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Tanagoro: PC options

by Håvard

What type of characters would you allow in an Tangor Based Campaign?

Here are some ideas:
Tanagoro Human Fighter
Tanagoro Human Cleric
Tanagoro Human Magic User
Tanagoro Human Thief
Tanagoro Human Rake
Tanagoro Human Forester
Karimari Halfling
Zebrataur (Use Centaur stats from PC1)
Ananzi Aranaea - These Aranea follow Korotiku
Rakasta - Simbasta
Vanara (See Ochalea Fan Gazetteer)
Neshezu (See Ochalea Fan Gazetteer and Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium)

I think that SB Wilson's Arica ideas can also be adapted to the Tangor Kingdoms.