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by Marco Dalmonte

(Disappeared with Pax inside the Dimensional Vortex)
Level, Alignment, Sphere: Eternal, LG, Energy
Symbol: a golden ring
Portfolio: arts, harmony, beauty, youth
Followers' alignment: any
Likely History: Thalia was one of the most ancient immortals together with Ixion, Thanatos and Valerias, and was the more lawful of the Energy immortals. She associated with Pax (another hierarch of Thought) and the two were often revered as a couple in many mortal pantheons. Her interests lay in harmony, arts and beauty. One day she decided to sponsor a mortal that would have replaced her to maintain order inside Energy, and she chose Guidarezzo. In the XI century BC, she voluntarily decided to cross the Dimensional Barrier together with her lover Pax, and the two were never seen again. Her portfolio was taken up by Guidarezzo. Some elder immortals think she has returned from the Vortex and taken up the identity of Alphatia.
Sources: Immortal set, IM1