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Tervine's Travel-Magic:

by Carl Quaif

The following items were devised by the Thyatian Archmage, Tervine Culver. Tervine, a fussy little man who was well-known and respected for creating useful and powerful magic items, became irritated by the difficulty he had in transporting his magical implements, or "clutter", as he referred to them. Consequently, he spent several years designing magical items which would be easy to carry, yet ready for use when he wanted them. Some of these proved so useful that he was deluged with requests for copies by fellow Mages, resulting in a good many of these items appearing all over the Known World. A few of his creations are noted below:-

Tervine's Multi-Wand:

Tervine created or reproduced many magical Wands over the years (including most of those listed in the Rules Cyclopaedia), but found it impossible to carry more than two in easy reach, which to him was unacceptable. He devised this versatile item to allow him to access the powers of many different Wands without "overloading himself with bits of wood", as he put it.

The Multi-Wand is a slender, 12" long piece of rowan wood. One 4 " portion - the grip end - is stained a darker hue than the rest of the Wand; at the beginning of the stained area, a shallow indentation encircles the Wand. There are no other markings.

If Detect Magic is cast, the Wand radiates only the faintest trace of enchantment; this is because it is a channel for magic, rather than a magical item itself. The magic is contained in a number of rings, designed to fit over the Wand and rest in the indented spot; Tervine carries these in a small pouch at his waist, next to the Wand's holster. Each ring is charged with the power of a single normal Wand (Fireballs, Lightning, Polymorph etc.), and contains 1d6 charges. Exchanging one ring for another takes 1 round. The rings cannot be used without first placing them on the Multi-Wand.

The rings are made of a rare and difficult-to-make alloy of platinum, iron and mithril, and have individual command words inscribed on their edges. They may be recharged. Tervine paints his in different colours, to allow easy identification in combat.

Tervine's Fast-Draw Daggers:

Frustrated with the time required to arm himself in battle with daggers and throwing-knives, Tervine created this item to ensure he always had a weapon to hand.

This multi-part magical item includes one ring, one Dagger +2, and two Throwing-Knives +1, all made and enchanted by Tervine. The ring is made of Dragon-bone, as are the carved and inlaid handles of each blade; these items were all made from the same bone. The Dagger is worn at the waist, and the knives are kept in sheaths strapped to the wearer's left wrist and right ankle, respectively. The ring should be worn on the wearer's dominant hand.

While wearing the ring, Tervine can teleport the Dagger, or either throwing-knife, directly to his hand for easy use; alternatively, he can exchange any of the three items at will. The transfer takes a fraction of a second; for instance, he could exchange the Dagger for a throwing-knife, hurl it at a foe, and rearm himself with the Dagger in a single round. Alternatively, a spellcaster could empty his hands of weaponry, cast a spell, then immediately re-arm himself to help defend against attacks.

Unless a weapon is in its sheath, it cannot be summoned - Tervine could not hurl a throwing-knife in one round and summon it back to his hand in the next, for instance - and must be recovered manually.

Of the many Fast-Draw weapon-sets in existence, most share the same arrangement as this version; however, any combination of small hand-to-hand and thrown weapons is possible.

Tervine's Transpocket:

Tervine's former lover, Delivane Crookback, once described to him an item she had seen on another world which could store multiple items in an extra-dimensional space, rather like a Bag of Holding. Intrigued by this, Tervine came up with the Transpocket, a limited version of that item.

The Transpocket is a large ring made of electrum, about the diameter of a man's head - indeed, Tervine usually wears it as a circlet, keeping his hair neat. when held in the hand and commanded, the circlet generates a hole in space within its bounds; the user may place any item small enough to fit through the aperture into this hole, which then fades from view. The Transpocket can store up to 15 separate items in this way; any additional items placed in the Transpocket will vanish forever.

Whenever the user wishes to withdraw an item, he speaks the command word ("Farrune", for most circlets), then names the item to be retrieved; this pops out of the aperture into his hand. One item may be placed in the Transpocket, or retrieved, per round. The Transpocket may be utilised in this fashion as often as required.

Note: Living things cannot be placed in the Transpocket; the aperture will simply fade if this is attempted. This includes animals and other organic life-forms, but not magically-intelligent weapons, like swords. The Transpocket itself, unlike most items of this type, can be safely stored in a Bag of Holding, so long as it is not activated.