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Sonnenschatten's Fabulous Teleportation Anchor

by Wolfgang Nickel

Well then, I hope Wolf Sonnenschatten won't object when I post one of his self-researched spells here:

Wolf Sonnenschatten researched this spell when once again one of his teleportations left him hanging in the air above the desired spot. While plummeting down he thought of how undignified an end it must be to find oneself once too low and encased in stone. So, for all those mages who aren't experienced enough or haven't had the luck of finding the Teleport any Object spell (like poor Sonnenschatten) this one is for you ...

Sonnenschatten's Fabulous Teleportation Anchor
(Well well I know this sounds a little bit pompous, but what mage wouldn't like having the respect of his peers and be well know for his work?)
Forth-level spell
Range: 0
Duration: Special
Area of Effect: One location
In the location where the caster intones this spell a mystical anchor is dropped, marking the spot and imprinting it into the caster's mind, so that future Teleportation spells of said caster to this location will be totally free of any error. The Teleportation exactly homes in on the location where Sonnenschatten's Fabulous Teleportation Anchor was dropped (cast). After the casting of this spell the mage has to meditate at the desired spot for two hours to bind the anchor spell matrix to the surroundings. The mind of a mage can only cope with a number of such anchor matrixes up to half his level rounded down. When the spell is cast in more than those locations, the duration of one of the Anchor spells in effect abruptly ends (which one is decided by the DM).

Happy teleporting,
Wolf Sonnenschatten