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Spells for Tereis of Haaskinz

by Ohad Shaham

Tereis' Scents and Aromas
(Conjuration, Elemental Air)
Level: 1
Range: 3m (10')
Duration: 1d6 hours
Area of Effect: an area of no more than 10x10x10 meters

This spell when cast, fills the air of a given area with a rich and pleasing smell. Every kind of scent can be copied by these spell as long as it is pleasant to the human nose. Examples of these are citrus fruits, cinnamon, freshly-baked bread, coffee, spring flowers, seashore, first rain and more.

The smells are not illusions and cannot be disbelieved. This spell has no effect in game terms part for atmosphere and role-playing situations.

Tereis' Courier Dove
Level: 3
Range: dove's flight
Duration: one week
Area of Effect: one scroll

When this spell is cast on a written scroll, the scroll turns into a white dove. The dove can then be told a name and a specific place. The dove automatically knows where her destination is and immediately flies in that direction in search of the specified person. If the dove can reach that person in one week, it turns back into the scroll in his hands. If not the dove vanishes and the scroll is lost.

Tereis' Limited Teleportation I
Level: 3
Range: sight
Duration: instantaneous
Area of Effect: 0 (caster only)

This spell is identical to Teleportation, except that it can be cast on the caster herself only, and the caster can only teleport to a location she can see clearly. There are no chances of error as the area is "known well" to the caster.

Tereis' Limited Teleportation II
Level: 4
Range: 50km (30miles)
Duration: instantaneous
Area of Effect: 0 (caster only)

This spell is identical to the Teleportation spell, except for the Range and area of effect limits. The chances of error are the same as the original spell. The caster cannot teleport into a closed building with this spell, although she can pass a castle wall or a cave's floor, if the castle/cave have openings.

Tereis' Star Eye
Level: 4
Range: sight (special, see below)
Duration: 1 turn per level
Area of Effect: one of the caster's eyes

This spell was initially researched by Tereis to examine stars more closely, though it has far more uses than for stargazing.

When this spell is cast one eye of the caster becomes a shining white light. The caster can use this eye to see far objects with an enlargement of up to x100. A round or two are needed to focus and consternate on one object. The effect is similar to looking through a powerful telescope. Clouds or fog can obscure vision and limit this spell's range. When the star eye is active, the caster can only see close objects with one eye and loses her peripheral vision, giving a -2 penalty in melee and -4 with missile weapons. This spell affectivity grows tremendously when used with limited teleportation or clear sight.

Tereis' Protective Wind
(Abjuration, Elemental Wind)
Level: 6
Range: caster
Duration: 1 turn per level
Area of Effect: a sphere of wind 10 meters around the caster

This spell causes intense winds to emit from the casters body. The winds cause everything around the caster that can fly in the wind to fly out of the area of effect. Missile weapons (even magical ones) are ineffective when directed inside the area of effect. Anyone that tries to attack the caster with a slashing or bludgeoning weapons suffers -4 to hit and damage rules (piercing weapons unaffected). In addition the wind partly protects the caster from every magic that causes physical damage. If a fireball or icestorm are cast for example, the caster receives an additional save for half damage. Lightning bolt or finger of death are not effected.