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by Marco Dalmonte

(Tha-to, Karr, The Grim Reaper, Old Nick, Father of Demons, Darga, The Eternal One)
Patron of Death and Destruction

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 35 (Hierarch), CE, Entropy
Symbol: a black scythe
Portfolio: end of all life forms, death, entropy, destruction, decadence, corruption
Worshipped in: Known World (Thyatis, Karameikos, Darokin, Northern Reaches), Hule, Isle of Dawn, Alphatia, Sind, Davania, Hollow World (Nithia, Brute-men) and various outer planes
Appearance: a humanoid wrapped in dark stained bandages that hide his features, wearing a wide black robe, with rotten wings on his back and a black rusted scythe tightly hold in his skeletal claws.
History: Thanatos is one of the most powerful and ancient immortals in the Multiverse. Just like Odin, Valerias and Ixion, he states he has no memory of his mortal existence (if he ever had one) and doesn't show the slightest interest in his past. During his eternal life he has continuously sowed the seeds of grief and death in the whole multiverse, using every means at his disposal. Thanatos embodies Death, the essence of the sphere he belongs to.
He has been involved in almost all of the major disasters that befell Mystara, notably the creation of the Burrowers (great anellids that possess awesome telepathic powers) to corrupt the people of the Hollow World, the first attempt at destroying Blackmoor (stopped at the very end by Asterius's intervention when he was still a mortal), the internal strife that brought first Taymor and then Nithia to their fall (and total annihilation in the latter case), the hatred philosophy he instilled inside the Hattian people by impersonating their leader (Count Heinrich Oesterhaus) to cause a schism inside Thyatis, and finally the Blood Brothers' plot that threatened to destroy the Hollow World and to kill many immortals (a plot that was foiled and which ultimately caused his demotion from the position of High Hierarch, a seat which now Hel holds).
Personality: Thanatos hates every kind of living form and he considers death as the only possible remedy to the pestilence that the living spread in the universe. For this reason he tries to bring death and destruction everywhere: this way Chaos will rule and death will be the perfect state of the universe. He uses every possible way to attain his goals (both raw force and complex schemes), and this makes him the most active Entropic in the universe. It doesn't matter what's the importance of his goal (whether it affects an individual or a whole country): Thanatos always puts all his efforts in succeeding with merciless devotion, savouring all of the single moments of grief he causes to the living up to the grand finale. He often loves to kill mortals and assume their identities to deceive his enemies and personally push his plans further, but most of the time he has to rely on the thousands of worshippers he has in the Multiverse to spin his web of wickedness.
Thanatos has no stable allies, but he does not hesitate to use other immortals as pawns or conscious (albeit temporary) allies in his plots, and none of the immortals he patronised could ever dare to refuse his requests. Thanatos has always survived thanks to his incredible cunning and merciless soul, and just because he knows he can go on eternally, he is not hurried when he plans something.
Patron: unknown (likely nobody)
Allies: none stable
Enemies: all living beings and many immortals to boot
Classic D&D stats:
Followers' Alignment: Chaotic
Favoured weapons: scythe (allowed only two-handed weapons)
Clerics' skills & powers: death touch once a week (the victim touched must make a ST vs Death Ray or suffer the consequences based on the priest's level: 1-11: victim faints for 1d6 rounds; 12+ victim dies for heartache); +2 bonus to general skills Thanatology, Necromancy and Toxicology; 9th level clerics can freely Animate Dead once a week; once dead, Thanatos's clerics cannot be raised, and if they are at least 6th level they always come back from life 1d20 days after as intelligent corporeal undead with same HD as levels they had in life (unless their corpses have been dismembered, or destroyed, or blessed).
Avengers' skills & powers: immune to energy drain; after death they come back as corporeal undead (see above) to bring more suffering in the world.
Thanatos's clerics can only cast the reverse form of all the healing and resurrection spells.
D&D 3E stats:
Domains: Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Death, Destruction, Corruption
Preferred weapon: scythe
Sources: HWA1-3, HW, WotI, DotE, X13 (as Darga)