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Sample tech weapons

by Rob

Laser pistol
Rate of Fire : 2 shots per round
Damage : Variable (see below)
Range : 5/10/15
The laser pistol fires a beam of coherent light which inflicts damage as if it were magical fire (i.e., resist fire and similar spells help). The weapon has a variable power setting from 1 to 10, and inflicts 1d10 damage per setting (so, on full power it does 10d10 damage). The weapon uses a 20 energy unit powercell - each d10 damage uses one unit of power. So, 2 shots fired on setting 3 uses 6 units of power.
Like all other technological weapons, laser weapons ignore AC due to physical protection - only Dexterity and magical pluses apply.

Laser Rifle
Rate of Fire : 2 shots per round
Damage : Variable
Range : 15/30/45
Similar to the laser pistol, the laser rifle has power settings from 1 to 20 available and a greatly improved range. The weapon uses either the same 20 energy unit clips as the pistol, or a 50 energy unit beltpack, or a 100 energy unit backpack.

Heavy Laser
Rate of Fire : 3 shots per round
Damage : variable
Range : 40/80/120
Usually vehicle mounted, the heavy laser may be fired from a tripod by one man, but it's weight limits it's portability. It has power settings available from 5 to 20. It may use clips, beltpacks or backpacks, but is normally fired from a 500 energy unit parabattery, which is large and difficult to move. Larger parabatteries are available, with commensurate loss in mobility.

Rate of Fire : 3 shots per round or 10 round burst
Damage : 1d10/shot, 5d10 per burst
Range : 4/8/12
A small pistol sized automatic weapon, which uses a 20 round clip. The weapon may fire either 3 shots per round, or may fire a burst using 10 bullets at multiple targets. When firing a burst, roll 5d10+1d10 per target beyond the first, and split the damage up evenly between the targets. So, burst firing at three targets, roll 8d10, divide by 3, and apply that damage among the targets which were successfully hit.
When firing projectile weapons, any roll of 8 or 10 for damage gives you an additional dice (like the firearms on the Savage Coast), so if you shoot someone once and roll and 8, a 10 and a 2, you would score 20 damage.

Rate of Fire : 3 shots per round or 10 round burst
Damage : 1d12 per shot, 5d12 per burst
Range : 10/20/30
Similar to the autopistol, this rifle sized weapon uses either 20 round clips, 30 round clips, a 50 round drum or a 100 round ammo belt. Burst fire and damage is handled identical to the pistol, but you get rerolls on 8s, 10s and 12s.

Rate of Fire : 1
Damage : 4d10 or stun
Range : -/3/5
The stunner fires an electrical arc which may set to either kill or stun targets. Fired on kill the weapon inflicts 4d10 electrical damage. Targets hit by the weapon on stun must save versus death or be knocked out for a number of rounds equal to 20 - Constitution score. Targets with Con scores of 20 or higher cannot be stunned by this weapon.

Rocket Launcher
Rate of Fire : 1
Damage : Variable
Range : 5/10/15
The rocket launcher has a variety of ammunition available... HE (high explosive) inflicts 10d10 damage in a 10' blast radius. Frag inflicts 5d10 damage in a 30' blast radius HEAT (high explosive antitank) inflicts 15d10 damage in a 5' blast radius

A variety of other warheads may be possible, including electromagnetic pulse, incendiary and chemical rounds.

Sonic sword
Damage : 5d10
This melee weapon appears to be a small metal handle (like a lightsabre!). Upon activation, it emits a high pitched screeching noise, and creates a 1m long invisible "blade" in front of the weapon which may be used as a weapon. The sonic sword uses a 20 energy unit in the handle, and it draws 1 unit per round it is active. The weapon may be used as a normal sword, save that it ignores physical armour and inflicts 5d10 damage per hit.

Military Battlesuit
AC 5
The military battlesuit is a camouflage pattern garment that provides a degree of protection against projectile and ballistic weapons, and physical attacks. In addition to providing AC5, the battlesuit halves all damage caused by these weapons, round up. Once the suit has taken 100hp damage (or absorbed 50hp, to put it another way) the suit is useless.

Albedo Suit
AC 3 vs Lasers only
The albedo suit is a garment covered with a mirror-like sheen intended to help against laser weaponry. It is ineffective against projectile and ballistic weapons. In addition to providing AC3 the suit will absorb up to 100hp damage of laser damage.

Inertia Screen
This device is worn like a belt, and when activated projects a shimmering field of force (seen the film Dune?) which protects against projectile weapons and physical attacks. The screen draws power either from a 20 energy unit cell, or it can be plugged into a 50 unit beltpack. When activated the screen draws 1 energy unit per round. Each attack against the screen draws a further 2 units.
The screen serves to half all damage due to physical attacks such as projectile weapons and melee weapons. Combined with a battlesuit it effectively quarters the damage from such attacks. The screen is ineffective against energy based attacks, such as lasers and most magic.

Albedo Screen
Similar to the inertia screen, the albedo screen protects against directed energy weapons, mainly lasers but possibly some magical effects as decided by the DM. The screen uses a power source similar to the inertia screen, and consumes 1 energy unit per round. When struck by a damaging energy attack the screen can absorb damage at a cost of 1 energy unit for 5 points of damage. So, a laser hit inflicting 23hp damage will be blocked completely by the screen at a cost of 5 energy units. While the screen has power the user is invulnerable to such attacks.

Gauss Screen
As above, but this device protects against electrical attacks, such as electrostunners and magical lightning. The devices uses 1 energy unit per round, and 2 energy units to block any electrical based attack, which will not inflict damage to the user of a gauss screen.

Chameleon Field
As above, this device projects a three dimensional hologram about the wielder. The hologram can be of any image that fits within a 3x3x3 meter cube. Specific individuals may be duplicated if they have been filmed previously with a camera and the film used to construct the holoimage. Alternatively, the field may be set to duplicate the surroundings, granting an invisibility effect (as the spell). The field uses 1 energy unit per 10 minutes.

Sonic Screen
This device prevents all sound from passing through the generated field. Wearers are immune to sonic attacks (such as a sonic sword) while it is active. Unlike the other fields, this field effects sound passing through it in either direction, so while active the user neither hears any sound, nor makes any sound.
The field uses one energy unit per round, or 2 energy units when resisting some form of sonic attack.