) are working with the local prostitutes, helping them keep their independence and gaining information in return. The whole accounting info is leaked to SAS which takes an active interest in Yuri.

- Ivan Ivanovich arrives. They indulge themselves in drink, food, drugs and debauchery before leaving for HELSKIR to find more good thieves for Yuri. They accidentally "let slip" information on the coming job (talk about it aloud in a brothel), and of course the SAS hears of it. SAS starts to plan a trap.


Alexander Penhaligon: (KARAMEIKOS)

- SULESCU: Alexander meets his old friend Lord Zemirov Sulescu and visits the local CoT temple, which doesn't have a bishop.

- On the road back home he meets a sad lad on his Shearing and decides to Quest him to tour all the Halavite temples.

- SPECULARUM: - Alex meets Nikelnevich and recommends that Baron Kelvin would be a good successor to Jowett. CoT doesn't have much influence in the matter, but Duke Stephan has the final say and is likely to listen to all parties, especially Alex.

- Alex holds a brilliant ceremony at the main temple of the Church of Traladara. Taranis, the real power behind the Traladaran Three, appears to two youngsters Taras and Nishas. Alex takes them under his wing.

- KRAKATAOS: - Alex begins a project to build a road from Krakatos to Rugalov road, through the lands of Lord Makarov.

* A Feast to honour Kiril Petrevich's bishophood:

- Taranis appears to Kiril for the first time

- Alex tries to persuade the militant Bishop Antinovich of Kelven to support national unity. Antinovich provides a new priest for the empty temple of Sulescu.

- Alex begins a project to build a large Inn in Krakatos with Dmitri Torenescu, the current head of the clan and Lord of lands south of Radlebb wood.

- Retameron and Halia Antonic agree to join Alex in a future project to eliminate the northern humanoid threat.

- Meeting with Aleena Halaran and Sascia of Rugalov (formerly of Luln)

- SPECULARUM: - Sheik Abdallah ibn Hamid, former ambassador of Ylaruam, asks for political asylum from Duke Stephan. Lord Cornel Osteric of Thyatis opposes this, as Thyatis is occupying Ylaruam and considers Hamid a war criminal. Advised by Alex, Stephan places Hamid in "protective custody", to the annoyance of the Thyatians.

- Duchess Olivia invites Alex to dinner and gauges his loyalties.

- SPECULARUM (later): - Alex discusses the issue of the CoT temple in Halag and gets the permission to nominate Vlad Lutescu there.

- The meeting of Traladaran nobles has been arranged on the 1st of Thaumont.

- Alex's followers Misha and Jura return from the Selenican mission.

- News of the death of Olliver Jowett arrive.


- The dwarf caravan travels through VESTLAND.

- Some of Flint's followers get utterly sloshed in RHOONA. Flint, a recovering albeit often relapsing alcoholic, warns them. ("Look at me, drink isn't good for you!")

- EVEKARR PASS: Flint receives the welcome of a hero due to the heroics by him and his friends against the Frost Giants of Jotunheim. After his convincing speech in Rhoona, he goes on a drinking binge.


Radagast Emry: (MINROTHAT, ISLE OF HYDRA, his home)

- Spell Research

Ivan Ivanovich and Yuri Turambar: (HELSKIR)

- The SAS has organised a plot to lure Ivan and Yuri to destroy the local Thieves' Guild that is proving troublesome to the Alphatian occupational government. The local crime lord Sokoban, a weretiger, and his horde, are terrorising the whole town.

- Yuri and Ivan have some trouble with a local gang "The Pikemen". They try to attract local thieves by sending Ivan on a spending spree. Instead they attract a prostitute and her goons, and Ivan nearly loses something very very precious.

- They meet Janus, an SAS operative posing as a crony of the local crime lord, who claims that his master has sent him to arrange a meeting. Instead hired mercenaries attack Yuri and Ivan in an inn "the Buffer Zone"

- The local SAS agents stage attacks to aggravate Yuri, who against all expectations doesn't go on a rampage.

- Yuri and Ivan hear the name Sokoban during their investigations, but Yuri decides to leave the city and return with reinforcements. Note that Sokoban's actual minions don't yet know about Yuri. Invisible SAS agents follow Yuri and Ivan around. They sink their ship to prevent them from leaving.

- Yuri and Ivan try to track down the prostitute Lilar and find out more about the local thieves. Yuri saves a local fence Laran who is attacked due to Yuri's meddling. Finally Janus contacts him, tells him who he really is and orders Yuri and Ivan to kill Sokoban, or they will never leave the city alive.

- Yuri and Ivan take over a tenement house and make it look like Yuri is founding a rival guild (torching a bar in the process, and terrorising a clothing shop). This attracts the attention of Sokoban, who sends his "barrister" to negotiate. Yuri sends him away. Later there is a small battle with Sokoban's goons, and Yuri manages to track one of their safe houses.

- Yuri and Ivan breach Sokoban's underground HQ and are incapacitated in the battle. SAS agents burst on the scene, and they are saved. A powerful GEAS is put on Ivan: in the near future someone will force him to do something. Yuri makes a deal with SAS: Yuri can recruit thieves in the city, but they must leave

- Ivan leaves home and is very angry. ("This was a crappy operation, you owe me big time, buddy!") Yuri leaves for OCEANSEND, and an invisible SAS agent trails him on the journey...


Alexander Penhaligon: (KARAMEIKOS)

- Meeting of the Traladaran nobles takes place. Present are: Dmitri Torenescu, Lord Mathies Marilenev (Magda's child who was discovered during the war), Lady Sascia (?), Lord Pjotr Makarov and Lord Lev Dmitrov. Alex is represented by his follower Jura.

- Jura continues Alex's line of pacification and national unity. Again, Lord Makarov wonders at Alex's chosen line, but he doesn't oppose.

- It is decided that Alex will take care of the alarming situation in HALAG through Duke Stephan. No illegal actions are to be taken. (Ruler of Halag, Marius Thrakius, has been very hard on the local Traladara.)

- SPECULARUM:- Church of Traladara makes a public declaration on the death of Olliver Jowett.

- The Church Council is convened to decide who will be recommended to replace Jowett.

- Duke Stephan gives audiences to dignitaries of the Church, certain select nobles, and also Alex, whom he respects. Alex recommends Baron Kelvin.

- Baron Desmond Kelvin is elected, and he makes sweeping changes. Jowett's secretary Magdel is sent to lead an insignificant convent. The seat of the High Patriarch is moved to Kelven, and Baron Kelvin will lead it. The present Kelven Patriarch Remus Terkonta is sent to the new Selenican mission. Kelven sends his loyal follower Lenar Vesper, a former Griffon commander, to a new temple in VORLOI to keep tabs on his main political rival, Baron Vorloi. Baron Kelvin assumes full command of the Order of Griffon. (Estranged Aleena Halaran will begin plans to form her own group.)

- Duke Stephan reveals his next plan to Alex: he will be crowned king, and judicial ties with THYATIS will be finally severed. Alex and Aleena are sent to escort the crown that has been made in Highforge in cooperation between Teldon, Patriarch Halaran, Elf King Mildahil, Master Gnome Craftsmen and Dwarven advisers from Castellan Dwarf Dominion.

- Alex sets out with Aleena, some of her remaining Griffon Knights and his own followers Bishop Kiril Petrevich and Misha.

- HIGHFORGE: Gnome Caravan, carrying the Crown, sets out with escorts.

- Ancient Red Dragon Argos attacks the caravan, kills Alex and others, and steals the crown. Alex is Raised by Kiril. They start to track the dragon.


- VERGE: The Antonics join the hunt.

- Alex and his entourage finally discover Argos's lair that is protected by his humanoid minions. The humanoids and Argos are killed, along with Argos's offspring. Alex discovers evidence that Argos has been gathering humanoid tribes and enslaving their leaders with magic swords, with the intent of ravaging the northern Karameikos.

- KELVEN: Alexander is taking the crown to Specularum. Baron Desmond Kelvin joins him, sniffing a good PR opportunity.

- SPECULARUM:* Stephan is crowned as King of Karameikos.

- King Stephan makes new nominations: Alex becomes a Baron, and so do Marius Thrakius of Halag and Lev Dmitrov. Philip Vorloi becomes the first Count. Alex makes diplomatic overtures during a grand tournament.

- Radagast Emry meets him during the festivities.

- Ivan Ivanovich arrives in Krakatos by Teleport. Together Radagast and Alex remove his powerful Alphatian Geas.

- Pedra Vandevichny, Sulescu's new bishop-to-be, meets Alex.

Alexander Penhaligon and Radagast Emry:


- Meeting with Bishop Vlad Lutescu

- Lutescu tells about the local Order of Griffon commander Portan Salasar, who is oppressing the locals. Baron Marius Thrakius does nothing to stop him. The local church Patriarch Philipos Julianus, already in power during Hendricks's reign, is notoriously adaptive: he is nicknamed "Patriarch of Silence". (During the reign worship of Traladaran Three was illegal and attendance of CoK ceremonies was mandatory.) He hasn't opposed either.

- Some trouble with Griffon Knights during the Night of the Dead

- Alex meets the man he Quested in Vatermont. He still has a long way to go.

Flint Fireforge: (ROCKHOME)

- DENGAR: - Flint trades the products of his colony and buys much needed specialist equipment.

- Meeting with Karameikan Ambassador Hyraksos.

- Flint meets with the Minister of History, Thoric Redhand, whom he befriended a few years ago while exploring the legend of the Shadowelves. (Flint sent him detailed information on Jhyrrad and explanation of its demise.) Thoric tells him of a mystery at a Syrklist mining colony.

- Flint negotiates with the Syrklist leadership and agrees to investigate.


- MINING COLONY: Flint discovers that Beholder Kruagg has taken over the mine and is feeding the dwarves to its offspring. All the beholders are killed, but Flint loses many friends. He discovers an ancient Kogolor artifact in Kruagg's treasure.

- STAHL: A Feast in Flint's honour.

- DENGAR: * Flint is invited to the Syrklist Clanhold.

- Negotiations of Marriage are set in motion. The Beholder Heroes are now a good catch, and Flint's colony is prosperous.

- Flint buys a house and makes it an trading office of his clan. His friend Mahog stays in Dengar to manage it.

Radagast Emry: (KARAMEIKOS)

Some Research, plus see above

Yuri Turambar: (OCEANSEND)

- Yuri arrives with his new henchman Laran. He learns that the criminal scene in the city is divided.

- Very soon Yuri finds the HQ of one of the local Thief guilds in the Upper City sewers. He infiltrates the scene and learns that some Thyatian Agents are in the city. He attacks the meeting by surprise, kills all of the Guild leaders and intimidates many of their followers on his side. The Thyatian Agent escapes. He gains a new capo, Tiarand.

- Alphatian agent (Janus's crony from Helskir) contacts Yuri and asks him to catch the Thyatians for them.

- Yuri finds out where the Thyatians live, but he decides to approach them openly. They ask him to catch the Alphatian agent for him.

- Yuri captures the Alphatian Agent and delivers him to the Thyatians. He listens on the brutal interrogation and learns a lot about the situation, especially how the SAS originally learned of his plans. Then he turns on the Thyatians, kills them and frees the Alphatian Agent.

- Through the freed Agent Yuri contacts the local SAS leadership. The Master Agent employs him to kill King Yarrvik the Just. Yuri gladly agrees. They also make a deal about the other local thieves, remnants of Danakhriss's old guild. Yuri is asked to either destroy them or recruit them, but the city must be freed of thieves anyway. Yuri asks his cronies to locate them.

- Yuri attacks the King's castle several times, using Bargle's old Drums of Panic with devastating effect. In the end he is joined by the local SAS strike team. He manages to kill King Yarrvik and capture the Prince in his Mirror of Life Trapping. The local SAS leader Irenkel is killed in the raid, as is the SAS Agent from Helskir.

- Yuri makes a deal with the remaining SAS agents: Alphatia can get the Prince, but they must fetch him from Freiburg and provide the Wish spell that can remove him from the Mirror without breaking it. (Yuri has now a handsome collection of people in the Mirror, including an important High Priest of Thanatos!)

Ivan Ivanovich:

- KRAKATAOS, KARAMEIKOS: Ivan visits Alexander Penhaligon, and the Geas is purged.

- IVANSLOTT, VESTLAND: Ivan plans future diplomatic manoeuvres.


Alexander Penhaligon and Radagast Emry: (KARAMEIKOS)


- The local temple of CoT is under construction, but there is some trouble with supplies and workforce. Bishop Lutescu asks Alex for help.

- Alexander and Radagast meet Marius Thrakius, his general Lucius Thrax and the fanatic Griffon Knight Portan Salasar in Hendricks's old castle. Salasar tries to make trouble, but Thrakius is very hospitable and amicable.

- Radagast meets an envoy of Count Arnulf Burisson of Landesfjord, Vestland. His skald Hartår Varglos is here to bid for Bargle's old artifacts that Thrakius is auctioning. The three familiar mercenaries Rotaren, Dax and Martok are his escorts. After trying in vain to find anything valuable in the ruins of Bargle's tower, Radagast grudgingly buys some books at the auction. An Agent of Corsers from Minrothad buys a good book right from under his nose.

- Someone sets a fire at the construction site of the temple. Radagast and Alex investigate the craftsmen's' guilds and the lumber supplier. They learn of an extensive protection racket. They also learn of other gangs active in the city, as Radagast manages to contact Bargle's old informant.

- Alex settles some worker disputes with money, but trouble won't stop. Finally they locate the culprits, a gang of Dopplegangers who live at the graveyard, and eliminate them. (Alex fought this same gang in Sulescu years ago: they were allies of Lich Hazar.) Radagast gets his hands on some much needed Doppelganger skins for his alteration spell/item project. Gross.

- The temple is finally built and opened.

- Radagast employs Bargle's old contact and founds a spy cell in Halag.

- KRAKATAOS: - An envoy of Darokin brings Alex the deeds of his new estate, a reward from Darokin for services during the Great War. Radagast is told that his deeds are sent to his home isle.

- The envoy also tells them about the DAROKIN CIVIL WAR. The disgruntled Border Magistrate Conwan Elendsa has started a rebellion against Vocator Allasdair Mauntea. They wish to restore monarchy.

- Radagast and Alex form "an adventurer team" from their lesser followers and send them out to learn about the world and gather interesting items.

- Aleena Halaran visits and tells Alex that she has seceded from the Order of Griffon and founded her own "Order of the North"

- Radagast leaves

Alexander Penhaligon: (KARAMEIKOS)

- Alex beings the northern humanoid operation. He mobilises his "Mountain Battalion", veterans of Castellan Keep, and sets out towards VERGE with his army and his followers. First he gets permission from King Stephan for the operation.

- KELVEN: Alex meets Baron Kelvin and reassures him that this is a sanctioned operation.


Radagast Emry: (MINROTHAD)

- Radagast travels to Minrothad waters by ship.

- HARBORTOWN: - Meeting with Hildric and Ishmael Vendor, leaders of Guild Corser. A tentative alliance is formed.

- Radagast meets the head of Harbortown School, Merget Adonamus.

- MINROTHAD CITY: - Radagast joins the Judicial Department of the Tutorial Guild as a mole of the Corsers (or so they think). Torkil Vendor is his contact.

- Negotiations with the Meditors (Eluna Kelar learns of them through "Ginol")

- ISLE OF HYDRA: - The Vendors visit and the alliance is formalised.

- Radagast makes a deal with them for "taking care" of the Darokin estate. Radagast promises to ask his friends for similar deals, for a handsome commission of course.

- Discussions of the coming Guild Council meeting. Radagast is supposed to aid the Corsers during the proceedings.

Flint Fireforge: (ROCKHOME)


- Flint discusses the legend of the Kogolor dwarves (pre-Denwarf era) with Thoric Redhand. The artifact from Kruagg's tomb is concrete proof, but it also hints at darker legends: the lost Hurwarf clan, the story of the Morkwarf Wars, the dreaded Svartalven and the exile of the Modrigswerg. [see Giulio's write-up of dwarven history] They decide to mount an expedition to locate the lost Morkwarf realms, supposedly in the mountains bordering Ethengar.


- MOUNTAINS: - Flint and his friends battle Frost Giants

- They discover the ruins of a Kogolor road and a supply depot. Flint encounters and destroys a dangerous necromantic ghost of a Morkwarf.

- On the ruined road through the mountains the expedition is attacked by wyverns.

Yuri Turambar:

- OCEANSEND: - Tiarand and a few other Yuri's new cronies have been captured by the constabulary. Yuri learns that some of them have squealed. So he breaks into the guardhouse, frees Tiarand and slaughters all those who betrayed him. He also kills many guardsmen.

- FREIBURG: - Yuri receives the Darokinian estate, learns of the Civil War and gets a personal letter from Vocator Mauntea. He wishes to hire Yuri's services "for a little job".

- Yuri pays handsomely for a construction project to ensure the privacy of his underground guild HQ from magical scrying (lead walls). He also sends word to his dominion in Wendar that his hired mage Scipio Africanus should come to Freiburg, ("Time to get some value out of that layabout!")

- Alphatians remove Prince of Oceansend from Yuri's mirror.

- Thyatian envoys have arrived to propose a treaty with Freiburg. SAS agents hire Yuri to kill the lead envoy. Yuri attacks the Thyatian ship but fails miserably.

- The Thyatian envoy comes to the city as if nothing happened and proposes a treaty of nonaggression and neutrality. Thyatian embassy is founded, and the ruling Council of Freiburg is responsible for its safety. The Council places this responsibility squarely on Yuri's shoulders.

- The local SAS agents are disappointed but agree that Yuri can keep the Thyatians in check.

- Yuri learns that THYATIA HAS INVADED SODERFJORD (see below). As the local Master Mage Hardanger is a Soderfjorder, he is in trouble. Yuri negotiates "neutral status" for him and promises to keep him safe (looking for those tasty scrolls of course).

Ivan Ivanovich: (VESTLAND)

- King Tenitar has called the Grand Council, with every noble attending. Ivan decides to get diplomatically active before the council convenes. Skald Berkana briefs him on politics, and then Ivan sets out on a diplomatic mission to meet important nobles.

- SCANISCOST: Ivan meets Artor Nordberg, King's regent for the jarldom after the death of the previous treasonous jarl. The discuss border issues and local bandit problems.

- VERFJORD: Ivan makes friends with jarl Guthorm Trollmord.

- TROMSO: The strange Duke Eyvind "Strangemind" Ulfsson makes an obscure prophesy for Ivan concerning a book that Radagast Emry has (Prophesies of Mad Hosbaum).

- JAMFJORD: Ivan and jarl Gyda Yrsasdottir, a self-made Valkyrie, argue about SCANISCOST. Gyda would like her knight Yrsa there. They part in cold terms.

- FYNMARK: Meeting with Duke Vigfus Svartborg doesn't go well. The old noble doesn't trust Ivan.

- NAMSEN: Meeting with regent-jarl Guthom Haukson, nothing special.

- FOSTERHED: Meeting with jarl Ottar Knutsson, nothing special.


- SAS agent tries to invoke the Geas and force Ivan to murder a Thyatian envoy. Ivan captures and kills the surprised Agent instead, resulting in some tension with the king.

- Meeting with Count Arnulf Burisson: some trading and discussion about jarl Ivarsson.

- Meeting with Duke Sigfred Thorsson of HENNESDALIRR who offers to sell Ivan his vote on key issues.

- Meeting with the weak jarl Mord Hoskuld of VALGARD, whom Rhorvald Ivarsson bullies all the time. Ivan and Mord form an alliance.

- Meeting with Count Johan Torsson of RANVIKI, nothing special

- Drinking and debauchery with Guthorm Trollmord

- Ivan has a slight headache and audiences with his good friend Duke Stephen Rhoona, Border Marshal Knut Snorri and Homeguard Marshal Einar Ragnhild. Ivan starts to endorse Yrsa Yrsasdottir, knight of jarl Gyda to be the jarl of TROLLHEIM, which will become a new jarldom.

- Audience with the King: Ivan and Tenitar discuss Thyatian-Alphatian relations and the issue of more lands to Ivan.

- Ivan meets Gyda Yrsasdottir and manages to better their relationship.

* The King's Council:

- Landesfjord gets the permit for a new Mage School. Ivan helps Arnulf Burisson to achieve this.

- Ivarsson plays the border disputes between southern nobles and gains allies.

- Mord Hoskuld complains about Ivarsson, to no avail. Ivan doesn't bother to help him much.

- Artor Nordberg becomes the jarl of Scaniscost, partly with Ivan's help

- Ivarsson's knight (huskarl) Heimdal Larensen becomes the new jarl of FASTERHOLM. Regent-jarl Guthom Haukson loses his title. Ivan fails to act in time, and now Ivarsson has his man very close to Ivan's borders

- Yrsa Yrsasdottir becomes the jarl of Trollheim.

- Duke Ivan Ivanovich gains new lands.

- Southern Border Fortress will be constructed to help weak southern jarls against raiding Soderfjorders. Ivarsson is very active in this endeavour and again gains new allies.

- The Thyatian envoy proposes an alliance. Tenitar follows Ivan's recommendation and declines.

- Envoy of Ragnar the Stout, Warlord of Soderfjord, arrives. THYATIA HAS INVADED SODERFJORD, and Ragnar is besieged in his castle. Soderfjord's armies were severely depleted during the battles in YLARUAM while the Norse nations allied with Thyatis for money. Now Thyatis has taken advantage of this and launched an invasion from Ylaruam, attacking from the sea and through Jotunvalk Pass.

- Ragnar has sent a plea for help for his blood-brother Ivan: "Help me out, brother" King Tenitar is not pleased, but recognises that Ivan cannot break with tradition. But he can't help Ragnar as a Vestlandian noble - he will be responsible for consequences.

- IVANSLOTT: - Darokinian envoy, bringing Ivan the deeds to his new estate, has been imprisoned by mistake. Ivan frees him. Ivan learns of the civil war.

- SODERFJORD: - Ivan slips into Ragnar's castle with his Underwater Boat (taken from Ala the Seawitch). Together they break out of the castle. Almost 300 Thyatian legionnaires are killed in the battle.

- BAKOMVATTEN: - Ragnar retreats to the village and gathers his supporters. But the Legion arrives before reinforcements. Ivan attacks their war machines, single-handedly (albeit with heady magical boost) destroying all of them. The bombardment is thus broken and the Legion has to attack. The first attack is repelled with the help of Ivan and his warriors.

- Thyatians gain reinforcements

- Jarl Rhorvald Ivarsson (Vestland) attacks the northern border with his allies, diverting much-needed Soderfjorder reinforcements.

- Ragnar gets some reinforcements, but then King Olof brings an Ostlandian army to the battle. Olof's landfall also prevents important reinforcements from helping Ragnar.

- As Ivan is a close friend of King Olof, he manages to get out of the fight. Thyatians don't like it but can't do anything at this time. Ragnar the Stout uses an old Norse tradition and asks Ivan to adopt his son Thor Ragnarsson, so he might get away from the Thyatians. Ivan accepts, and Thor becomes Ivansson. Ragnar's bodyguard Sven the Faithful joins Ivan.

- In the resulting battle Ragnar's army is destroyed, but Ragnar manages to flee into the Great Marsh with a group of his veteran warriors, his court mage Astur Ragnare and his court cleric Stefan Thorgild. Ragnar begins a guerrilla campaign against the Thyatians.


Alexander Penhaligon: (KARAMEIKOS)

- Army gathered by Elf-King Mildahil of Radlebb Wood, gnomes of Highforge, Aleena Halaran, Antonics of Verge and Alexander Penhaligon destroys the allied humanoid tribes in a bloody battle. Magic swords crafted by the dragon Argos are destroyed.

- VERGE: - Alex forms closer ties with the elves and the gnomes. He also learns that Desmond Kelvin has begun a Northern Road project. Kelvin wishes to gain from the expected increase in trade that independence of Selenica and Karameikan membership in SDL will bring.

- KELVEN: - Discussions with Desmond Kelvin, Baron and High Patriarch. Kelvin manages to get his Griffon Knight representative along to report to the king about the northern operation. Although Kelvin wasn't involved, he is technically still Aleena's superior, so he will be speaking "in her name".

- Meeting with Kolja Antinovich, bishop of CoT.

- SPECULARUM:- Alex briefs King Stephan on the humanoid operation.

- Several of his followers are knighted.

- Alex receives additional troops to his Mountain Battalion.

- King Stephan decides to make RIVERFORK and the former bugbear lands east of Halag new Dominions. Alex advises him, and the new Landed knights will be politically "neutral". Alex also warns king that his allies, a Chevall and the werebear Pooh live in the area. ZIRCHEV'S TOWER becomes a sacred place and Pooh's forest is kept untouched.

Radagast Emry: (MINROTHAD)

- Spell Research

- Radagast's agent in Halag, Emil Tarastor, pays him a visit.


- Flint and his entourage destroy a large tribe of Trolls in an ancient Morkwarf fortress in several engagements. They find a necromantic sanctum in the fortress and battle several abominations left by the long dead Morkwarf sorcerers. They discover that Beholder Kruagg had intentionally disrupted an ancient Gate to the realm of SVARTALFHEIM that was sealed in ancient battles by the followers of Kagyar. If left unchecked, the gate might have unleashed hordes of Svartalven into Mystara.

- SVARTALFHEIM: Flint and his friends prevent a Svartalf invasion and close the Gate.

- They reach DENGAR by the end of the month.

Yuri Turambar:

- Yuri leaves for Landfall. He had negotiated a settlement with the SAS which stated that he is allowed to take over the Landfall criminal scene.

- LANDFALL: - Yuri learns that ALPHATIA HAS OCCUPIED OCEANSEND almost without a fight, as they had the Prince as hostage.

- He learns of the local crime lord Kamar and raids his mansion. The raid is a failure. Later he manages to kill Kamar and many of his lieutenants.

- But unknown to Yuri, Kamar was held in power by the threat of his "Troubleshooters", a group of crack mercenaries who will kill anyone who touches him. They track Yuri and attack him. In the resulting stalemate Yuri has to buy his life with a valuable artifact: the crown of the king of Oceansend. They make a deal that Yuri will return with a large sum of money and will get the crown back. Yuri returns home. (The Troubleshooters won't try to slip away with the much more precious crown. They know Yuri's reputation.)

- FREIBURG: - Yuri gathers his troops, swearing vengeance on the Troubleshooters.

- LANDFALL: - The Troubleshooters are no fools, however. They organise a meeting with the local criminal leaders, who form a "welcoming committee" for Yuri. In a negotiation at Kamar's mansion the local business is divided. The Troubleshooters can leave for Alphatia, rich beyond their dreams. Yuri gets to control thieving (led by Nistrum) and gets tribute from slave trade (led by Kes) and the city guard. King Lernall the Swill's group of "advisers" (his puppet masters) and their garrison can remain independent. Yuri also gets Kamar's mansion.

- FREIBURG: - Yuri spends some time organising his Freiburg Guild, now much stronger. He also enjoys the perks of the job.

- On the road to Wendar Yuri is attacked by wyverns.

- WENDAR CITY: - A mixed affair. Yuri meets King Gylharen after a long pause. He impresses the king with his stories of the Nomad War and other exploits, and warns him of the Alphatian and Thyatian threat. Perhaps for the first time the king really likes his duke. But while drinking Yuri slips some info on his criminal activities, his massive fortune... and finally sleeps with the queen's chambermaid. The king sends him home and doubles his taxes. (Well, Yuri will pass it on to his subjects.)

- WENDAR BORDERLANDS: - Yuri arrives home to his dominion after a long pause. He notices that his son "The Star Boy" is already 1 1/2 years old. Also his wife is surprised that Yuri, over 30 years old, looks like an 18 year old now (an enthusiastic use of Potion of Longevity).

Ivan Ivanovich: (VESTLAND)

- IVANSLOTT: - Ivan's old girlfriend Ariannaid, the maid with a Silver Dragon living in her hair, visits him. Ivan is even more alienated from her. Ivan gets news about Ragnar's situation. Most of Ragnar's soldiers have perished and he is hiding in the Great Marsh. Still, he has managed to hurt the Thyatians.

- NORRVIK: - Vestland forms an alliance with Ostland to protect the country from Thyatis.

- LANDESSFJORD: - Ivan negotiates with Count Arnulf Burisson and forms an alliance with him.


Alexander Penhaligon: (KARAMEIKOS)

- Desmond Kelvin marries Arteris Penhaligon. Together they form a powerful coalition in northern Karameikos.

- Alex arms his troops and trains them.

Radagast Emry: (MINROTHAD)

- Having finished his new Alteration spell, Radagast crafts a Mask of False Identity.

Flint Fireforge:

- DENGAR: * Flint meets King Everast:

- They renew their good personal relationship. Even though Flint has a terrible hangover, he behaves superbly.

- Flint recounts the strange tale of his people and his colony.

- Thoric Redhand is sent to GYL ERID to learn about the Silvery Dwarves and their religion. The Gyl Erid colony has now formal ties with Rockhome.

- They have a discussion about Aphastes. King Everast promises Flint his help in case Aphastes attacks.

- Two experienced fighter-dwarves, Malakar and Karlak, join Flint.

- The great wedding ceremony: dozens of Flint's clansmen bring wives with them to Gyl Erid!

- GYL ERID by the end of the month.

Yuri Turambar:

- After a discussion via their magical communication system Yuri teleports to IVANSLOTT, VESTLAND. Ivan wants him to repay a debt.

- VESTLAND: At Ivan's request Yuri goes to HOSTPORK and assassinates jarl Rhorvald Ivarsson.

- IVANSLOTT: Yuri delivers Ivarsson's head.

- FREIBURG: Yuri meets his hired mage Scipio and gives him the Teleport spell.

- IVANSLOTT: Yuri converses magically with Alexander Penhaligon and has Scipio Teleport him to KRAKATAOS.

Ivan Ivanovich:

- IVANSLOTT: As mentioned above, Yuri pays him a visit. First they drink heavily and turkey-shoot with Ivan's ballistae. Ivan asks him to kill Ivarsson. To cover his tracks Ivan publicly declares that he will destroy the local bandits that have been pestering especially Artor Nordberg, jarl of SCANISCOST.

- SCANISCOST: Ivan meets jarl Nordberg and they join forces against the bandits.

- VERFJORD: Ivan asks his good friend Guthorm Trollmord to join him.

- The powerful gang of bandits is destroyed. Ivan finds out that they have been helped by Thyatian assassins. They try to murder him, but Ivan gets to them first.

- IVANSLOTT: - Yuri brings Ivarsson's head.

- King Tenitar sends Ivan a stern summons. Suddenly Ivan remembers the crown Sorona and its immense powers of Divination.

- NORRVIK: - Ivan admits that he had Ivarsson assassinated, but claims that he did it to ensure peace in the realm. [Sure] As the king is annoyed with Ivarsson's private little war against the Soderfjord border jarls, he lets this one pass. Ivan manages (truthfully) to argue that he is loyal to Tenitar and that he has no plans to usurp power.

- Ivan and Tenitar also discuss the threat of Aphastes.

- LANDESFJORD: - Ivan formalises his alliance with Count Burisson. Burisson reveals that he has been working with Alphatian agents, or at least has had a business relationship with them. The local SAS agents try to get Ivan on their side. Ivan learns of Yuri's recent exploits in the north. Ivan warns SAS about Aphastes. Ivan agrees to cooperate with the Alphers, but won't take their agents into his home "at least yet".

- NORRVIK: Ivan tells Tenitar about Burisson's potential treason. Tenitar orders him to keep eye on the situation.


Alexander Penhaligon & Yuri Turambar: (KARAMEIKOS)

- KRAKATAOS: - Beast's Day Festival and a grand religious ceremony

- News come from HALAG: Traladaran separatists are causing trouble, and Baron Marius Thrakius is asking for stern policies. Alex finds out by Divination that Thrakius is behind the trouble.

- Alex converses with his friends through their magical communications network.

- Yuri Turambar arrives.

- HALAG: Yuri travels to the city alone and investigates. He breaches the citadel of Baron Thrakius and abducts Marius Thrakius into his Mirror of Life Trapping.

- KRAKATAOS: Alex and Yuri interrogate Marius Thrakius and learn that he arranged the present troubles through a Thyatian merchant, Julian Kavorkian.

- HALAG: - Yuri again goes alone to the city. He notices that Portan Salasar's Griffon knights are organising a crackdown. Traladaran neighbourhood watches are disarmed, local leaders are arrested, and there are even some hangings.

- Yuri locates Julian Kavorkian and breaks into his house. He accidentally kills his son and abducts his daughter. Unsure what to do with her, he decides to ask Alex.

- KRAKATAOS: - Alex is stunned to learn of this, and decides that they must return the child somehow.

- SPECULARUM: - Alex meets King Stephan and learns that Portan Salasar has sent repeated requests for marshal law. King asks Alex to pacify the situation. Alex sets sail for HALAG.

- Yuri follows Alex on another ship. There is some trouble on the way.

LUDWIGON: (A harbour town in the Halag Barony)

HALAG: - Alex learns that Salasar's Griffon knights have closed Vlad Lutescu's temple.

- Lutescu tells that there haven't been any more incidents against Thyatian interests. (Of course, Kavorkian stopped his operation after his child was murdered and another was kidnapped!)

- Alex's friends hide Kavorkian's daughter in an Inn.

- Alex meets Marius Thrakius's brother Flavius, the acting Baron (and a Landed Knight of their family estate), general Lucius Thrax and Portan Salasar. Accidentally he causes Flavius to decide to kill Kavorkian.

- Alex reopens the temple.

- Yuri is watching Kavorkian's House and learns that Flavius is about to kill him. He quickly fetches Alex, and together they storm the building. In a battle Alex is mortally wounded (but later Raised). Yuri manages to imprison Flavius and Lucius. Thrakius's goons arrive, and after a stalemate they negotiate.

- Flavius Thrakius agrees to stop the incidents. Blame is placed on Kavorkian and his hired goons. Yuri and Alex agree to return Marius as soon as possible (he is still in the Mirror - Flavius doesn't know what exactly happened to him), and Salasar will be sent away. (Salasar never knew of the Thrakius conspiracy. They played him, hoping to vilify him and make them look good later.)

- Back at the temple Taranis appears to Alex and releases Marius Thrakius from the Mirror. Marius seems to be a changed man. He vows to stop persecuting the Traladara.

- Yuri discusses the local criminal scene with Marius.

- SPECULARUM: - Meeting with King Stephan. King agrees to send Portan Salasar to Specularum, and a more moderate man Torion Calacus will lead the Griffon operation in Halag. (Torion had been bumped to a lowly position in the harbour town Ludwigon.)

- Yuri leaves for DAROKIN

Radagast Emry: (MINROTHAD)

- Using the magical communications network Radagast contacts his friends and offers to mediate a good deal on their new Darokinian estates - as nobody really has time to manage them. Radagast gets handsome commissions from the Corsers, and the Corsers get to abuse their tax benefits.

- MINROTHAD CITY: - Discussion with Torkil Vendor who informs Radagast of the coming Council negotiations and his role in them: he is supposed to help slip in fraudulent legal experts.

- Meeting with Truth Greenton and Alf Shadower. Radagast informs them of Corser plans.

- Radagast visits Oran Meditor's old bedchambers, the murder scene, and magically investigates them. He learns nothing. But Truth fills in some gaps in his knowledge of the event.


- MINROTHAD CITY: * Negotiations of the Guild Council commence. The main item on the agenda is decision on how to decide on the new Council Leader. Astra will chair the proceedings, but her role is mostly ceremonial.

- An assassin attacks Eluna Kelar. (Actually Kelar organised this and protected herself with Taymoran Death Spirit powers.)

- With his Shaman powers Radagast senses that two individuals in the Council Chamber have been "possessed", but he can't pinpoint them. He informs Torkil Vendor and Aaron Melander.

- In the end leadership of the committee on deciding new regime goes to Ulard Forster, leader of the Verdiers. Even Ulard seems surprised (he really is).

- Radagast finds out that someone has used powerful Wishes to influence the vote, something connected to dried oak branches (Rewen Verdier of course, but Ulard doesn't know this). Radagast warns the spokesman Eliz Blanceer, but doesn't know that he has been possessed by Kelar's spirit. Eluna Kelar learns of Radagast's powers and the Oak Branches. Eluna is worried.

- Later Radagast discusses this with Astra and "Ginol". Astra reveals some information on the Carven Oak, and suspicion falls on the Keeper Rewen. Again, Eluna learns of this.

Flint Fireforge: (HELDANN)

- GYL ERID: - Flint is worried that Heldann is too weak to oppose Aphastes. He decides to do something and calls a meeting of the Free Lords.

* Free Lords meet in GYL ERID. Present are:

- Herman Budendorf of ALTDORF, leader of council. Flint met him while battling the minions of Gylgarid.

- Wulf Klagendoff of HOCKSTEIN, protector of Old Woods and PFLANZEN miners.

- Thorfinn Tarsen of THURGAU

- Heinz Thorbringer of GRAUENBERG, Flint's friend from the war against servants of Gylgarid and the rebel lord Herbert Fuller

- Haakon Urberg, leader of the Hillfolk, who lives in SCHWARZBERG

- Karl Marsten, spokesman of the fishing communities in the coast.

- Flint Fireforge, Free Lord of the Borders, Protector of Gyl Erid.

- Olsen the Leveller, adviser of the council and High Priest of Lawgiver.

- Flint tells the Free Lords about Aphastes and his links with the Idrians in Denagoth, the local minions of Gylgarid, and other mischief around the Known World. It is decided that KEVAR PASS must be fortified. Flint offers to pay most of the project.

- But the trouble is that the country has been devastated with the recent wars, and the whole western Heldann suffers from presence of terrible monsters and brigands. Flint vows to "Clean the West" with Thorbringer and Urberg.

- Flint chooses first to tackle a large group of bandits that has been hitting Wendar-Heldann -trade route heavily. It is impossible to transport construction material for the fortress before they are wiped out.

Ivan Ivanovich: (VESTLAND)

- The political map of the country is reforming. There are now three main power groups formed around King Tenitar, Duke Ivan Ivanovich and Rotolf Karlsson of BORNBANK (Ivarsson's old faction). Ivan keeps up his alliances and follows these developments.


Alexander Penhaligon: (KARAMEIKOS, KRAKATAOS)

- Alex manufactures Potions.

Yuri Turambar:

- He travels through SHIRETON

- ATHENOS: Yuri notices that there are many Minrothaddan ships of Guild Corser in the Port. With Radagast's economic help (the Darokin Mansions) the Corsers are doing heavy business in Darokin, straining the recovering economy of Vocator Mauntea.

- DAROKIN CITY: Yuri meets Vocator Allasdair Mauntea, former "General Winter", and agrees to find and assassinate the royalist rebel Conwan Elendsa.

- SELENICA: Yuri manages to contact rebel sympathisers. He poses as a mercenary.

- On the Darokin-Selenica Road, now closed by rebel activity, Yuri is accosted by rebels. They interrogate him and agree to take him to the rebel camp.

- ALFHEIM FOREST: Elendsa's rebels are camping in Alfheim, as they have elven supporters who are fed up with Darokin because of the suffering during the war. Yuri is taken to the camp, but Elendsa's priest reveals him by Truesight. Yuri manages to kill some rebels, but he has to flee the scene. The assassination attempt is an utter failure. NOTE: The Three Mercenaries Rotaren, Martok and Dax have joined the rebels, as Martok is an ardent royalist! Also they got acquainted during the Great War and have little respect for the scheming Vocator.

Radagast Emry: (MINROTHAD)

- ISLE OF HYDRA: - Radagast contacts Order of Stream Mages. He gets information on Aphastes's increasing influence. He also hears about the lost Taymora and their necromantic arts. The Stream Mages suspect that Taymoran arts may have been used to "kill" Oran and "possess" people. (Radagast has learned from Alex's Divinations that Oran isn't really dead, but has kept this a secret.)

- Meditors send word that pirate attacks on Minrothad ships have begun after many years. (Eluna Kelar's ally Linias Kasan is using his contact Hamilvar Kasan to hit rival guilds. Fake Elsan cargoes are sacrificed.)

- HARBORTOWN: - Radagast negotiates with Hildric and Ishmael Vendor. They believe that Ulard Forster is attempting a coup. Radagast warns them that someone might be playing them against Ulard, as Ulard seemed surprised after the Council vote. Radagast is beginning to suspect Eluna Kelar. Still the Vendors decide that Ulard must be killed or captured.

- Radagast meets the main ally of the Vendors, Murl Vlaardoen. Murl will join Radagast in the attempt.

Flint Fireforge: (HELDANN)

- GRAUENBERG: - Flint travels there with Heinz Thorbringer. They devise a plan to lure the bandits to ambush.

- Bandits attack a fake caravan and are attacked by Flint's troops. The bandits are repelled. Flint and his friends follow them but are ambushed in turn. Despite suffering terrible casualties Flint's troops kill the bandits, attack their camp and eliminate the whole gang. While looting their camp Flint notices that the bandits have been buying drugs from Yuri Turambar's guild for years. Flint no like.


- GYL ERID: Flint contacts Ivan Ivanovich. He agrees to join Ivan in an expedition to Ethengar, and Ivan agrees to help him clear western Heldann.

- FREIBURG: Some trading.

- TROLLHEIM: Flint joins Ivan Ivanovich at the ETHENGAR BORDER.

Ivan Ivanovich: (VESTLAND)

- Preparations for an expedition to ETHENGAR

Ivan Ivanovich & Flint Fireforge: (ETHENGAR)

- Flint, Ivan and some of his followers seek the court of Great Khan Batu.

- CHAGON-NAH: * They meet the Great Khan.

- They ask him about Aphastes, and Batu openly admits that Aphastes's agents have been helping him in the last few years. They left his court some time ago, though. But Batu says that he hasn't yet chosen his side.

- Flint discusses Heldann League and says that he opposes their actions (some years earlier Flint joined them in a raid against the Bortaks!)

- Ivan discusses trade on lumber, horses and metals.

- Batu Khan asks them to track a group of his enemies who fled into an ancient fortress of a Flaem Mage. They agree.


Alexander Penhaligon: (KARAMEIKOS)

- Manufacturing Potions

- Leaves for MINROTHAD to help Radagast Emry.

Radagast Emry: (MINROTHAD)

- VERDUN: - Radagast and Murl Vlaardoen attack Ulard Forster's mansion. It is heavily fortified. During the war Ulard lost his key assets and was already baffled about Oran's assassination, and had become slightly paranoid. He has used a lot of guild assets to secure himself. (Meanwhile Rewen Verdier has played the other factions so they would eliminate Ulard and let him take over the guild.)

- The attack fails, even though Radagast and Murl get very close to Ulard. They have to flee by Radagast's Undersea Boat (gained during the Kron/Suthus incident).

- ISLE OF HYDRA: - The Vendors arrive and bring news that Ulard has died. It is said that assassins attacked and poisoned him. Radagast realises that his suspicions were true: someone, most likely inside Verdier Guild, took advantage of their raid! He also suspects that there must be several coexisting conspiracies (and indeed there are, Eluna's and Rewen's).

- MINROTHAD: - Radagast meets Truth and Alf and talks about his growing suspicions of Keeper Rewen Verdier. He also suspects that there is a leak in the Meditor Court. He suspects that someone is "possessed".

- Radagast remembers the suspicious assassination attempt of Ginol and tests him with his shamanistic powers. During the test a Death Spirit emerges from Ginol's empty husk, attacks Radagast and kills him. It then turns on Astra, but luckily Truth and Alf manage to kill it in time. Astra is shocked.

- Meditors have access to high healing, and Radagast is Raised at the request of Astra. He is convalescent for two weeks.

- Treasurer Eliz Blanceer disappears, and it is revealed that Guild Council treasury has been emptied in secret. Radagast correctly assumes that Blanceer was one of the possessed people, and now the conspirators have money. Now the army and the navy can't be paid. Radagast believes that the conspirators will move soon. He sends word to Alexander Penhaligon, asking his help.

Yuri Turambar: (DAROKIN)

- DAROKIN CITY: - Yuri convinces Vocator Mauntea to let him have another go at Elendsa. They organise a fake military operation against Elendsa's power base, FENHOLD.

- FENHOLD: - Rebels ambush and destroy the military force. Yuri begins following them to their new base.

- The plan is about to fail many times, as Yuri has to engage the rebels who move faster in familiar territory. He kills many of them. The elf Dax dies.

- Finally he tracks them to an old mine at the foothills of Altan Tepe Mountains. He attacks their base, but again Conwan Elendsa and his main lieutenants flee. Yuri returns to FENHOLD to fetch some specialist help that were to follow him.

Ivan Ivanovich & Flint Fireforge:


- Ivan and Flint locate the fortress of the Flaem Mage. They discover Batu's enemies who have been either killed or possessed by the Mage's ghost. After a nearly disastrous battle they destroy it. They also learn a bit about the history of the Flaem and the Alphatians.

- CHAGON-NAH: Batu Khan thanks them for their service and vows to remember it in the coming years.


- GYL ERID: Ivan and Flint assemble a team and leave for western Heldann.

- GRAUENBERG: Meeting with Heinz Thorbringer


Radagast Emry and Alexander Penhaligon: (MINROTHAD)

- ISLE OF HYDRA: - Alex arrives.

- Alf Shadower has told Radagast about the location of the PIRATES' COVE. He is surprised about the new pirate attacks and deduces that his lieutenant Hamilvar Kasan must work for someone else now. They decide to investigate together.

- PIRATE ISLAND: - Radagast, Alex, Alf and their followers breach Hamilvar Kasan's defences. They capture Hamilvar and interrogate him. They learn that Linias Kasan ordered the pirate raids.

- Alf Shadower stays with the pirates to consolidate his hold on them.

- MINROTHAD: - New round of negotiations of the Council of Guilds. Alex and Radagast are there.

- During the negotiations, despite heavy security, Hildric Corser is killed by another strange "Oakbranch-Wish". Eluna Kelar survives such an attempt. (Rewen is of course behind this. His agents used yet another Wish to get two Branches into the Council Hall.)

- Eluna Kelar summons many leaders and calls for swift measures. She offers to pay the army's wages for the time being so the country won't fall apart. She also argues for action against the Verdiers.

- Radagast and the Meditors decide that they must get hold of Linias Kasan. Astra will try to delay the other politicians. She is ready for compromise but doesn't want to side with Oran's murderer. She wants proof.

- ALFISLE: - Radagast, Alex and their allies attack Kasan's tower. But some Death Spirits have been laying in wait and manage to kill Linias. Alexander manages to glean some information from the body: now they know Eluna Kelar is the enemy. They also lean more of the pirate plot and Linias's complicity in attacks against Truth Greenton and Alf Shadower.

- ISLE OF HYDRA: - Astra Meditor informs Radagast (by magical means) that Eluna Kelar has taken over the government, supported by the Quickhand and Hammer Guilds. Radagast has been declared a traitor by the new administration. Astra is in "protective custody" in her Palace, and HARBORTOWN has been blockaded.

- Radagast contacts his triton friends in SUTHUS and asks for help.

- Radagast again contacts Order of the Stream Mages and asks for more specific information on the Death Spirits.

- He tells the Vendors about Eluna Kelar, and they send Murl Vlaardoen to help him locate her.

- Eluna Kelar's forces attack Radagast's Isle, but they are repelled. A Death Spirit has been infiltrating the force, and it attacks and kills Radagast. It is fortunately killed before it can maim his body beyond resurrection. Alex Raises Radagast.

-An attack against Verdun ends by the mysterious destruction of two Navy ships (by Rewen's Wishes).

- Alf Shadower comes to Radagast's aid. Pirates will protect his home. Tritons send Water Termites and War Rafts.

- Murl Vlaardoen Divines the location of Eluna Kelar's hideout. It is in COLHADOR, the ancient underwater city of Taymora, which Radagast and Alex visited years ago while saving the princess of Ierendi!

Yuri Turambar: (DAROKIN)

FORT CRUTH CROSSROADS: Yuri meets his specialist troops and uses magical and clerical means to find hints about the next rebel hideout. He learns that they have a reserve camp in the Altan Tepe Mountains.

- Yuri again gets very close to the rebels, but he loses the trail in the end.

- DAROKIN CITY: Yuri has to inform Vocator Mauntea that Conwan Elendsa and the Royalist Rebellion are alive.

Ivan Ivanovich & Flint Fireforge:

WENDAR: - Trying to locate a dragon that is rumoured to harass western Wendar, they ask Bensarian of Kevar, their old friend, for advice. They learn of a possible Dragon Lair and hear of a dragon migration to north. (Aphastes has been rallying dragons to his cause.)

HELDANN: - Flint, Ivan and their friends kill the ancient Green Dragon.

GRAUENBERG: - They give Heinz Thorbringer enough money to pay for the rest of the Kevar Pass Citadel project. Construction begins.

- They track a huge tribe of humanoids that has been raiding local farms and destroy it entirely.



Radagast Emry & Alexander Penhaligon:

- COLHADOR: Radagast, Alex and their followers and allies destroy Eluna Kelar's guards, including an Undead Beholder. They manage to imprison Eluna Kelar and retrieve the souls of Oran Meditor, Ginol Meditor and Eliz Blanceer. They have been imprisoned in "Flesh Jars". Eluna's hideout is destroyed.

- ISLE OF DREAD: Radagast again consults Order of Stream Mages and learns that it will be impossible to return Oran and the others to life. Nevertheless, Oran wishes to help Radagast to expose Eluna's treason.

- MINROTHAD: - A huge Corser fleet, build under the front of the East-Sindian Trade Company, sails to the capitol.

* Corsers force new negotiations.

- Verdier breaks from the confederation and Rewen Verdier remains in power.

- The Council decides that the post of Guildmaster is abolished.

- Meditor Clan gains leadership of the Water Elf Guild, renamed Meditor.

- Murl Vlaardoen becomes a legitimate mage and the new principal of Harbortown School.

Yuri Turambar:

- Yuri travels home after his failed Darokin mission. He stops at IVANSLOTT to converse magically with his friends.

Ivan Ivanovich & Flint Fireforge:

- HELDANN: - Ivan and Flint destroy a large tribe of werewolves that have been masquerading as a mining colony. The werewolves have caused great trouble for Haakon Urberg's Hillfolk.

- Heinz Thorbringer organises yet another feast in their honour.

- They also investigate rumours of undead at the HAYAVIK battlefield. They learn that the Priest of Gylgarid who escaped the battle is still alive and has been gathering an army of undead. But they are too late: the priest has gone into hiding and they lack the means to Divine his location.

- Both Ivan and Flint get home by the end of the month.


KARAMEIKOS: - The new Traladaran religious order of knights is introduced at the Footmans' Games. They hold a low profile however.

- The adventurer friends discuss many times over their magical communications network.

VESTLAND: - During the New Year's night Ivan Ivanovich and his new son Tor Ivansson dream of Ragnar the Stout. First they see him lost in a blizzard, calling their names. Afterwards they see him chained to an iceberg and pecked to death by giant vultures.