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TERENTIAS (Grand Duchy of)

Location: Island off the southern coast of Thyatis, south of Kerendas and north of Minrothad. OW

Area: 520 sq. mi. (1,345 sq. km.).

Population: 25,000 (60% human, 40% elven, some hin) including the town of Crossbones (pop. 5,000).

Languages: Thyatian (Thyatian dialect), Elvish (Meditor/Verdier dialect).

Coinage: Thyatian Standard: emperor (pp), lucin (gp), asterius (sp), denarius (cp).

Taxes: 25% income tax collected quarterly on the aristocracy, nobility, and wealthy; 20% income tax collected quarterly on everyone else (Va. 1, Ya. 1, Fy. 3, and Ei. 1). Thyatians abroad must still pay their taxes. Expensive and magical items are also taxed 25% of their worth. 10% imperial commercia sales tax on all goods except food, clothing, and fixed assets; levied on imports, rebated on exports. Tax on slave owning equal to 50% of the slave's value annually. Property tax levied based on quality of land, roughly 6% of its value annually.

Government Type: Dominion, member of the Thyatian Empire.

Industries: Light agriculture, crafts, fishing, oil, magic, privateering, shipbuilding, trade.

Important Figures: Derentarius (Archduke, human, male, T22), Vaanes Ornogorius (Commodore, human, male, F18), Phoebammon (Magist, human, male, M18), Zemarchus Raetelarius (Priest, human, male, Pr17 of Asterius).

Flora and Fauna: Mulberry trees (for sericulture), grape vines, cedar, teak and mahogany cultivated for woodwork, sheep and goats. Bees kept for honey. Sea creatures off the shores of the island.

Further Reading: Dawn of the Emperors boxed set, DDA1 Arena of Thyatis, DDA2 Legions of Thyatis, previous almanacs.

Description by Vivianna Romanones.

This island was hotly contested between Thyatis and Minrothad in the past. The elven inhabitants seem to prefer the empire, and focus their lives on pirating and sailing, and many Thyatians have immigrated here. So far, Terentias has remained a dominion of Thyatis for over 200 years.

The Land

This moderately-sized island is the northernmost isle of the Minrothad archipelago. The town of Crossbones sits in a sheltered cove on the northern coast of the island, facing away from major storms that occasionally sweep through this part of the Sea of Dread. Much of the island is ringed with coral reefs, home to a multiplicity of fish. These reefs do make the currents and tides around Terentias somewhat unpredictable, however, so only experienced navigators should sail here.

The isle itself is very beautiful, with wide beaches of white sand. Bluffs rise up from these coasts, and much of these uplands are densely forested. Only the area right around Crossbones itself is not forested, consisting instead of fields and plains.

The People

The inhabitants of Terentias consist in roughly equal parts of elves related to the clans of Minrothad and Thyatian humans. The citizens of Terentias, human and elven alike, are a seafaring folk, world renowned as both traders and corsairs. They welcome the presence of fellow seamen and swashbucklers. Anyone with a good tale of raucous adventure on the high seas is likely to be treated to a round of drinks and then learn the latest exploits of the captains of Terentias-these nights of revelry are excellent places to get information. The folk of Terentias are strongly connected to the Sea of Dread's rumour mill, and as such a good place to go for those seeking lore and tips of goings on in the area. Crossbones is also a port of call for smugglers, and the empire tends to look the other way when it comes to activities directed at moving goods past the borders of unfriendly neighbours.

During the Wrath War the folk of Terentias were the empire's foremost privateers, striking at Alphatia's shipping lanes. Though this did not alter the fundamental course of the war, they did make a good account of themselves, seizing hundreds of Alphatian vessels and plundering their cargoes. Now, as the empire turns more towards commerce, the seafarers of Terentias are being encouraged to shift their attentions towards merchant activities, something the recent accession of Minrothad into the imperial orbit as an exarchate should spur.

Added to this mix last summer were a different sort of "sailors"-members of the ancient Thyatian Air Fleet, skyships and their crew. There is a rivalry between them and the true seamen of Terentias, which has remained friendly so far. Trainees at the Air Force Academy often come to town when they have leave, and it is arguable that they pick up more practical knowledge from the mariners of Terentias than they do in class.

Don't Miss

Crossbones is a freebooter's paradise. It is a town of high spirits, full of shady warehouses, busy docks, rowdy taverns full of lively gamblers, and bawdy inns. It's the sort of place adventurous travellers generally cannot get enough of. It is also a good place to buy a ship, as its yards build them sleek, strong and fast.

Do Miss

The same place is full of shady characters, sharpers who are quick to swindle the naive and unwary of every last copper they have and press-gang them into service as a swabby on a disreputable vessel. Many, if not most, Terentians are friendly, good-natured folk. But some of those friendly smiles mask dark intentions, people who are happy because they know they are robbing you blind and you are unlikely to know it until it is too late. Be careful, and you will have a wonderful time. If you're a sucker, you're likely to find yourself floating home in a barrel with a terrible headache and no possessions-not even the shirt on your back.

The Terentias Air Shipyards were built here last year, just inland of Crossbones. Access is restricted to authorised persons only, and the yards are under martial law so intruders can expect harsh punishment.