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Tainted Blackmoor Technomancy

by Håvard

Here are some concepts I've been working on for Technomancy in a Blackmoor campaign. These could also become relevant in a standard Mystara campaign in the form of recovered artifacts or undead remnants of Blackmoor...

Some more ideas on Technomancy (Steampunk, Clockwork etc) for the Blackmoor campaign:

To the wizards of Blackmoor, technology is nothing but an extension of magic, related to Alchemy. The Wizards and Sages of Blackmoor University work with the Uberstar Dwarves to produce the wonders of the North, including golem-like pets, servants and guardians as well as a range of other devices.

Tainted Technomancy
The other main source of Technomancy comes from the Land of Coot. The Egg, an entity of unknown origin, is a known manufacturer of technomantic devices, though these are believed to be of a twisted, dark nature.
Steamtech limbs or other body parts are often placed on undead or half-dead warriors, painfully grafting blades, axes or other weaponry to their bodies. The Egg's legions are also known to have gun-powder based siege weapons and steamtech ships (See Wizard's Cabal), and these items are also believed to be of an infernal nature. The Ran of Ah Fooh, once a servant of the Egg is said to have brought this tainted technomancy to the Duchy of Ten. It is possible that such items have now fallen into the possession of the Afridhi.