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Technology in the Year 1000 AC

by Robin

TECH ERA RL time Major Effects Inventions COUNTRY
Renaissance (15-1600s) rebirth classic era, Individualism instead collectivism, Realism in art, political birth capitalism, astrological correct knowledge, printing, Shift from Natural philosophy to chemistry and the biological sciences (botany, anatomy, and medicine), mathematics, Cartography Thyatis, Rockhome, Darokin, Glantri, Alphatia, Almarron, Cimarron, Guadalante, Texeiras, Gargona, Vilaverde, Narvaez, Old Herath
Late Medieval (1300-1500s) Black death, lttle ice age, economic downturn, Better crops, Knights, Warfare Plate armor as protection handguns, crossbow, Polearms, Spinning wheel, Tower mill,Blast Furnace increase iron production Karameikos, Heldannic Knights, Vestland (?), Five Shires, Alfheim, Ylaruam, Ierendi, Wendar, Bellisaria, Saragon, The Free Tortles of Zul, Minrothad, Sindh, Port Cities Littonia
High Medieval (1000-1200s) Philosophy and theology fused in scholasticism. Legal studies advanced, Siege increase, Cloisters, inquisition invention of algebra, which allowed more advanced mathematics. Astronomy advanced. Medicine studies, Invention Windmill, Mechanical Clocks, distilled spirits, crop rotations, Heavy Plough, Crossbow, Gunpowder(as explosive)cannon, gun Soderfjord, Ostland, Heldann (Natives), Ethengar, Most Savage Coast, Norwold, Leeha, Hule, Renardie, Bellayne, Hinterlands, Some of Davania north, Some Skothar West, North Dawn, West Dawn, Eastern City States (Slagovich, Zvornik, etc), Enduks, Litonnia
Early Medieval (500s -1000s) Political changes, decline slavery, rural society, Decline Infantry/light Cavalry, Mounted Infantry Composite bow, Longsword, Mail instate scale mail,Stirrup, Horse shoe Immortal's Arm, Ochalea, Northern Wildlands, Ghyr, Itamaa, Karjalaa, Western Alliance, Denagoth, Ierendi, Borean Valley, Midlands, Draconnic Realm Wyrmsteeth, Quedhar, Monsterland (Alphatia after 1010 AC), Robrenn, current Herath, Ee'aar, Enduks,, Brun Westcoast, Cestia, Most of Davania North, Much Skothar West. East Dawn, Tothia(Dawn),Eusdria, Old Nimmur,.
Pre Medieval(Iron age) 1000BC-500s Politics, exploration, Cultural architecture, Iron Ore ,entertainment Broken Lands, Some of Davania North, Some of Skothar, Current Nimmur (Manscorpions)
Bronze Age 2000-1000BC Massive religious influences, and mass control, Crop fields, human sacrifices Soft Metals, massive religious architecture Thanagioth, Some of Davania North, rest Davania, Atruaghin, (Old Manscorpions before Nimmur)
Neolithical before 2000BC settlements, trade, forage, pets Fire, primitive weapons Jazak Steppes, Plain of Dreams, Adri-Varma, Ator, Shazak, Dark Jungle, Wallara, Jibary, Most Skothar

As to magic tech era's I would absolutely discard the invention of Plastics. but totally replace it by the Many Form Spells. There would not be the need developed to usse the invention of many objects we know now today. Magic would have replaced that completely. And it is how a technology/magic influences how it is used by the population to determine the tech era.(i believe to remember a movie/series where this topic was used; another nearby realm where Magic was developed instead of technology..was just as oblivious and misunderstanding to technology as we to magic---forgot the name of the movie/series) Also I would state the magic development more on the results and use (meanin; having whole or partially access to if willing)

Magic Level Magic Tech inventions % population use Magic-tech era areas
M1 0 Non magical rituals 1-2% Neolithic as above
M2 1st lvl Complex non magical Rituals-Simple Mana Cantrips 2-4% Neolithic as above
M3 1st-2rd lvl Complex Magical Ritual 4-8% Bronze Age as above
M4 1st-3th lvl Magic Warfare 8-15% Pre Medieval-Iron Age as above+Taymora before Destruction
M5 1st-4th lvl Magic items 10-20% Early Medieval as above
M6 1st-5th lvl Necromancy 20-40% High Medieval as above
M7 1st-6th lvl Early Form Spells, Inter Planar investigations 40-75% Late Medieval as above
M8 1st-8th lvl Communication & Travel Renaissance 60-90% as above +Mogreth before Destruction
M9 1st-9th lvl Highly developed Form Spells 75-95% Early Magic Era 4th planet(Mindflayers) & Nithia just before destruction
M10 All Control and planar conquest/use 90-100% High Magic Era Old Alphatia & Blackmoor just before destruction